SunfireTheater Grand-IVSunfire Theater Grand-IVThis is a used Sunfire Theater Grand-IV. Everything in working order. The Sunfire TGIV (Theater Grand IV) packaging has changed very little from the prior model, the TGIII. It is 17 inches wide, ...1200.00

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This is a used Sunfire Theater Grand-IV. Everything in working order.  The Sunfire TGIV (Theater Grand IV) packaging has changed very little from the prior model, the TGIII. It is 17 inches wide, five-and-three-quarters inches high, 16.5 inches deep and weighs 24 pounds. The TGIV retains the charcoal gray anodized faceplate, chassis, and top cover. The faceplate has a horizontal linear grained texture that continues to the top cover for a uniform look. This styling has been with the Sunfire products for a while and still looks relevant today. The radius corners give the TGIV a refined and unique presence that speaks of pride in brand recognition. The front panel controls are identical, sporting the same bright orange buttons. The exception is an elliptical shape to the display recess that frames the familiar blue characters, as opposed to a rectangular one on the TGIII.    

Looking at the back panel you’ll find it also remains similar. To connect to various high-definition sources, there are three 100MHz+ HDTV compatible high-bandwidth component video inputs, and two component video outputs. Six audio/video inputs, with composite video, S-video and audio, and three composite video, S-video and audio outputs gives you plenty of connectivity, and a new feature allows the ability for video format conversion that automatically up-converts composite to S-video and S-Video to component video to keep you from having to change inputs on your TV. Eight channels of analog inputs are provided for connecting a DVD-Audio or SACD player. There are six coaxial (S/PDIF) and four optical digital connections with a single coaxial and optical output, providing the ability to send a direct digital signal, whether it is 5.1 or analog, to a CD burner or a PC if you choose. Need more than one subwoofer? The TGIV gives you the ability to run four. Do you like Firewire? The TGIV has an IEEE-1394 port.    

Although the TGIV has their proprietary “side axis” channels, which are matrixed from the front left and right channels that work in two-channel as well as surround. I’m not sure how many people will actually use this feature, especially when only a small percentage of users actually take advantage of 7.1. The cost of more speakers, amps and cabling often makes the monetary decision an easy one. Sunfire keeps things simple and cost-effective in comparison to other high-end AV preamps.    

Thoughtfully, the Sunfire TGIV has separate high-current trigger and infrared outputs for both zones. Sunfire also includes, much to my delight, balanced outputs for the main 7.1 channels of the processor. This robust interconnect exceeds the performance of RCA interconnects with their inherent noise cancellation.  

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