DataSatRA7300DataSat RA7300 7-channel power amplifierDataSat is the current name for what we all knew as DTS. Their gear is in over 30,000 movie theaters in the United States. It is rugged and highly reliable.The Datasat RA7300 Multi-Channel Power ...6900.00

DataSat RA7300 7-channel power amplifier [Expired]

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DataSat is the current name for what we all knew as DTS.  Their gear is in over 30,000 movie theaters in the United States.  It is rugged and highly reliable.

The Datasat RA7300 Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers bring a new level of quality and flexibility to high-end home theatre and multi-channel music systems. Perfect for anything from small media systems to dedicated top of the line home cinemas, its advanced circuitry and careful design delivers one of the industry's most powerful, versatile and quietest power amplifiers.

The RA7300 offers fully balanced differential design. Dual thermal sensors control  low speed fans with substantial heat sinks. The fan only operates when program material requires additional cooling to ensure fan noise is always masked by the content. In addition, dual DC servos ensure DC offset is minimized and thermal track transistors maintain the amplifier at its optimum bias point independent of its temperature.

The result is consistently low distortion and quiet operation that provides highly accurate and refined music and soundstage reproduction. The RA7300 can support the latest multi-channel digital surround sound formats for outstanding audio quality even in the most demanding operating conditions.

The RA7300 is designed to be versatile and is rated for 4 and 8 ohm loads. It has  a rated output of 300 watts RMS into seven channels at 8 ohms.

Note that I also have a DataSat RS20i for sale.  I am going back to super high-end 2-channel reproduction only.  These units make a fantastic home theater experience, but I do not watch movies but 2-3 times per year.

The amp is HEAVY and can be shipped by ground freight or by FedEx Ground.  It is set for 220 volts and requires two power cords to deliver the mammoth output wattage.  Estimated freight in the continental US is $250-$300 with full insurance.

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