Pacific Valve Cyber ServeCyber Server 128mbMore closet cleaning. I have a very cool Cyber server DAC combo (comes with a Xindak cable) Here is some info on the server. Also I can email better photos than the ones that loaded (-; Pacific...600.00

Pacific Valve Cyber Serve Cyber Server 128mb Musiland MD10 DAC (modified) [Expired]

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More closet cleaning. I have a very cool Cyber server DAC combo (comes with a Xindak cable) Here is some info on the server. Also I can email better photos than the ones that loaded (-; Pacific Valve has teamed up with Netgear and upgraded an already feature- heavy home entertainment console, the Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9150, with a solid state hard drive and Pacific Valve software that allows 44.1 to 192K sampling capability. The result is Pacific Valve’s CyberServer. It not only connects your music, videos, photos, and more to your HDTV, but it does it with no moving parts and the best audio quality possible. This is truly a match made in heaven. The Pacific Valve CyberServer comes with its own software pre-installed that turns the Netgear EVA9150 into a super high end streaming device capable at streaming high resolution files up to 192K with extremely low jitter and uncanny life-like performance. With its high buffer capabilities, the Pacific Valve CyberServer software, literally pumps the music into your DAC at such a high speed, that latency induced jitter is virtually eliminated. Now, high resolution files up to 192K are available at your fingertips. Cyberserver allows you to store and playback music files in just about any format: FLAC, MP3, WMA, WMA-Pro, AAC, AIFF, WAV and LPCM are all supported. The result is a pure and state-of-the-art music experience, without the intermodulation distortion, jitter latency and poor transmission quality of a PC. As we say in out videos, a PC is a computation device and not a music server and a “wireless” music server is a jitter juke-box. CyberServer is the shortest low-jitter, low distortion path from digital music to your DAC. Computers generate EMI, Electro Magnetic interference from the monitor, graphics card, internal fan and DC motor in the hard drive. CyberServer makes little noise because it places your music on a solid state drive without any fans, motors or graphics card. The slow spin and fragmentation of a conventional hard drives add lengthy data retrieval times which can cause jitter . Since quiet spinless solid state drives are not prone to fragmentation, read times are up to 20% faster than conventional 7200 RPM drives. The faster retrieval decreases jitter especially with 96 – 192K size resolution files. The accopmanying MD-10 DAC is outstanding for its cost and has been modifed by Pacific valve for optimum performace. Detailed, warm and dynamic are words not typically associated with digital conversion. But the DIYEDEN Musiland DAC helps any digitally recorded medium from a variety of sources (BNC, USB, Coax and Toslink) sound like vinyl with dynamics, deep low end and smooth high end without grain. The DIYEDEN Musiland is a killer DAC featuring the latest in DAC technology called bit depth, Bit depth allows you to select the bit length of conversion (16, 20 or 24 bit) to precisely match the resolution of the incoming stream. The selection of the proper bit length allows you to adjust the sound from detailed and accurate to slightly warm. The Cirrus CS4398 balanced D to A converter has up to 120 db in dynamic range and up to 192 kHz of sampling capability. This new generation of technology creates an amazing sound stage for the price and is a must for those with multiple inputs or an AV system. The technology in the MD 10 does not stop at bit depth. In addition to selecting bit resolution, the MD 10 features two types of filtering: Filter with 102dB Stop-Band Attenuation for AV applications directly through your digital cable or Filter with 75dB Stop-Band attenuation for audiophile application. No other DAC on the market gives you this type of digital matching with flexibility at this price point. A class A headphone amplifier, digital volume control for both headphone and line out all make up the great feature capabilities of the Musiland MD 10 With these features and specification, the Musiland MD 10 is destined to become a classic. It is an outstanding value for the retail price. My pricing makes this deal incredible. Check out my Superb feedback and purchase with confidence. Feel free to email me your phone number or I'll send you mine. We can discuss and negotiate. Thanks very much
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