Revelation Audio LabsProphecy CryoThis is a very lightly used demo unit. 1.25 meters. One of the best sounding USB cables that I have had the chance to hear/use. Please note that I have available either a single OR a dual type a...350.00

Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Cryo ref dual conduit usb 2.0 [Expired]

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This is a very lightly used demo unit. 1.25 meters. One of the best sounding USB cables that I have had the chance to hear/use. Please note that I have available either a single OR a dual type a connection cable.

From Revelations site:

Cables feature deep cryogenic-treated 5N ultrapure solid silver conductors, air dielectrics, transparent pure PTFE Teflon isolators, discrete shielding for each pole within the array, and Ceramic MicroSphere™ Conduits, with independent power and signal cable runs.
The USB cable employs an entirely new ground-breaking structure — DualConduit™ — separate cables for the power and signal lines.

The cable actually has two design-specific cables each with high-quality Type A connectors for connection to your source. One Type A connector and cable handles only the delicate digital music signal; no corruped computer power runs through this cable leg. Its design is that of a ultra high-end digital audio cable. The other Type A connector and cable handles only the DC power; its design is that of an ultra high-end audio power cable — the digital music signal does not run through this cable leg. On the other end of the "Y" shaped cable is a single high-quality Type B connector that connects to your proccessor.

It is widely known that the radiated magnetic field and any radiated noise from power cables affects signal cables and corrupts the quality of the delicate music signal when a signal cable and a power cable are installed in parallel or are in close proximity with each other. However, virtually every Firewire cable available on the market has the signal line and power line in one cable together — we can clearly understand how sound quality is deteriorated by such architectures.

Some high-end USB cables have independently shielded signal and power lines. This is an improvement, however, these two lines are in still parallel and in close proximity in the same cable and are constantly causing noise reflections inside the shieldings, which will significantly damage sound quality. The power supply lines in USB cables transmit a large amount of "noise" that is passed on from the power supply buss of the source equipment (computer). This "corrupted power" seriously degrades the quality of the digital music signal being transmitted and therefore, audio sound quality is greatly reduced. Although our previous design features discrete shielding for each conductor pole, which is superior to most cables on the market (a feature also included in this latest design), which addresses this issue and is vastly superior to the typical USB cable, our DualConduit™ design offers the ultimate in isolation of the signal lines from the power lines. Our latest-design USB cable is equipped with two independent cables consisting of a shielded structure with a 100% shielding effect obtained by using heavy solid and silver-plated copper stranded shields. This is the only USB cable which is successful in stopping noise interaction between the power and signal lines.

There is another profound benefit of the DualConduit design. For some processors — in particular processors that have their own internal power and therefore do not require USB power from the connected source (PC or Mac) to operate — the power leg may be required to begin the handshake between the DAC and the source, but once the USB driver has loaded, the power leg on these processors is no longer needed so you are free to entirely disconnect the power conduit. This means less noise from the PC or Mac, lower noise floor as a result.

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