Audible IllusionsModulus 3AReconditioned at the factory in late 2013 - completely checked with replacement of any components needing it and with new tubes. It has had little use since. Has the much in demand John Curl desig...1499.00

Audible Illusions Modulus 3A with Gold John Curl Phono Boards and factory packaging [Template]

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Reconditioned at the factory in late 2013 - completely checked with replacement of any components needing it and with new tubes. It has had little use since.  Has the much in demand John Curl designed gold phono option for use with even low output MC cartridges. This is one of the most successful preamps of all time, just see for the many awards and reviews.
The Preamplifier comes with:
    Original Factory Double Box and Foam Packaging Inserts      User Guide     2 wrenches for the Knobs and top Screws     1 spare gold screw for the top plate 
Design Features:
* Circuit Design is Dual Mono, Class-A, Single-Ended Triode, open-loop. 
* External Power Supply, housing three separate supplies, prevents unwanted AC-induced distortions. 
* Main Chassis has five-separate, fully-regulated FET power supplies in addition to separate filament supplies. 
* Audio Circuit has no Cathode Followers or Buffers. 
* Standby Soft-Start Circuit prolongs tube life and circuit components. 
* Automatic-timed muting with tri-color LED. 
* Control Knobs have low-light, backlit Illumination. 
* Separate Volume Controls are Precision Stepped Attenuators. 
* Proprietary gold-plated RCA jacks with Teflon insulators. 
* All circuit boards are hand-soldered with silver-bearing solder. 
* All polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors are proprietary designs of Audible Illusions. 
Stereophile/96-Vol. 19, #2-M.Fremer, "All this adds up to what is clearly one of the finest-sounding, best-built preamps in the world and the reviews from around the world reflect that."
Academy for Advancement of High-End Audio/96-(Nominee) Golden Note Award
Fi Magazine/96-Kaplan-(author’s ref. Preamp) "I Don’t Plan on Parting With It For A Long Time". Positive Feedback Magazine/96-Blackburn-(Author’s Reference Preamp)
Audio-Video Shopper Magazine/96-"Currently the Benchmark By Which Other Preamps (Solid-State or Tube) Are Measured".
Times Digital/97-Kaplan-"Truly a Modern Classic, Makes Recorded Music Feel Like a Live Concert".
Audio Review Magazine/98-"HALL OF FAME (Preamplifiers)
Audiophilia Magazine/98-(Recommended Component) "Uniquely conceived and executed, the M3a reflects one man’s vision of how art should imitate life, a feat the M3a manages like few others. With affordable full-function preamplifiers becoming as 
rare as a ‘57 Rothchild’, Audible Illusions should be applauded for continuing to develop and market the Modulus 3a, a superbly musical and highly affordable device capable of extracting the best from both analogue and digital sources."
Fi Magazine/99-(Recommended Component)
Clube Audio Magazine/99-(Brazil) "Outstanding Value-Five Star Rating"
Stereophile/96,97,98,99,2000/April-(Recommended Components)-"CLASS A"- (Preamplifiers)
The Absolute Sound/2000-(#124) Recommended Components/Markwell, Single-Ended-Heaven
Sensible Sound/2000-(#82) Recommended Components/T.Lyle (Preamplifier)
Audio consumer review site-(Preamplifier) CHOICE Award 2000 -(Audio Preamplifier)
The Absolute Sound/2002- (#138) Recommended Component
Stereophile/2002- (Vol. 25, #11) Selected #31 of 100 Most Important Audio Products of Past 40 Years
The Absolute Sound/2012- (#223) Selected One of 12 Most Significant Preamplifiers of All Time
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