ProacTablette Reference 8 Proac Tablette Reference 8  Mahogany FinishBrand New!! Proac SpeakersTablette Reference 8 Mahogany Finish!! Retails for $1,700 The Picture is only for demo purpose only hence the Cherry Finish. I open the Box to make sure it w...1050.00

Proac Tablette Reference 8 Mahogany Finish [Expired]

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Brand New!! Proac SpeakersTablette Reference 8 Mahogany Finish!! Retails for $1,700 The Picture is only for demo purpose only hence the Cherry Finish. I open the Box to make sure it works. No Scratches, No Dings & No Dents... Perfect Not a Signature No Returns Serious Audiophiles Bidders Only... Thanks Babe!! ProAc Tablette Reference 8 From the moment of its launch in 1979 the ProAc Tablette has been acclaimed as one of the greatest mini-monitors of all time. Many thousands of pairs have been sold over the last twenty-three years and this stunning little loudspeaker has become a firm favourite with music lovers worldwide. The original Tablette cabinet was just 101/2"(266mm) high and 6"(152mm) wide and 9" (228mm) deep. However the limitations of drive unit technology in those days meant that this pioneering design was not able to offer the scale of soundstage, extended bass and increased power handling common in larger designs. Over succeeding years therefore, through seven more incarnations, the size of the Tablette cabinet was increased to meet this demand, culminating in the current Tablette 2000 model. But that was then. Now, with the advent of far more technically refined and powerful drive units, the eighth version of the Tablette is reborn in its original cabinet configuration but with a scale of sound to rival much larger high quality loudspeakers. These two new drive units represent the cutting edge of audio technology. The all-new 41/2" bass/midrange driver is a marvel, producing tremendous bass power and a clean, open midrange. With a special round magnesium chassis housing a long-throw cone, raised suspension and an extremely linear motor system, the driver generates highly controlled and extended bass frequencies. Loading is by small twin reflex ports which reduce unwanted colouration. A high quality crossover network is coupled directly to the terminals to eradicate any deterioration in the signal paths. This redesigned board incorporates a larger bass inductor than the original Tablette and gives higher output with lower distortion. The crossover knits the midrange seamlessly to the output of the completely new tweeter, a sophisticated 1" soft dome unit with a large surround which produces an exceptionally flat response, outstanding smoothness and fine detail. The cabinet itself is made from a high quality Birch ply which is critically damped and tuned with bitumen. As ever with ProAc loudspeakers, the Reference Eights are finished with exquisite real wood veneer. The Tablette Reference Eight is a true monitor level design. The remarkably flat frequency response is characterised by a smooth, natural and detailed output delivered with a surprising level of weight and scale. This diminutive powerhouse can be placed on shelves or ledges, but for true high-end listening is best mounted on heavy rigid stands. Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Recommended Amplifiers 10 to 100 watts Frequency Response 40hz to 30Khz Sensitivity 86db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre Bass/Midrange 4 1/2" long throw cone design with linear low distortion motor system and raised suspension in die cast chassis. Tweeter 1" soft silk dome exclusive to ProAc with special surround and inner chamber Crossover Finest components on dedicated circuit board. Multistrand oxygen-free cable throughout. Split for optional bi-wiring and bi-amping. Dimensions 10 1/2" (266mm) high, 6" (152mm) wide, 9" (228mm) deep Mode Stand/Shelf mounting Grille Acoustically transparent crimplene
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