Digital ProjectionTitan Reference 660 3DFor Sale, Titan Reference 660 3D . Dual lamp ultra contrast, 1350 hours. This is one great 3 chip 1080P DLP projector. Retail Price for this unit was $86,000. This is one of the best 3 chip DLP's...9950.00

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Digital Projection Titan Reference 660 3D Price Reduced to $9,950 [Expired]

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 For Sale, Titan Reference 660 3D . Dual lamp ultra contrast, 1350 hours.  This is one great 3 chip 1080P DLP projector. Retail Price for this unit was $86,000. This is one of the best 3 chip DLP's ever made. Pair this with a HDfury and or a Lumagen Pro and get close to DCI P3 color space. This is an absolute steal at this price

Titan 660 1080p UC 3D 5,000 ANSI Lumens | Contrast Ratio: 5,000:1 | Part No:112-579 Colour System: DMD Specification: 3-chip DLP® Display Type: 3 x 0.95" DarkChip™ DMD™ 1920 x 1080 pixels native. Fast transit pixels for smooth greyscale and improved contrast. Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Fill Factor 87% Key Features Standard Inputs (1-8): Front End Video Capabilities Video & Graphics Processing High bandwidth digital & analog receiver with 10 bit A-D. Automatic detection of interlaced video and implementation of 3:2 or 2:2 extraction as appropriate, with pixel based, motion adaptive interpolation and auto cadence correction. Displayed image frame locked to input with as low as 1 frame total latency. 24p and 1080p native display. Image enhancement for MPEG, Mosquito noise & color transients in composite sources. Geometry Correction Cornerstone, Vertical & Horizontal Keystone, Pincushion & Barrel, and Image Rotation. Non-linear Warp adjustment by moving points on an interpolated grid. Edge Blending  Semi-automated multi projector tiling Correction for non-active pixels at the edge of the display. Super Image Clarity Geometry correction and Edge Blending implemented in single stage process, retaining maximum image resolution. Picture in Picture Two sources can be displayed either one within the other (PIP), or side by side, with original aspect ratios maintained. ColorMax™ Accurate matching of projectors in tiled or blended applications. User selection and storage of primary and secondary color targets. High Bandwidth Inputs (9-11): Bypassing Front End for Minimal Latency Pixel mapped to the display. Dual Link DVI accepts frame rates up to 160Hz with latency as low as 1 frame. HDMI 1.4 for Side by Side, Frame Packing & Top Bottom formats. Dual Flash Processing can be used to multiply the displayed frame rate for 3D sources (example 144Hz display). FastFrame™ Smear Reduction. Dual Pipe processing: two sources in parallel for left and right eyes. Synchronisation of active glasses or polarising switcher. Projector Controller Software Intuitive user interface for network control Simultaneous control of user-defined groups of projectors At-a-glance monitoring of projector status Source Compatibility: 3GSDI is SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C and SMPTE 424M compliant. HDMI and DVI include Deep Color™ processing up to 36 bit. DVI inputs are HDMI compatible. Digital Audio Extraction via SPDIF for HDMI sources. Graphics standards up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz via DVI or VGA. Component Video (SD and HD) via YPrPb, RGB or RGBS. S-Video (PAL, NTSC & SECAM) Composite Video (PAL, NTSC & SECAM) High Bandwidth, Pixel Mapped Path: Dual DVI accepts graphics standards up to 1920 x 1200 at 120Hz. HDMI 1.4 including 3D Standards Dual Pipe (2 x DVI) Inputs/Outputs   Video & Computer Type Connector Qty DVI-D / DVI-A HDMI 1.3 3G-SDI VGA / Analog RGB Component Video S-Video Composite Video Composite Video High Bandwidth Ports Main - Dual Link DVI-D Sub - HDMI 1.4 Audio SPDIF Digital Output DVI-I HDMI BNC 15-pin D-Sub 4 x BNC 4-pin Mini DIN RCA BNC DVI-I DVI-I RCA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  Communication & Control Type Connector Qty 3D Sync Out 3D Sync In LAN RS232 Wired Remote In Wired Remote Out Update Port Service Port BNC BNC RJ45 9-pin D Sub 3.5mm Stereo Jack 3.5mm Stereo Jack RJ45 USB Type B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3D Formats Supported HDTV Formats Supported Frame Packing Dual Pipe Frame Sequential Side By Side (half) Top and Bottom 1080p (23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz), 1080i (50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz), 1080sf (23.98Hz, 24Hz), 720p (50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz) Computer Compatibility Bandwidth Up to 1920 x 1200 170 MHz on analog RGB 165 Megapixels per second on HDMI and DVI 297 Megapixels per second on Dual Link DVI Remote Control Automation Control Addressable IR remote control, wireless and wired with loop-through. On-Board invertable keypad RS232 LAN Colour Temperature User selectable from 3200 to 9000K  Lamp Type Typical Lamp Life 2 x 330W High Intensity Discharge 1500 hours (up to 3000 hours in lamp sequential mode) Lenses Lens Part No. Focus Range Lens Shift 0.67:1 fixed HC 1.12:1 fixed HC 1.12:1 (short) fixed HC 1.16 - 1.49:1 zoom HC 1.39 - 1.87:1 zoom HC 1.87 - 2.56:1 zoom HC 2.56 - 4.16:1 zoom HC 4.16 - 6.96:1 zoom HC 6.92 - 10.36:1 zoom HC 107-195 105-608 105-609 109-359 107-196 107-197 107-198 107-199 109-358 1.1m - 10m 3m - 15m 1.2m - 2m 3m - 15m 4m - 24m 4m - 24m 9.1m - 45m 12m - 80m 12m - 80m Vert: 0.176 (U) 0.176 (D) frame, Hor: 0.063 (L) 0.063 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.509 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Vert: 0.685 (U) 0.5 (D) frame, Hor: 0.188 (L) 0.188 (R) frame Lens Mount Motorised and programmable shift, zoom and focus. Intelligent Lens Memory with 5 user-definable preset positions. Mechanical Mounting Orientation Front/Rear Table Front/Rear Ceiling Adjustable Front/Rear Feet Rugged, staging tolerant chassis with integrated handles. Optional RapidRig™ frame with integrated pitch, roll and yaw adjustments. Table Top or Inverted: Yes Pointing Up:        Yes Pointing Down:   No Roll (Portrait):     Yes Power Requirements Power Consumption 100-240VAC 50/60Hz single phase 950W Thermal Dissipation Fan Noise 3242 BTU/Hour 45 dBA Operating/Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Operating: 0 to 35C (32 to 95F) Storage: -10 to 50C (14 to 122F) 20 to 80% non-condensing Weight (Chassis Only) Dimensions 36 kg 79.4 lb L: 64.6cm W: 56.9 cm H: 25.3 cm L: 25.4 in W: 22.4 H: 10.0 in Safety & EMC Regulations CE, FCC Class A, CCC *Dimensions included for reference only and are subject to change. Please download the full set of CAD files for this display for more accurate information. Image type unknown Downloads  PDF CAD Drawings AUTOCAD Drawings User Guides Important Information Specifications subject to change without notice. Digital Projection version: 1.5 - 14-Aug-13 ©2016 Digital Projection. DLP®, Digital Light Processing™ and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments, Inc DIGITAL PROJECTION, INC 55 CHASTAIN ROAD, SUITE 115 KENNESAW, GA. 30144 T: 770.420.1350 | F: 770.420.1360 | DIGITAL PROJECTION, LTD GREENSIDE WAY, MIDDLETON MANCHESTER, UK. M24 1XX T: +44.161.947.3300 | F: +44.161.684.7674 | DIGITAL PROJECTION, CHINA TOWER C, RM C1202, CAI FU JIA YUAN, NO. 19 XIA0 YING STREET, CHAOYANG DISTRICT BEIJING, PR CHINA 100101 T: +86.10.58239771 | F: +86 10 58239770 DIGITAL PROJECTION, ASIA 16 NEW INDUSTRIAL ROAD
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