IntegraRDA-7 7 ch. amp, 150/300x7Integra RDA-7    7 ch. amp, 150/300x7 Designed by BAT(Balanced Audio Technologies)INTEGRA RDA-7 AMPLIFIER: Just tested, works PERFECT ! (I have NEVER had an issue) Sorry for the poor pics....I have a severely injured back, and can not move this myself. DESIGNED BY BAT( Balance...2450.00

Integra RDA-7 7 ch. amp, 150/300x7 Designed by BAT(Balanced Audio Technologies) [Expired]

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INTEGRA RDA-7 AMPLIFIER: Just tested, works PERFECT ! (I have NEVER had an issue) Sorry for the poor pics....I have a severely injured back, and can not move this myself. DESIGNED BY BAT( Balanced Audio Technologies)… To buy an amp of THIS quality, would spend a minimum of $10,000, and it would be only 5 channel, not this one. Pros • Phenomenal Performance & Fidelity • Exceeds Power Ratings • Better Performance than Indicated • THX Ultra2 Certified Cons • Big and Heavy • Pricey I rated this a "6"'s likely a "7"....I rate conservatively. Unit has a small ding on upper right corner of faceplate (from previous owner). Also has a couple paint flecks off on top of chassis (see pics). Otherwise, it’s pretty good… You are getting BAT VK-6200 (only 5-6 channels max) performance, for less than ½ the price of what you would pay for one used.(PLUS, the RDA-7 has 7 channels, for a 7.1 system, where the BAT amp… would need TWO of them). These are EXTREMELY rare on the used market….because they are D-BOMB….in the multi channel, home theater amplifier used market. Grab it FAST......because someone else will !! I’ve had/heard many home theater amps(about 30) this is the 2nd BEST one out of them all. The only One that beat this, was the BAT VK-6200. I owned both at the same time, and compared them. The RDA-7 was 98% as good. They were SO CLOSE in sound quality, I had to guess that the BAT was a hair better.(separated by even an hour….I don’t think I could tell them apart). They had exactly the same character (as they should, because the RDA-7 amp circuit was designed by BAT.) When I heard that they were sonic twins, I sold the BAT VK-6200. It made NO sense to keep it at that point. This amp is SO GOOD, I have been using it in my $65,000 dedicated stereo rig (see pics) This amp has 280,000mF (micro Farads) of energy storage !!! Most home theater amps (even good ones)….only have 30,000-80,000 Total. This makes this amp play as if it has even DOUBLE the power it has. It’s a VERY high current design. It NEVER runs out of power. I used it with 7 Gallo Ref 3.1 speakers (not the most efficient), and I never found the limits of this amp. There is a REASON that it weighs a very BEASTLY 115 lbs. This amp was a dead heat with a Classe CA-5200 amp, which is $5k used, and only 5 channels, instead of 7. It beat all ATI, Audio Refinement, Anthem, B&K, Proceed, Emotiva, Outlaw Audio, Sherbourn, Bel Canto, Krell, Parasound (A51), Earthquake, Bryston 9bSST, etc. multi-channel amps. THIS review sums it up well: “Integra RDA-7.1 Conclusion 0 By Gene DellaSala — December 17, 2006 The Integra Research RDA-7.1 is a dynamic, low noise, cool-running, audiophile-sounding amplifier that exceeds its power ratings. It can compete with many of today's best multi-channel designs regardless of price. The THX Ultra2 certification is an added bonus which ensures system compatibility with other THX products, and has the stamp of approval that it satisfies their performance criteria, though I am very certain it exceeds them by a comfortable margin. Careful planning must be facilitated if you plan integrating this amplifier into your home theater system. The sound quality is among the best I have heard, as is the build quality, fit and finish. The RDA-7 will likely satisfy any audiophile and home theater enthusiast alike. The hard part will be convincing your significant other of the necessity of this monstrous amp in your home theater system. It doesn't come cheap, but as a dear friend once told me "it's never cheap to be cool". This amp certainly has a cool factor to it and in this instance I am in full agreement. Finding a product that outshines its specifications by a wide margin is rare.” Specifications • 150wpc 8 ohms ; 300wpc 4 ohms x 7 • THD: .03% all channels • Bandwidth: 3.5 Hz to 250 kHz : +1 dB/ -3 dB (8 ohms) • Damping Factor: 40 @ 1kHz • Power Supply: AV 120V, 60Hz • Power Consumption: 5.3A (two channels driven) • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17-11/16" x 7-3/4" x 23-11/16" • Weight: 115lbs (unpackaged) Buy from a seller of more than 14 years, with a PERFECT rating, with over 150 transactions ! What’s included: Integra RDA-7 amp AC power cord(not the one in pics) PAYPAL & Credit Cards!!!! (paypal/credit card fees (less than paypal) fees, if any, are buyer's responsibility ), BUT will accept personal check from TOP rated Audiogoners, with great feedback (at my discretion) PLEASE NOTE: Audiogon’s shipping estimator is usually low. At my discretion, I only charge actual costs, and may ask for the extra.