JM ReynaudBliss Silver JM Reynaud Bliss Silver  Monitor Speakers - FREE SHIPPING!!East End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers, and are selling a brand new pair of JM Reynaud Bliss Silver speakers in natural cherry. As good as the Blisses are, the still relatively new Bliss Silvers, in...2700.00

JM Reynaud Bliss Silver Monitor Speakers - FREE SHIPPING!! [Expired]

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East End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers, and are selling a brand new pair of JM Reynaud Bliss Silver speakers in natural cherry.

As good as the Blisses are, the still relatively new Bliss Silvers, introducing the new woofer suspension technology and other upgrades, are dramatically better.  Not a replacement for the Bliss, which remains happily in the line, but a refined and stunningly upgraded Bliss. Everything I said about the Bliss applies but the upgrades place the Silvers among the clearest sounding speakers I’ve ever heard in anywhere near their price range. Overall definition is outstanding. The midrange is as clear as the Harbeth Radial but both sweeter and robust, at the same time.  An overall natural warmth with a surprising sense of ease for a stand mounted speaker. Not a hint of brightness or assertiveness. Listening to a cello and piano duo: the two instruments are each perfectly and separately realized. Treble range is clear and smooth, midrange present, savory, and clear. Bass is solid with good body, tight, and extremely well defined. Clearly it’s stand-mount bass, but the absence of low end authority is not conspicuous because what is there is so well defined.  Most interesting – and this is a feature I am hearing in all of the Reynauds which use the new technology – there is a dramatic increase in sense of space and imaging.

The Stereo Times said:
Music was delivered in modest, compact and perfectly proportioned fashion by the Bliss. This was particularly impressive when listening to complex orchestration where it is particularly difficult to convey, with clarity, each musical line and strand within the dense undergrowth of musical ideas."

"All musical elements were weaved into a coherent, naturally proportioned musical statement; all a result of the Bliss’ meticulous attention to inner detail, colors, textures and its special way with pruning even the slightest twig of musical color or dynamic into a sonic Whole. This was a glorious feat for such a diminutive loudspeaker. I have auditioned quite a few excellent stand-mounted loudspeakers from the likes of Harbeth, Totem, Acoustic Zen and Focus Audio, and to my recollection, none of them surpassed the continuous life stream of vitality, coherency and natural proportionality to images that the Bliss asserts"

"At its price point, the Bliss is in the top of its class as a stand-mounted, two way design. It can easily saturate a small to medium sized room with its lively, vital sound"

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the JM Reynaud speakers outperform other monitor speakers. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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