CaryCinema 11ACary Cinema 11AThis auction is for a used Cary Cinema 11A. This item should be considered non-working and can not be returned. You're buying as-is. The unit does work but with reservations. It has never been ...101.00

Cary Cinema 11A [Expired]

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This auction is for a used Cary Cinema 11A.  This item should be considered non-working and can not be returned.  You're buying as-is.  The unit does work but with reservations.  It has never been reliable.  It locks up at random and the only way to change the function in which it was when it locked is to remove power.  When power is restored the unit will function again until a selection is made that locks it up.  This changes with time so I can't identify to you what causes the problem with any certainty.

Currently, there is no analog signal output to the power amplifier.  What does not function also changes with time so, again, I can't tell you what you will experience.  My guess is there is a internal digital switching error that occurs and causes these problems.  They are random and unpredictable.  They have occurred since I bought this unit.  This may be an intermittent electronic component error or design failure or both.

This unit has been back to Cary twice.  Both times they couldn't find a problem so they returned it to me with updated firmware.  The problems always come back regardless of length of time between issues.  The latest is the last straw for me.  I have a Cary Cinema 5 amplifier that I use and love.  Not for sale.  I will not, however, buy another Cary product after the experience I've had with the 11A.

This auction is intended to pass this unit on to someone that may want to try and repair the problem.  I'm not educated in electronics and Cary has been no help.  I want $100 flat shipping and handling for the US and Canada.  Other international shipments may be more.  Outside of the shipping and handling there's no reserve. 

The unit is in very good cosmetic condition except for the smears on top from the rubber feet of a cable box.  There are no visible scratches or dents.  The 6/10 rating is for age, the smears on top, and the unreliability of the unit.

If you're up to some DIY or just want to pick up an 11A cheap and see if Cary will fix it this may be the item for you.  When it works my movies sound great!
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