NORDOSTRed DawnNORDOST Red Dawn Speaker Cables 3M (9ft)Home renovation requires downsizing system. I have a pair of Red Dawn Speaker Cables purchased, as the original owner, in early 2005 for use wiith my BAT electronics and Sound Lab M-1 electros...550.00

NORDOST Red Dawn Speaker Cables 3M (9ft) [Expired]

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Home renovation requires downsizing system. I have a pair of Red Dawn Speaker Cables purchased, as the original owner, in early 2005 for use wiith my BAT electronics and Sound Lab M-1 electrostatic speakers. From my perspective, the sound reproduction is completely lifelike and, when listening to my classical and jazz music, I hear all the squeaks, breaths and music one could imagine. The asking price is $550 plus shipping and 3.5% if you use PayPal. Will also accept personal check, cash or pickup in Vermont. I am happy to try to answer any questions and can take more pictures. Below are some related quotes from NORDOST Web Site: "FLAT IS BEAUTIFUL—IT ALSO SOUNDS BETTER” "Why All Nordost Speaker Cables Are Flat" "Nordost’s design mandate is to minimize electrical interactions within the cable, but this goal is difficult to achieve; for example, inductance and capacitance are opposing electrical forces, with the result that reducing one tends to increase the other. The only way to win this “Juggling Act” is with a series of parallel, conductors, the distinctive array that makes Nordost speaker cables both unique and instantly recognizable. But Nordost’s flat cables aren’t just beautiful to behold. The proprietary extrusion process that allows the extremely precisely spaced production of parallel conductor groups also employs FEP as an insulator, an incredibly tough, fire-resistant, low-loss insulator that makes the cables ideal for tucking under carpets, even in high traffic areas." "Nordost’s flat, multiple solid-core conductor cables are the only configuration that can achieve the perfect balance of electrical properties! That they offer such practical and aesthetic advantages too is just an added bonus." "Because cable really is a matter of life and death!" "Ultra-Precision Tolerances and Manufacturing Technologies" "Let’s face it: no one’s going to die if their A/V cabling isn’t perfect. On the other hand, astronauts, pilots, surgeons and heart patients all stake their lives—and the lives of others—on the performance of cables thinner than a human hair. And when medical, military and aerospace professionals trust their lives to a cable, they’re putting their trust in Nordost." "Unique among ALL audio and video cable manufacturers, Nordost applies the same space-age technologies, high-quality materials and exacting production tolerances to hi-fi that are demanded by these other cutting-edge, life or death fields. That means tolerances of less than one-millionth of an inch, with absolute precision and consistency: Cables whose construction must survive extremes of temperature and humidity, attack by chemical solvents and physical abuse that would destroy any other product. This “trial by fire” enables Nordost to make products that not only sound better, but products that can withstand several lifetimes of tough use and sound even better than the day they were made. Best of all, thanks to the industry’s most precise and consistent manufacturing processes, THE NORDOST CABLE YOU BUY WILL MEASURE AND PERFORM EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE CABLE WHICH THE REVIEWER RAVED ABOUT!" Insulation: Extruded FEP Conductor: 40 x round section Material: 60 microns extruded silver over 99.99999% OFC Capacitance: 8.7pF/ft Inductance: 0.13uH/ft Propagation Delay: 94% speed of light
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