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Wilson Benesch Endeavour Carbon Fiber [Expired]

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       The Endeavour Debuts in the USA

into the future with Wilson Benesch

Please don’t tell me about your $$$ priced speakers with three drivers in a box glued together using MDF or screwed together using aluminum. We put men on the moon, built the Hubble telescope and peer millions of light years into space. Here we are fifty years later they are still trying to sell us speakers made from MDF. Music lovers rise up and demand more.

Wilson Benesch courageously embarked on a costly and highly technical venture. With government loans and with an advanced technical community at their doorstep they achieved their goal, take full advantage of new space age materials. You probably haven’t heard much about Wilson Benesch. Their money doesn’t go towards advertising and pallets loaded with MDF.

In what I would term a stroke of genius Wilson Benesch advanced the use of Carbon Fiber, creating forms in which to lay up those carbon fibers and shaping their cabinets.

Why Carbon Fiber? Simply put Carbon Fiber converts sound waves into heat. Rather then just resonate like wood and metal, the billions of carbon molecules vibrate creating heat. A large scale example is the Stealth Airplanes made from Carbon Fiber. Radar waves strike the plane and absorbed and converted to heat in an instant, preventing those waves from bouncing back at the radar detectors.

Properly shaping the cabinets and correctly arranging the weave of the carbon fibers along Aerodynamic shaped drivers insure that most of those back waves move along away from the drivers and are buried in those “magical” carbon fibers, eliminating unwanted cabinet resonance.

Check out the Aerodynamic shaped drivers.

The diaphragm of a loudspeaker is it’s thinnest part so one obvious design objective should be to direct the rear waves back away from the driver not allowing them to bounce back through that same diaphragm. Wilson Benesch manufactures their cabinets and their drivers to do just that.

As I listen to these remarkable speakers I find the bass to be totally unexpected from a stand-mounted speaker. It is easily the most dynamic, cleanest and much deeper then I could 
imagine. The dual Tactic II bass drivers in clamshell configuration are so powerful and so fast they easily keep pace with and blend seamlessly with the midrange and the tweeter, far out performing larger and more massive drivers.

The midrange sits in its own high tech carbon fiber chamber plus the driver is wired directly to your amplifiers. No soul sucking crossover in that important midrange. The midrange covers the music from 500hz 
all the way up to 5kHz much higher in the frequency range then other loud speakers. Unlike other stand mounted speakers I have heard the Endeavour has a full and rich midrange.

Remarkably the new in house silk dome tweeter has been re-enforced with 
carbon fiber combining the sweet easy to listen to sound of a great silk dome plus 
additional clarity, precision and with greater extension. A plus for the tweeter 
is that it gets to operate in its sweet zone, above 5kHz.

220 lbs. and standing 58” tall the substantially 
constructed Endeavour’s rest 
on stands milled from a solid 40lb block of 
aluminum. Rising up from this stand 
and supporting the speaker is a two-piece “aluminum 
spine” creating unshakable 
support for the cabinet as well as a pathway for 
spurious energy to exit the 

Want a listen? Be our guest. We will put you up at one of our local bay side 
hotels. Listen to the Endeavour and the Evolution 1 and other Wilson Benesch 
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Unlike any speakers ever 
built. Read more in the complete review by Roy Gregory in the audiobeat. Link 



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