Theta DigitalIntrepidTheta Digital Intrepid 5 x 100 W Balanced AmplifierItem Description Here's a chance to own one of the most revered multi-channel amps ever built. Classic Audio Parts has been given EXCLUSIVE rights to offer this amplifier at an incredible price....1495.00

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Item Description

Here's a chance to own one of the most revered multi-channel amps ever built. Classic Audio Parts has been given EXCLUSIVE rights to offer this amplifier at an incredible price. Act quickly, it won't last long!
Pricing is firm, and represents tremendous savings. All sales are final.
Dynamic Power
Many home audio amplifiers are grossly underpowered for serious music and home theater enthusiasts. Intrepid is fully capable of delivering 100 watts into 8 ohms, 200 watts into 4 ohms and even more into 2 ohms. The dynamic headroom of the Intrepid allows it to deliver even greater power than these steady state ratings.
Intrepid has fully-balanced differential circuits, employing zero-feedback.
No Global Negative Feedback
Feedback is a term used to describe an electrical circuit design that applies a portion of the output of a circuit back to the input.
Feedback applied to only one stage is called local. A feedback path encompassing two or more stages is called global feedback.
Local feedback is very common in analog circuits. It stabilizes, sets operating points, limits unwanted oscillation, reduces distortion, and protects delicate devices from potential damage. Local feedback is applied almost immediately back to the input, with very little delay. Intrepid uses local feedback.
Global feedback is very commonly used to "correct" an amplifier's distortion. It can be used to stabilize circuits that are unstable on their own. Global feedback creates significant time delay within the "loop," due to the number of stages the signal must pass before being applied back to the input. Time delay causes a smearing of imaging, and harshness in the upper midrange. The audible effects of global feedback vary, depending on the magnitude of feedback and the circuit they are correcting. Nearly all power amplifiers use global feedback in large proportions.
Intrepid contains no global feedback at all. The result is a very clean, pure, and fast circuit from input to output.
Only the highest grade electronic components are chosen for Intrepid. Wima film capacitors are used exclusively for power supply bypassing. Nichicon electrolytic capacitors were chosen for power supply filtering due to their superior long-term performance and audio characteristics. Three and four layer custom manufactured glass-epoxy circuit boards, with heavy copper plating, were specified to carry the high-current Intrepid can produce.
Intrepid controls include a front-panel Standby mode that mutes and reduces idling current to all channels. The control can also be activated through a remote control jack on the back of the chassis, which would bring a trigger signal from another unit, such as a Casablanca II or Casa Nova. Standby can also be activated by connecting the Intrepid's bi-directional RS-232 port to a computer or other control device, such as one by AMX or Crestron.
Fully-Balanced Differential
Each channel of Intrepid's amplification is made up of two mirror-imaged signal paths. Balanced signals are carried through as such; an unbalanced signal is cloned as it comes in, and this phase-inverted duplicate sent through two identical amplification pathways. Then, at the amp's output, the two signals are reconciled. Anything not perfectly "mirror imaged" between the two signals is discarded (called "common mode rejection"). Those discontinuities are noise picked up in the course of amplification. Eliminating noise this way preserves the integrity of the amplified signal.
Other means of dealing with noise are cruder; "dirty" in that they leave artifacts in the signal; phase anomalies which degrade spatial information; intermodulation distortion, which makes timbres sound wrong and otherwise contaminates sound.
Although many highly regarded amplifiers provide XLR input connectors to receive balanced signals, the mere presence of "balanced inputs" is no guarantee that balanced circuitry is in the amplifier itself. True balanced circuitry is rarely implemented because it requires almost twice as many devices as conventional amplification. We wouldn't invest this much in high quality components if we could figure out an easier way of getting such pristine results.
INPUTS: Analog Audio 1 Single-ended (RCA) per channel. 1 Balanced (XLR) per channel. Input Impedance:Input sensitivity: Gain: Polarity: 50K. Single-Ended or Balanced, for each phase.(Single-Ended) 1.5V RMS input for 100W into 8 ohms.(Balanced) 0.75V RMS input for 100W into 8 ohms.(Single-Ended) 25.5dB (19x).(Balanced) 31.5dB (38x).(Single-Ended) Non-Inverting.(Balanced) Pin-2 = Positive, Pin-3 = Negative for Non-Inverting Output. OUPUTS: Analog Audio 1 balanced output per channel. I/O RS232:Modes/Processes: Power Output: Frequency Response:THD+Noise: Signal to Noise Ratio: 1 DB9 and 1 RJ45 connector.Standby: All channels are muted and output bias is reduced to 40%.Thermal: One or more channels has overheated; amp automatically switches to Standby.(8 ohms-one channel driven) 100 W (rated) 130 W (typical)(8 ohms-five channels driven) 100 W (rated) 115 W (typical)(4 ohms-one channel driven) 200 W (rated) 210 W (typical)(-3dB points @ full power) 0.9 Hz - 350 KHz.100dB Misc. Power Requirements: Power Consumption:Standby Trigger Input:Dimensions:Weight: Max. Operating Temp.: 117 VAC, 7.7 amp; 50-60 Hz; for full power in all channels.80W @ Standby; 100W @ idle; 900W @ full power.5-12 VDC Pulse between 1 and 500mS.17 5/8" W x 6 1/4" H x 20 1/2" D (448 x 159 x 521 mm)58 Lbs. Stand alone (26.3 Kg),
64 Lbs.Boxed with accessories (29 Kg)Internal: 176° F (80° C)Room: 131° F (55° C)
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