Audience1+1 V2Audience 1+1 V2  Current V2 version - great condition!Audience ClairAudient 1+1 v2 Bookshelf SpeakersFree shipping and no credit card feesI bought these on a whim, very good but no use for them. Please give them a new home. Potential buyers with lit...995.00

Audience 1+1 V2 Current V2 version - great condition! [Expired]

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Audience ClairAudient 1+1 v2 Bookshelf Speakers

Free shipping and no credit card fees

I bought these on a whim, very good but no use for them.  Please give them a new home.  Potential buyers with little or negative feedback will be ignored along with lowball offers.  Shipping to lower 48 US only.

I purchased these a few months ago new from an online dealer.  Rated 8/10 because I like buyers to be pleasantly surprised.  There are no visible scratches or blemishes on top and side surfaces.

Speakers will be shipped in outer box and includes original inner box and packing foam inserts.

Sorry for the lousy iPhone photos

Ad copy lifted from dealer where originally purchased:

"Renowned for hand-crafting advanced loudspeakers that don't abide by conventional design rules, Audience delivers its best-sounding and most unique speaker yet with the ClairAudient 1+1 v2. For those that love the company's previous effort, the 1+1, the 1+1 v2 will be a revelation. Updated for 2016, the new v2 version features a brand-new driver (dubbed A3S2-16) which is not only more efficient, but also more powerful. The internal wiring is now super-high quality Audience OCC tensile wiring and over 10 internal solder-point connections have been eliminated. The result is a brand-new speaker which builds on the performance of the old, delivering even greater transparency and musical magic. 

"Don't let the 1+1 V2+'s nearly identical appearance to the 1+1 fool you; this newly upgraded version is a huge leap over its already superlative predecessor."
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Editor's Choice Award

Like its predecessor, the 1+1 v2 has a pair Audience's proprietary mini-drivers stuffed into its small, chiseled cabinet; one in front and one in the rear. However, the A3S2-16 drivers used in the 1+1 v2 have been updated with a new magnet structure and a more efficient voice-coil design; the new magnets give the 1+1 v2 much greater dynamic range, especially in softer passages where even more detail is resolved. The more efficient voice-coil design helped streamline the internal connections to the drivers and also presents a more stable load to the amplifier for even greater control and sense of ease. 

"This ranks as my current favorite desktop near-field loudspeaker. When fed a high-quality signal, it completely disappears while creating a nuanced three-dimensional need to hear a pair of Audience 1+1s!" 
– Steve Stone, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award

The A3S2-16 3" mini-driver features an incredibly powerful magnet, a titanium cone and enormous excursion. This allows the A3S2-16 to dig much deeper into the low frequencies as well as deliver all the speed required to reproduce delicate midrange and airy high frequencies. The bi-polar alignment of the A3S2-16 drivers means both work together in-phase, operating with optimal pistonic motion, reducing distortion and producing more acoustical power for every electron that passes through them. The effects are jaw-dropping: midrange clarity and presence are spookily realistic, the bass growls, and the high frequencies are enviably pure. A pair of 5" passive radiators on each side are tuned low enough that after initial burn-in, their contributions are both appreciated and largely unnoticed.

"The ClairAudient 1+1 is a superb speaker of clarity and quality. They both communicate music with uncommon coherence, seamless mid to high frequencies, and tempered low bass. I can confidently recommend the Audience 1+1 to those who place a premium on midrange clarity, depth of perception, and indiscernible levels of coloration. If you are ready to take your listening experience to a new level, seek out the 1+1." 
– Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback

Soundstaging is wide, deep and unerringly precise, showcasing impressive presence and realism. And since the 1+1 provides a shockingly realistic sense of scale, the remarkable dynamic range comes as yet another pleasant surprise. Most importantly, the A3S2-16 drivers are run full-range, so there's no energy-draining crossover to suck the life out of the music. When placed on a properly inert surface and fed by excellent electronics, the 1+1 v2 ably fills a decent-sized room with music.

"The Audience ClairAudient 1+1 project represents one of the most significant and exciting advances to our hobby that I can recall. Welcome to the uprising!" 
– Greg Weaver, Enjoy the Music

For all its capabilities, please remember that the 1+1 v2 is still a small speaker. The lowest octave simply cannot be reproduced in a cabinet this small; and while the dynamic range is indeed impressive (and quite a bit better than its predecessor), those that listen at consistently high volumes or need to fill a large space should consider other options. However, for mid-sized and smaller rooms, and for music lovers looking for an incredibly transparent, tonally gorgeous, and resoundingly dynamic speaker, 1+1 v2 is the gateway to high-end enjoyment.

"It is very hard to believe that a pair of mini-monitors selling for [this price] weighing less than eight pounds, would be able to compete with and best in many areas with speakers that cost over five figures."
– Jack Roberts, Dagogo"

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