Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT)VK-P10SEBalanced Audio Technologies (BAT) VK-P10SE Phono Preamp (Hot-Rodded)Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-P10SE phono preamp in superb cosmetic condition and perfect working condition. Hot-rodded with top quality NOS input tubes and NOS power supply tubes from Andy Bo...3200.00

Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) VK-P10SE Phono Preamp (Hot-Rodded) [Expired]

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Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-P10SE phono preamp in superb cosmetic condition and perfect working condition. Hot-rodded with top quality NOS input tubes and NOS power supply tubes from Andy Bowman (a/k/a Vintage Tube Services - if you have to ask who Andy is, you should buy McIntosh). Input tubes are mirror-matched Sylvania Joint Army-Navy (JAN) 6DJ8's from the late 60's and power supply tubes are Sylvania chrome-dome 6SN7GTB's also from 60's. The 6C45 output tubes are stock because all 6C45's are made at Reflector (a shame, yes), but that tube features a fundamentally good design that not even Reflector can screw up. I've owned a lot of phono preamps since the 70's and the BAT stands out for one reason - headroom. In my opinion, it is THE phono stage at less than $20K for large-scale symphonic music - because of the tube input stage and 200 joule power supply (this phono stage is a beast at almost 40 lbs.), it won't compress on peaks no matter what you throw at it. It is voiced really nicely - neutral, but musical. Has a full range of cartridge loading and gain choices to accommodate any cartridge (I have used it with an A-90). My only complaint is that adjustments must be done inside the chassis, which is a bit of a pain. Am selling because I just bought a table that takes two tonearms and the BAT has only one input (I bought two-input Pass XP-25 and ARC Reference 2SE phono stages and am trying to decide which one to keep - see photo).  Includes the NOS tubes, three of the four stock Sovtek (Reflector) 6922's (which you perhaps want to give to your wife or husband to wear as earrings, and they'd be fake earrings because real 6922's have not been made since the early 60's), an extra set of 6C45's, the stock Russian-of-unknown-origin 6SN7's, the hex key for removing chassis screws and two extra screws, shorting plugs for the XLR's (must be inserted to use the single-ended inputs), Neutrix XLR-to-RCA converter plugs for the XLR outputs if you are running a single-ended preamp, stock power cord, owner's manual, and original box. Priced below blue book for quick sale.
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