Von SchwiekertUnifield OneVon Schwiekert Unifield One CherryAmazing is the only word for these.They are finished in a gorgeous cherry you see in the pix. With the elegant shape, rich finish and small size these have WAF written all over them.Here is what St...2850.00

Von Schwiekert Unifield One Cherry [Expired]

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Amazing is the only word for these.

They are finished in a gorgeous cherry you see in the pix. With the elegant shape, rich finish and small size these have WAF written all over them.

Here is what Stereophile had to say in their 1/12/2010 CES Show Report

"...Albert Von Schweikert is on the move. After any number of Von Schweikert lovers have asked for smaller, space-saving speakers that function optimally tucked into corners or up against walls, Von Schweikert Audio is about to launch the Studio Signature Series. With three models, the Unifields 1, 2, and 3 ($6000, $10,000, and $15,000/pair respectively) and optional polished marble stands, the Signature speakers are designed to "compete with guys who build $20,000 monitors. The Unifield 1's frequency response is said to be 40Hz—22kHz; the 2 offers 32Hz—22kHz; and the 3 boasts a whopping 32Hz–50kHz. Not bad for a small speaker, eh?"

Unlike a traditional nearfield (I had great results when they were on my desk), these can be placed wide apart and will throw a very big soundstage - 10-15' apart is possible.

Albert used his preferred 4th order crossover design with Clarity caps fed by a single set of WBT 5 ways (no biwire nonsense). They are 87-88db efficient. He voiced them to be as flat and revealing as his Quads but with a tighter, truer bottom.

He used both a 20w tube amp and a 500w digital amp... I guess you can conclude that they are not overly picky... Being Von Schweikerts no doubt they can get magically, tunefully loud. I had great luck with an MC275 and an MC303.

Each cabinet weighs 30lbs and shares the damping techniques developed for the already acclaimed Unifield 3 - which costs 4 times as much. Don't bother knocking your knuckles on these. (take a look at the cutaway Albert was showing at CES (in many reviews)- he is rightfully proud of these).

While I have not been active in the past few months, please check my feedback - you can buy with confidence.

The two cabinets are in one box.

They really are the best monitors I have listened to. I am sad to be selling them but a move forces me to sell a bunch of my gear.

Be ready to believe performers are in your room. I have, on more than one occasion, thought someone was in my house when listening only to realize the "presence" is on the recording. Someone walking near the stage, etc.

There are finally a few reviews out on these if you google.

I had several monitors in my office and wrote notes on each. Here is what I said about the Unifield's.

"Von Schwiekert Unifield One. Biggest speakers I’ve had on my desk since the Meyer Sound HD-1’s. Out of the box new they sounded great. Lots of controlled bass, 10hz test tones actually moved the speakers but nothing audible til around 30Hz. These seem to match up nicely with the MC275. Most of the clarity and detail of the ATC’s without the fatigue, bass is deep but natural. Voices, instruments and even drums are realistic. Play loudly without effort. After trying all of the speakers I went back to the 47 Labs and listened for a day. I began to think they were so good that they would compete with the much more expensive Von Schweikerts. I wired up the Unifields again and I was wrong. The Unifield speakers are in a different league.
I have these at home now with my MC303 and they image so well I can disconnect the surround sound and center channel. Scarry imaging. Easy to live with, no fatigue. Acoustic guitar is amazing."

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