ATC SCM10 a 2ATC  SCM10 a 2 Active monitorsThe ATC SCM10A-2 is a two-way design that incorporates a 5” mid/bass driver and a 1” soft dome tweeter. The speaker’s dimensions are 11.5” high by 9” wide by 12.25” deep. The enclosure has a front ...1600.00

ATC SCM10 a 2 Active monitors [Expired]

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The ATC SCM10A-2 is a two-way design that 
incorporates a 5” mid/bass driver and a 1” 
soft dome tweeter. The speaker’s dimensions 
are 11.5” high by 9” wide by 12.25” deep. The 
enclosure has a front to back tapered shape 
and is composed of a special gray finished 
laminate material. The speaker grill is made 
of black perforated metal. The back of the 
speaker is an aluminum extrusion which acts as 
a heatsink for the power amplifiers output 
stage transistors. The structure is very 
rigid, non-resonant, and visually attractive. 
Internally, the SCM10A-2 features the ATC 
proprietary twin channel power amplifier with 
the Grounded Source output stage and the 
electronic crossover. The crossover is a 
fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley which provides a 
crossover frequency of 2.8 kHz and time 
(phase) alignment. Frequencies above the 
crossover frequency are sent to the 50 watt 
class A power amplifier that drives the 
tweeter and frequencies below are sent to the 
200 watt class AB amplifier which drives the 
mid/woofer. The mid/woofer is awesome. I have 
never seen a 5” driver with such a massive 
motor structure. This accounts for the low 
distortion high output of the SCM10A-2. 
Connections to the speaker are at the back as 
one would expect. There is a female XLR for 
the line level input signal. The signal can be 
balanced or unbalanced. The input impedance is 
10K ohms which is an easy load for solid-state 
preamplifiers but might prove to be less than 
optimum for some vacuum tube preamplifiers. 
The AC power input is via an IEC connector 
which sits next to the power switch.
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