Revel Ultima Voice2 Revel  Ultima Voice2  Center Channel Speaker with Pedestal$8,000 Revel Ultima Voice2 Center Channel Speaker with $600 Pedestal This center channel has served us well in our demo theater and we are now ready to let it serve as the vocal point of your home...5400.00

Revel Ultima Voice2 Center Channel Speaker with Pedestal [Expired]

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$8,000 Revel Ultima Voice2
Center Channel Speaker
with $600 Pedestal

This center channel has served us well in our demo theater and we are now ready to let it serve as the vocal point of your home theater. It has been well cared for and looks and delivers sound phenomenally well. Please read the following description that Revel has to offer on this great speaker:

"In a multichannel system, no single speaker is charged with a more important mission than the center channel. Often carrying as much as 75% of a modern cinema soundtrack at any one instant, the center channel is the acoustical anchor for the entire system. Which is why Revel created the Voice2 loudspeaker. Built with the same exacting standards for tonal accuracy resident in every Ultima2, the Voice2 enjoys an effortless command of dynamic contrasts, textural detail and resolving power. And its unflagging output permits it to articulate every musical crescendo and blockbuster special effect that comprise today's multichannel and surround-sound experience.

Drawn from Revel's remarkable new family of Ultima2 transducers, Voice2 sports a pair of 8-inch woofers, and a 5 1/4-inch midrange and huge 2-inch diameter flat-wire voice coils. Voice2 offers not only an extraordinarily wide dynamic range, but the luxury of compression-free performance. Add the pristine resolution of the pure beryllium 1-inch Ultima2 series dome tweeter and computer-optimized high-order filter networks, and the Revel Ultima Voice2 will reproduce the softest utterance or the loudest concussion. By any standard Voice2 provides an elevated sonic experience at the most demanding output levels.

The Revel Ultima Voice2 Loudspeaker extends flexibility to a whole new level. Beyond its primary intended use as a center channel partnering with other Ultima2 Series loudspeakers, Voice2 is ideally suited as a "three-across" loudspeaker (or LCR, left, center, and right front positions). Its appealing size is tailor-made for home-theater applications requiring above- or below-the-screen placement. However, in any configuration ownerscan be assured that the Voice2 will accurately reproduce the rich timbre and tonal balance of the entire Ultima2 family and create the immersive sound experience that multichannel and homecinema systems often pursue, but rarely capture. Since Revel understands that no two listening rooms respond identically, rear panel controls are thoughtfully provided to compensate for Voice2 placement on their available stands, or when built-into custom cabinetry. Even when confronted with the most unusual acoustic challenges, correct timbral balance and tonality is preserved. Whether configured in stereo, LCR, or center channel only in a 5.1 or 7.1-channel system, the rigorous engineering poured into every Ultima2 loudspeaker ensures that your system will always speak with one and only one voice."

The Revel Ultima Voice2 Sells new for $8,000, plus $600 for the pedestal. The Audiogon Blue Book used average is $7,590.00, it also says that the New List price is $9,998.00 which kind of puzzles us. However it is a puzzle we would like to trump by offering you a fabulous deal on this Voice2 and pedestal for $5,400.00.

The Buyer of this Revel Ultima Voice2 will receive the speaker, the pedestal, the original manual and spikes.

All photos are of the actual item. It is in excellent condition with only two minor scratches on the pedestal base as is pictured below. All other effects are from reflections of the finish.

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$8,000 Revel Ultima Voice2 Center Channel Speaker with $600 pedestal

Weight: 100 lbs between 2 Boxes

Size: 30 x 27 x 25 inches (dimensions of speaker box)

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