Monarchy Audio22A DAC 20BitMonarchy Audio 22A DAC 20Bit Toslink, AES/EBU and CoaxMonarchy Audio 22A DAC with RCA and XLR (balanced Outputs) New Price $1195.00 ($995.00 + $200 Stan Warren Mod) Selling for $450.00 New Box and new Styrofoam packing, manual in Mint Condition! I a...475.00

Monarchy Audio 22A DAC 20Bit Toslink, AES/EBU and Coax [Expired]

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Monarchy Audio 22A DAC with RCA and XLR (balanced Outputs) New Price $1195.00 ($995.00 + $200 Stan Warren Mod) Selling for $450.00 New Box and new Styrofoam packing, manual in Mint Condition! I also have the DIP (Digital Interface Processor) 16/44.1 for Sale - Asking $175. Also Tested it Works! Condition 7/10 to be conservative as there's a few white marks, Right front corner and rear Left Rear Corner. Selling both units on consignment for my customer Will sell both for $595.00 DIP Will be shipped in separate box. Unit Tested with Esoteric SA-50 SACD Player in Digital Output Mode! works Great (Phase switch sticks), sounds amazing good even when A/B to Esoteric, even better than I remember when I had one in 1992 that was'nt modded! In 1990 Monarchy introduced the Model 20 D/A converter. Hot on its heels came the Model 22, a dual 20-bit DAC using the Burr Brown PCM63P-K chips. This was hailed by a reviewer from Audio Observatory as sounding better than the Mark Levinson DAC at 10 percent of the price. Audiophiles on a budget, who appreciate Monarchy's philosophy of selling "High End at Low Cost", have enthusiastically supported the Model 22 series. One of Monarchy's most cost effective products is the DIP (Digital Interface Processor), which won acclaim all over the world. The original version debuted in 1995. The latest incarnation, the DIP 24/96 , won "Best Buy of the Year" from the audiophile press two years in a row. Sam Tellig, Stereophile's Audio Cheapskate, says of this product in the February 2001 issue, "The sound became cleaner, clearer, smoother. Transient definition improved." Monarchy believes a DAC optimized for 16-bit reproduction is still the best DAC for this format. A bassoonist from St Louis Symphony Orchestra enthusiastically agrees. Shipments in or local Pickup in California will add State Sales Tax of 7.25% - 8.75% (Based on County). Please do not contact me thorough Audiogon's system, contact me directly - Thank you. 323-952-4630 Kaplan Design Credit Card or PayPal will add 3% to cover fees US 4% to Canada, Bank Wire Transfer adds $25. to cover wire fee. Chase Bank account customers no fee's using Chase Quick Pay, 3-5 days for funds to clear, you can also use you Chase Credit card to sign up for Quick Pay; Process will take 3-5 days for funds to clear. Will consider shipping to other countries via UPS Standard (N o USPS) Wire-Transfer only. Authorized Dealer: Acoustic Signature ADL Alto Extremo Epos Esoteric Furutech HRT M2Tech JM-Reynaud Unison Research Whest WireWorld XLO
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