ATIATP8700ATI ATP8700 Top of the line A/V ProcessorHERE'S THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY! PLEASE NOTE THAT REACTION TO THIS PROMO HAS BEEN GREAT AND QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED...SO BUY NOW! Pricing is firm, and represents tremendous savings. All sales are fi...995.00

ATI ATP8700 Top of the line A/V Processor [Expired]

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ATI has authorized us to become their exclusive web agent to offer three of their products at almost inconceivable prices: the ATP8700, ATP7700, and ATP6700 A/V Processors. These units are brand new in factory sealed boxes and come with a full 3-year warranty. Plus power supply is 110/240V for use worldwide. Here's the deal:ATP8700 MSRP=$5995.00 now $995.00! An 83% discount!This A/V Processor is well respected for the versatility as well as their exceptional audiophile-grade sound. Although it does not have HDMI, the ATP8700 does have DVI in/out so an adaptor could be used for HDMI switching. Also note that these units have bass management on the 7.1 direct analog input which allows them to reproduce lossless audio from DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True-HD when they are decoded to analog in the Blu-ray player.Please go to and check them out.

ATP8700---Can the words Audiophile and Bargain coexist in the same sentence? Frankly, ATI’s preamp/processors were conceived as cost-no-object instruments for use in the most critical audio systems. With hundred’s of thousands of dollars invested in their development, they came to market just as HDMI joined our technical lexicon. HDMI, which one astute observer called, “A plot by the content providers to gain control of your living room” is now well ensconced in the very same room. HDMI not only carries audio and video on a single cable between components and television sets, it also carries HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and a host of user complaints including slow access time, loss of signal and a new phenomenon where the entire picture turns a uniform green.

So let’s ask boldly, since we live in the analog world, view in analog and listen to analog, must we use digital signal transfer between our audio and video devices. Our ATP8700’s resounding answer: “No”. The ATP8700 lives and breathes analog. Analog audio signals are never digitized (unless requested by the user) and thus avoid the contamination and sizzle that often accompanies such a transformation. Even bass management is done in the analog domain.Today’s latest technologies are supported. Decoders for both Dolby Digital and DTS are built-in. Inputs and outputs are ample including 4 composite video inputs, 7 S-video inputs, three high-definition component video inputs, two DVI inputs, 10 analog and 8 digital audio inputs, and balanced XLR-type stereo analog inputs. True balanced audio outputs are available for each channel plus single-ended RCA outputs for less advanced systems. Even advanced Blu-ray playback is supported. Simply route the HDMI output of the associated Blu-ray player to the DVI input of the 8700 (adapter required) and the decoded analog audio output (from a suitably equipped Blu-ray player), even from lossless tracks like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, to the 8-channel analog input of the ATP8700. The result: audio nirvana.

Custom installers will love the ATP8700’s control features. An RS-232 jack allows easy interfacing with control systems such as Crestron and AMX touchscreen remotes, and a second-zone output that lets you listed to or watch an audio or video source in another room. Three remote trigger outputs can be programmed to function only when specific inputs are selected, so you can trigger, say, motorized screen to drop automatically when the DVD input is selected. The programmable, backlit remote controls not only the ATP8700, but virtually every other device in your audio/video system.By now, you must have noticed that ATP8700’s most distinctive features—a widescreen 7-inch front panel video monitor. Not only does the monitor let you use the ATP8700’s on-screen setup menus even if you cannot see your TV, it also displays images from composite and S-video sources directly. The ATP8700 also features an AM/FM stereo tuner.And the cost for all this technology? Let’s just say it’s now a bargain.

This unit has an MSRP of $5,995.00 but you can buy it today for $995.00, a whopping discount! The ATP8700 is brand new, in the box and comes with a new 3-year warranty.Classic Audio Parts is fully authorized by ATI so buy with complete confidence!PLEASE NOTE: Our business hours are 8:30 AM thru 5 PM PST Monday through Thursday.CA residents add 8.75% sales tax.For more info, go to: .
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