PMC TwoTwo.6+ RC-1 ControllerPMC TwoTwo.6 + RC-1 Controller + SOTM USB ConverterPMC TWOTWO.6 ACTIVE SPEAKERS With Internal DSP & DAC Plus one TWOTWO RC1Wired Remote - (easy to use jog wheel volume control, input switching & DSP/EQ control) Plus one S...4500.00

PMC TwoTwo.6 + RC-1 Controller + SOTM USB Converter [Template]

no longer for sale

With Internal DSP & DAC

Plus  one TWOTWO RC1Wired Remote - (easy to use jog wheel volume control, input switching & DSP/EQ control)

Plus one SOTM dx-USB HD Converter - to convert USB audio (from your computer or other source) to AES audio input to use the speakers internal DAC & DSP

PMC TwoTwo.6 Active Speakers (original cost = $5,000)

(200 w/ch dual mono Hypex Ncore amps in each speaker – 50w/ch tweeter & 150w/ch bass unit)

Plus TwoTwo RC1 Remote Controller (original cost = $850)

Plus STOM dx-USB HD Converter (original cost = $450)
(to convert USB to AES required by these speakers)

My Asking Price = $4,500 for all 3 items

Purchased New for Music Studio Use
Used Less Than 5 Hours
In Like New Condition

I Paid $5,000 (for the speaker pair) + $850 (for the RC1 controller) + $450 (for the SOTM converter) = $6,300 total paid




You pay shipping (not negotiable because of the already super low price)

You pay PayPal fee or send money w/o PayPal fee (I’ll accept numerous payment options)

I’ve paid the Audiogon listing fee and I’m now way below my rock bottom reasonable price for this system! I can’t do any better!

My price isn’t negotiable since I’ve lowered it way below what I should be asking. I’m doing this to make this sale an attractive opportunity for a quick sale and a no brainer purchase for a lucky audiophile or home studio user.


I purchased this new pair of PMC TwoTwo.6 active speakers only a few months ago (this year) thinking that I would create a keyboard based music studio for my use. However, I already own an expensive audiophile system but decided it might be good to have two systems instead of just one to separate the two functions. I’m a former piano player but haven’t touched one in decades. Once I received these speakers, they just sat here unused and I never became motivated to purchase the remaining items to fulfill my original concept. I guess I’m just not motivated to play music again and rather than let this incredible system remain unused, I might as well offer a superb value to find this system a new home.

I paid the standard price for this system since there was no way I could become a pro audio dealer without a store front and substantial investment in inventory. I have been an audio dealer in the audiophile realm but have little experience working with pro audio components. I have friends with these speakers (the reason I purchased them) and found first hand that they are stellar sounding so I had no problem paying the full price. I now wished that I knew I wouldn’t use them so I could have avoided the substantial loss I’m now going to take. I never suspected that I would be selling them.

These are audiophile quality speakers that include audiophile quality internal power amps (2 custom Hypex dual mono NCore amps in each speaker – one for the tweeter and one for the woofer) plus an internal DAC & DSP system that matches the sound quality of the most expensive audiophile DACs. With the addition of the included RC1 remote, you no longer need external dual mono power amps to get the best quality since these are already installed inside each speaker box with the shortest possible wire connections. This is the most efficent high quality audio system anyone could design and it sounds absolutely breathtaking!

There are two mono Hypex amps in each speaker enclosure (50w/ch tweeter and 150w/ch for the bass driver). These are the high-end audiophile Hypex Ncore amps and not the typical lower cost Class D standard amps used in many active speakers systems. I used to build dual mono Hyex Ncore amps (I purchased the amp units directly from Hypex) in my own enclosures and with my own wiring and connectors and found them to be absolutely superb performers and one of my favorite power amps available anywhere! You don’t need an expensive preamp amp (saving tons of money) to control volume since the RC1 controller allows you do to that using its jog wheel (in the digital domain without any degradation of the audio signal). And . . . you do not need an expensive loom of audiophile cables. These benefits result in a huge monetary savings compared to traditional approaches!

Using the RC1 controller with these speakers allows you to enter the speaker audio systems with a purely digital signal and keep and control that signal in the digital domain all the way until it’s converted back to an analog signal when exiting through the included analog speakers. This eliminates one conversion step that typically occurs using exterior audiophile components and the resulting degradation of the audio quality is eliminated. With the PMC TwoTwo.6 speaker and PMC RC-1 Controller system, you gain a very noticeable boost in signal quality. There is no longer a question in my mind about the benefit of doing this since I’ve proved that it exists when I used these speakers and tested the concept. I can hear considerable positive benefits from this design approach. I can only imagine how good this system will sound once the speakers are properly “broken in”.

My original concern before making this purchase was whether the DAC was equal to an expensive audiophile quality DAC that I was used to or if it was just average sounding. I’ve owned over 35 DACs in the last 4 years so I’m extremely picky (I’m an anal nitpicker) when it comes to music quality. I also (because of my vast experience) know what you get for the money spent and have learned a lot about how to gain the best audio sound quality for the least possible monetary expenditure. My favorite DAC to date is the Metrum Pavane if I considered using a stand alone DAC. My other integrated favorite is the DAC inside the Vinnie Rossi LIO. Both are excellent due to how they are designed and how they’re properly placed within the audio signal chain surrounded by the best low noise design approaches.

When I first connected the RC1 to the PMC TwoTwo.6’s and ran the digital signal into them (via USB conversion to AES), I found that the DAC was good but could be improved. I’ve learned that what lower cost DAC’s typically lack compared to expensive ones is adequate galvanic isolation from the source equipment plus adequate jitter reduction. Knowing this, I connected my Regen and Intona boxes to my USB cables and viola! The DAC’s inside the PMC TwoTwo.6 now sound as good as the best of the DAC’s I’ve owned. Because of the extra transparency allowed by keeping the signal purely digital (until it goes through the speakers), and by gaining excellent galvanic isolation and low jitter from adding the Regen and Intona boxes, I ended up with a sound quality that equals that of my most expensive audiophile systems at a considerably lower price. I could now live with these speakers as a die hard audiophile and as a result now wonder what the pro audio mixing and mastering crowd would do if they heard the extra substantial sound quality boost provided by these relatively minor “tweaks”. This increased audio quality benefit would definitely translate into the better use of mixing plugins and result in even better mixes!!! I’m now absolutely sure of that!

What I like the best about this approach (my own reason for pushing these concepts to the limit) is that the footprint of this audio system becomes miniscule while providing superb way above average audiophile music playback quality!!! It’s the ultimate available anywhere so far in my own research!!!!!!!

I’m really interested in creating the ultimate playback quality using the least amount of space and THIS IS IT! Previously, my favorite pick was the Vinnie Rossi LIO and Harbeth HL5+ speakers. The overall footprint of this PMC based system, however, is even smaller yet audio quality is not compromised!!!!!

The resulting footprint now consists of only the two PMC speakers and the tiny RC1 controller volume control box. THAT’S IT! The RC1 measures 5.65” deep x 4.31” wide x 1.34” tall. Each PMC TwoTwo.6 speaker measures 7.64” wide x 14.33” deep x 15.98” tall. This total system footprint is remarkable since the RC1 could be placed almost anywhere without the need to own large dual mono power amps, a preamp, a DAC and a ton of cables. That’s also a huge money saver even more so than the Vinnie Rossi LIO since you no longer need high quality speaker cables as well as expensive interconnects. Both PMC speakers and the RC1 controller are connected via Ethernet cables that are included. I’ve also found that there are no sonic improvements gained by using different and considerably more expensive Eternet cables. I’ve tried and was surprised at the results – the standard cables that are included sound just as good as the uber-expensive Audioquest Ethernet cables so there definitely is no reason to waste money on buying expensive Ethernet cables!

Cables used to connect the RC1 to the speakers and the speakers to each other are solely standard Ethernet cables since the signal is purely digital and remains a purely digital signal that travels between and amongst these three components. This approach eliminates the large and considerable expense of pricey interconnect and speaker cables. In fact, a good but not super expensive cable loom in a typical audiophile system typically can cost as much as I’m asking for this entire system (or considerably more if you’re really anal).

The only traditional audiophile cables that now need to be used are the USB cables that feed the signal into a USB to AES converter and a pair of power cables to power the speakers. I’ma also including an expensive and superb audiophile converter with this purchase - the STOM dx-USB HD converter. I paid $450 for this converter and have found it to be in the same league as my more expensive Audiophileo and even my uber-expensive Off Ramp converter. The only way to access the DAC inside the TwoTwo.6 speakers is via an AES connector so this converter is necessary if you only have a USB source (like a computer or music server). Plug your USB cable into the SOTM converter and then an XLR based digital cable between the SOTM and the speakers and you’re done – fully connected digitally!

I could easily sell this SOTM converter elsewhere and make more money on this sale but the DAC section inside the TwoTwo.6 is so good that it would be a shame to not use this cost saving benefit. So reluctantly, I’m giving my SOTM converter away to the purchaser of this system so there is nothing to hold anyone back from using the DAC section inside these speakers.

This unique component and cable saving approach that I’m sharing not only saves money but also eliminates the signal “coloring” that typically occurs from using cheap or expensive cables, silver or copper, etc. These factors are no longer a concern since the Ethernet cables do not “color” the signal and the signal is allowed to make it all the way to the speakers the without being “tampered” with or degraded from mis-matched or inadequate selections. Only the USB cables now have a “tonal” effect on your music playback and is the way to “slant” this system to your own personal preference. That sure is a whole lot easier than trying to get USB cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power cable to all end up heading in your personal preference music quality direction.

The sound quality these PMC speakers provide is amazing! Also, these speakers can be played EXTREMELY loud without breakup compared to typical audiophile speakers their size. They also play really deep and high for their size (40-25kHZ frequency response). They were designed for studio use to mix and master music accurately but I have also found they are considerably better than any other audiophile system that I’ve tried to put together anywhere near their price range. In my opinion, this is one of the finest and most flexible audio systems that anyone could purchase at the absolute lowest cost - audiophile grade music reproduction with the least amount of boxes, cables, and complexity.

My only other favorite audio reproduction system is my Vinnie Rossi LIO and my Harbeth HL5+ speakers. That is my main listening system and because I’ve decided not to get back into music creation, I’m letting go of these like new PMC TwoTwo.6 active speakers and the optional RC1 controller box and SOTM converter and am currently sticking with the LIO/Harbeth system. If I had to start over, however, I’d purchase the lower cost PMC system that I’m selling. It’s an even better audio bargain particularly at the price I’m asking!

Through my own discovery, I’ve found that these PMC speakers would be great in BOTH a music studio OR in an audiophile’s home. They’re definitely not limited to studio use and are not sterile sounding! As a result I’m advertising this system first on an audiophile site. If none of you audiophile’s find an interest (or don’t believe what I’m sharing – shame on you!), I’ll list them on a pro audio forum where they are in high demand and have gained phenomenal respect.

I’m not a PMC dealer so I cannot purchase them at a discount. Fortunately markups in the pro audio realm are much smaller than they are in the audiophile realm (25% dealer margin compared to 40% to 60% in the audiophile world). I purchased these speakers thinking that I needed something compact, simplified, yet of the highest possible quality so I was willing to pay the full price.

Because I don’t expect to use this system in the future, I’m willing to take a loss on this purchase but won’t go below my listed price – it’s already way too low! This is a system that has been used less than 5 hours, isn’t broken in yet, works extremely well, and is in like new condition and is in better than demo condition. In fact, even though it isn’t properly broken in yet, I’ve done you a favor by confirming that this system works “out of the box” and not only works well but could be stellar if you wanted it to be both for audiophile listening or mixing and mastering in a studio setting! I’ve taken my own hard earned (and costly) approach to audio and have applied years of knowledge gained by buying and selling equipment and building my own components to know how to put together the absolute best. This IS ONE OF THE BEST for the money spent and at the price I’m asking is an ABSOUTE BARGAIN!!!!!

I paid $5,000 for the pair of speakers plus $850 for the RC1 controller and $450 for the SOTM USB/AES/Digital/BNC converter for a total of $6,300. I’m asking $4,500 for the pair of speakers plus RC1 controller and the SOTM converter.

That’s an $1,800 loss and below actual dealer cost if you were a pro audio dealer (I’m not!). Let me know if you’re interested. If I don’t find anyone on this website that’s interested, I’ll sell the system on a pro audio forum where these speakers are well known and highly regarded and in demand and I will sell the pieces individually for more money. With my minor “tweaks” applied, you will end up with an unbelievable audiophile quality music playback system – bar none – if you purchase this system and follow my advice!

I can also help to provide you with a Regen, an Intona if you would like to boost the audio quality using the SOTM USB to AES converter that I’m including with this sale. For the relatively small price (compared to alternatives), you’ll end up with DSP capability (in the digital domain where the signal entered originally) and own what I would consider to be “world class” DAC sound quality and a system that can pretty much satisfy any need.

The bass produced by these TwoTwo.6 speakers is amazing but if you want even more (if you like playing SUPER loud and want to hear huge body and home vibrating SUBSONIC bass from video home theater sources), I’d recommend considering the PMC TwoTwo.Sub1. It’s expensive but it also is fully controlled via the included RC1 controller that I’m selling and you’d have world class bass that would produce uber audiophile quality home theater bass that few audiophiles have access to at any price. In my opinion, this sub system definitely is not needed for music mixing or audiophile music playback purposes but it sure would be fun to own and I only mention it because it is available as a “new” purchase from other sources (other than me).


Finish: Black with a blue tint
Crossover Frequency:
H 406 W 194 D 364 (mm)
Drive Units:
LF 170mm (6.5 inch)
HF 27mm Soft Dome
Effective ATL™ Length:
1.6m (5.25ft)
Frequency Response:
40 – 25kHz

Shipping info per box (3 boxes total):

Left Channel Speaker = 14” x 24” x 21” high and 25lbs shipping weight

Right Channel Speaker = 14” x 24” x 21” high and 25lbs shipping weight

RC-1  &  SOTM converter shipping box = 12” x 7” x 12” high and 8 lbs weight

My zip code for shipping cost calculations = 49441 (Muskegon, Michigan)

I will use FedEx ground for the best shipping method



"I have been a long term devotee of Transmission Line Speakers in the form of IMFs, a pair of which are in my main system. I have heard your MB2s and MB2 SEs and think they are brilliant. However, for their size these TwoTwo 6s are just amazing. Not run in yet but already the quality of their is clearly evident. Jonas Kaufmann and Helmut Deutsche (Schubert's Winterreise) are in the room with me! Human voice is incredibly realistic. The bass extension is fantastic for their dimensions and with no boominess apparent at all. These are my first pair of active speakers and my first pair of PMCs. I don't think they will be my last."

Mr R, Warranwood, Victoria
"I have always wanted a pair of PMC monitors since experiencing them at college. My Genelec 8040a speakers have lasted me 10 years without ever going wrong and so I thought that an upgrade to speakers that cost 4x the amount would be a want rather than a need....until I heard them in my studio!!! Literally amazing. I'm hearing things I never heard before and I absolutely LOVE them! I also like how the bass comes out of the front so I am less worried about placing them close to a wall (as I don't have a perfect room/space)."

Mr M, Batley
"So much more detailed than my genelecs. :D Thanks!"
Mr J, Denver

"I feel in love with them after listening for the first time. The clarity and balance is something that I have not heard on other monitors. I feel like the music that comes out is how music is supposed to sound. It will be a joy to compose on these."

Mr A, Spring Hill
"Monitor and sound quality very good."

Mr H, Rotterdam
"Fell in love with resolution, depth and pretty much everything else. Only issue is remote controlling volume when connected aes/ebu. Is there any reasonable priced solution for remote (volume)control?"

Mr T, Espoo
"As ever the twotwo's don't disappoint, they've transformed the room. The students are pleased now, it's made the room much more in line with the other critical listening spaces that have twotwo and IB1 set ups. Very pleased!"

Mr A, Walsall

Mr I, Ramat gan
"The best sound ever!"

Mr W, Warsaw
"It's early days, but i really like the product so far. They are replacing my TB2S-A's that i've had for a few years, and I can definitely hear a little more clarity."

Mr D, Eastbourne
"I'm loving these monitors. The clarity in the mid range is outstanding. Just great. "

Mr H, Leeds
"Hugely impressed with the speakers so far. Great clarity, neutrality and detail. With a decent sub-woofer, ideal for use with the Church organ sample sets that I use regularly. "

Mr M, Leeds
"I'm left slightly short for words really - I consider myself a reasonably experienced PMC user but these are quite unlike anything I've heard before. "

Mr L, Walsall
"I'm really enjoying my PMC twotwo.6 monitors for both mixing and enjoying my music collection. "

Mr B, Canada
"As a package I think they've just set a new benchmark for a near field, and just not by a marginal improvement. The twotwo's are revolution, not evolution. PMC - I doff my cap. "

Mr L, Walsall
"Truly excellent! "

Mr M, Newbury
"Very nice sound. It is a pleasure working with them. "

Mr B, Paris
"Loving them! "

Mr H, Bristol
"These speakers are utterly outstanding. I have no idea how you guys have managed to get that much out of such a small box but it is blowing me away. My transition from the Tb2s was instant. "

Mr B, Edinburgh
"These are some amazing sounding monitors. "

Mr W, Thousand Oaks
"My transition from the Tb2s was instant. They sounded and behaved in exactly the way I am used to, but these are improved in every way. Top, bottom, power, imaging, headroom.....I am, as ever, a delighted PMC customer and user. "

Mr B, Edinburgh
"Love the sound, love that they're light....great bass for small speaker "

Mr P, Longueuil
"PMC Loudspeakers are the ultimate reference monitors in the studio environment. The Two Two's make music sound as it should. "

Mr P, Croydon
"Spectacular sounding and extremely accurate near field studio monitors. "

Mr S, Es Carritxo
"These are outstanding. "

Mr B, Edinburgh
"I've only had them for a day, but the new level of clarity and depth that I'm hearing in my music is astounding. Very much looking forward to working with these monitors more and hearing a new dimension in my music production. "

Mr M, Bishops Castle
"Wonderful sound very impressed by the quality of the stereo, excellent work. "

Mr O, Vélieux
"The top end on the system is extended and wide open, the imaging is stunningly detailed and with the sub, the headroom and bottom end of the system is simply ferocious."

Mr , Edinburgh
"Not set them up in my studio yet but build quality is excellent and I know they sound fantastic. "

Mr .C, Ilkley
"The level of customer service, care, aftercare and above all else, quality of sound is the reason PMC are the only brand we rely on at the studio."

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