MG Audio DesignPlanus IMG Audio Design Planus I Speaker CableMG Audio Design has developed a series of speaker wires and interconnects that are re-defining the state-of-the-art in audio wire performance. No other wires offer the combination of transparency, ...350.00

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MG Audio Design has developed a series of speaker wires and interconnects that are re-defining the state-of-the-art in audio wire performance. No other wires offer the combination of transparency, speed, detail, holography and micro-dynamic shading that is found in the Planus series of wires. In other words, no other wires present the palate of a musical composition as completely as the Planus speaker wires and interconnects. The wire’s geometry is the key to their performance and is based on physics and good engineering practice. The geometry minimizes capacitance, inductance, and skin effect to the greatest practical extent in a commercial product. The result is a wire in which the electrical signal (i.e. the music) is not significantly altered, as it is in regular round wire. The capacitance and inductance in our wires are typically an order of magnitude less than other wires on the market. What does this mean? Rather than try to explain, let me provide some quotes from a few of our customers: “I can honestly say that I have never heard a more detailed and coherent speaker cable, … they have made my system sound better than it has any right to sound. I think the most addictive aspect is the way the details emerge from a silent backdrop – I keep hitting rewind on my CD player to make sure that I am hearing things correctly. “ Kevin Boxma “Yes you can quote me. I have had quite a few wires in my system and your cables beat out many of the very expensive stuff. I even liked them better than the Audience AU24e's. Cardas Golden Ref., JPS,Harmonic Technology , Grover Huffman, Audioquest...can't remember model, and many others. A VERY GOOD product. that does not need to make any excuses for it self.” Larry Hunsicker “I couldn't wait and hooked them up less than a 1/2 hour ago. Instantaneous gratification. I was listening quite a bit last night so there were a couple of disc that I sat and soaked in. It's almost like listening to them all over again. So far my impressions are an overall clarity enhancement with distinct improvement in the lower octaves. The bass seems to have tightened up and goes even lower... if that's possible. The sound stage has much better definition and greater depth. I can't wait until they settle in a little. Big thumbs up!” Paul Christensen “These cables are by far the best I have had. I will not be putting my $2K cables back into my system. They are going up for sale. I most likely will be contacting you for interconnects as well (as soon as I can afford them. :)” James O'Connell “You have to get these speaker cables! MG Audio speaker cables will make your audio system come to life without breaking your piggy bank. Thanks Greg for making a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.” Audio_al We have received these and many other comments on the Planus I speaker wire (all of which were positive). This testifies to the remarkable performance of our least expensive speaker cable. A review of our full line of Planus products will be appearing in the on-line audio journal StereoMojo ( very soon. Although we have been unable to get a sneak peek, we anticipate the review will further illustrate the sonic virtues of our Planus line. The Planus I speaker wire is an incredible value and matches or exceeds the performance of the high-end (read ‘very expensive’) speaker wires on the market. Planus I costs $12.50 a foot plus a $200 termination charge. A 6-foot pair costs $350 – an absolute steal based on the performance it provides. Colorado residents must pay an additional 4.9% for sales taxes. Our standard length speaker wires comes in six, eight and ten foot pairs. We can also make custom lengths. Our standard lengths have a 30-day money back return policy, assuming they returned undamaged. Custom lengths do not qualify for the return policy. Our stock terminations are ¼”/9mm silver spades on one end and ¼” rhodium spades on the other end. Custom terminations are available as well. Why not try our speaker wires and see what you have been missing? If you order a standard length and decide you don’t like them within the 30-day period, all you will be out is the cost of the postage to send them back. That’s a low-cost gamble on something that could significantly improve your system. For US residents, we will even pay the initial shipping. Please see our website at for further information or to order any one of our wires. Also, please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have. Greg Graff COO, MG Audio Design, LLC
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