MeridianG61R + HD621usedMeridian G61R + HD621 well loved and in very good conditionG61R Preprocessor* Speakerlink connections* Room Correction* Redesigned master oscillator and clocking for reduced jitter and better imaging and localisation.* Advanced DSP processing including Mer...1850.00

Meridian G61R + HD621 well loved and in very good condition [Expired]

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G61R Preprocessor
* Speakerlink connections
* Room Correction
* Redesigned master oscillator and clocking for reduced jitter and better imaging and localisation.
* Advanced DSP processing including Meridian’s unique ‘apodising’ filter delivers the highest quality from all sources
* Meridian SmartLink inputs allow best connection to Meridian’s HD621 for connection to Blu-Ray Disc players and other high-definition sources
* Meridian Room Correction technology measures room acoustics and automatically builds filters to smooth out room reverberation, delivering better imaging, reduced muddiness and additional clarity and naturalness
* USB Audio Input makes connecting a media PC to a Meridian system easier than ever, for enhanced replay quality from digital library systems
*Analogue outputs make the G61R ideal for conventional power amplifiers and passive loudspeakers

HD 621 Audio Processor
• Six-input HDMI switch.
• HDMI video output.
• Extracts up to eight channels of high-resolution audio from the HDMI data stream, supplying
them to separate audio-only outputs.
• Connects HDMI audio direct to a Meridian processor.
• SmartLink coaxial digital audio output (up to 8 channels).
• Multichannel Meridian High Resolution (MMHR): balanced digital audio output via RJ45/Cat 5
cable (up to 8 channels).
• Up/downsampling of digital audio.
• Audio FIFO buffering and resolution enhancement improves PCM audio received via HDMI.
• Lip-sync control compensates for latency resulting from external digital video processing.
• Keeps HDMI video signals away from your audio equipment, minimising signal degradation

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