ProceedAMP 3 - Outstanding 3 Ch Amp (150 to 250 WPC)Outstanding Proceed Amp 3 for sale "...the Proceed AMP 3 is certified for use in Home THX audio systems. Madrigal engineers have created powerful, versatile and extraordinarily musical power ampli...949.00

Proceed AMP 3 - Outstanding 3 Ch Amp (150 to 250 WPC) In Excellent Condition [Expired]

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Outstanding Proceed Amp 3 for sale "...the Proceed AMP 3 is certified for use in Home THX audio systems. Madrigal engineers have created powerful, versatile and extraordinarily musical power amplifiers, using the technology and design methodology for which they have become so well known. Equally suited to the rigors of film soundtracks and the finesse of high end music reproduction, the Proceed amplifier serves both needs quite well. In today’s growing market for multi-purpose systems, they represent an extraordinary value." - taken from the Proceed AMP 3 Owner's Manual Proceed was a division of one of the best companies in audio, Madrigal Laboratories, which also produced Mark Levinson products costing up to $60,000. Proceed specialized in home theater components; however, their amplifiers were so highly regarded that they were often used in high end, two channel audio systems. Proceed components were considered to be one of the most cost effective lines of high end equipment ever produced, as one would have to spend about 40% to 50% more to find a (slightly) better performing component. Their amplifiers share similar design features, circuitry and components with the Mark Levinson products that often cost over $10,000, so they can easily drive any speaker and make them sound their best. Each channel contains a dedicated, low impedance power supply, so this 3-channel amplifier behaves as if it were three completely independent, high end mono amplifiers contained in one chassis. In addition, this amp features dual-differential design to allow for true balanced operation, and accepts both RCA (single-ended) and XLR (Balanced) inputs. These features are very rare in a multi-channel amplifier, as most share a single power supply across all channels, and are not fully balanced. This amplifier still works flawlessly and a PDF copy of the Owner’s Manual will be included with purchase. It has already been safely and securely boxed, so it is ready to be shipped today. SPECIFICATIONS Rated power output: 150 w/ch rms @ 8W, all channels driven, 20 Hz–20 kHz with no more than 0.1% THD 250 w/ch into 4W Frequency response: within 0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz Signal to Noise ratio: main outputs - better than –80 dB (ref. 1 w) Input impedance: 30 kohms (balanced) 100 kohms (single-ended) Voltage gain: 23 dB (balanced) 29 dB (single-ended) Input sensitivity: 2.4 V for full rated output (balanced) 1.2 V for full rated output (single-ended) Power consumption: typically 210 W at idle (AMP 3) Output impedance: less than 0.05W Low-ball offers will be cheerfully ignored. For Proceed's detailed description of this amplifier, please see the end of this ad. NOTE: I have been a member of both AudiogoN and ebay since 2001 (same username: HiFiGi) and have had 100% positive feedback on each of the over 500 transactions I have conducted on these websites. Please check my other listings soon, as I will be posting 20 to 30 items (audio furniture, cables, turntables, speakers, etc) over the next few weeks. Thanks, Dave _____________________________________________________________________________________ SPECIAL DESIGN FEATURES OF THE PROCEED AMP 3 POWER AMPLFIER MULTIPLE MONAURAL DESIGN Consistent with the finest amplifiers, your Proceed AMP is a true “multiple monaural” design. Each audio channel has its own, dedicated power supply—including a separate 300VA toroidal transformer for each channel. This approach reduces crosstalk between audio channels for superior imaging and reproduction of acoustic space. The demands placed on one channel have virtually no effect on the performance of the other channel(s). LOW IMPEDANCE POWER SUPPLY A critical factor in the ultimate performance of an amplifier is its “power supply impedance,” which can be loosely thought of as the freedom with which the audio circuitry has access to the power it needs, when it needs it. The design of your Proceed AMP has addressed this important characteristic in a comprehensive fashion. For example, the power supply capacitors (which act as “reservoirs” of power for the amplifier circuitry) are mounted directly to the printed circuit board, immediately adjacent to the output transistors (which require the greatest amount of current). The layout of the circuitry uses short, thick traces for high current paths. Internal current capability is further enhanced with high purity copper buss bars. This attention to detail yields an optimal environment in which the amplifier may operate to its maximum potential. BALANCED INPUTS Each channel of your AMP is individually configurable to receive either balanced or single-ended inputs. This approach allows you to take full advantage of the greater immunity from noise, RFI, and EMI which balanced transmission of audio signals offers on any preamp-to-amplifier connection where it is supported. At the same time, any or all channels of the amplifier may be configured for single-ended inputs to maintain compatibility with the majority of preamplifiers available today. The gain structure of the AMP adjusts automatically when you select different inputs to facilitate this “mix and match” approach. ROBUST OUTPUT STAGE Each channel of your Proceed AMP uses eight 150 watt power transistors. These transistors are all individually tested and sorted, and are used in matched sets to ensure that no one transistor bears a disproportionate part of the overall load. The combination of an “overbuilt” design specification and extraordinary attention to detail in manufacturing improves performance, reliability, and longevity. EXTENSIVE PROTECTION Your Proceed amplifier will shut itself down if it senses either the presence of DC (Direct Current) at the output or an unsafe operating temperature. In either case, a power relay will cause the amplifier to be disconnected from the AC mains. In addition, the AC input to each transformer is fused to protect against excessive current conditions such as driving shorted outputs. Finally, inrush limiting prevents premature aging of power supply components during power-up, and switches off-line once the power supply has been charged. THX AUDIO SYSTEM CERTIFICATON Lucasfilm, Ltd.® has established minimum standards for the performance of various components which may be used in their Home THX® Audio System. With respect to power amplifiers, the standards address such things as: • A low electrical noise floor to allow low-level information to be fully appreciated; • The absence of any mechanical noise (fans noise, transformer winding buzzes), for the same reason; • Adequate power to meet the demands of modern films (which can be quite dynamic); • Flat frequency response for accurate reproduction of timbre; • Stability into relatively extreme loudspeaker loads, to ensure that the amplifier will perform well with a wide range of loudspeakers.
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