SansuiAU 717 amp and TU 717 tunerSansui AU 717 amp and TU 717 tuner I great operational and good cosmetic condition!!!!!PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING, OFFERING OR CONTACTING ME!!!!! For your consideration a Sansui AU 717 amp and TU 717 tuner. Both are in great condition operationally and in ver...530.00

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Sansui AU 717 amp and TU 717 tuner I great operational and good cosmetic condition [Expired]

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!!!!!PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING, OFFERING OR CONTACTING ME!!!!! For your consideration a Sansui AU 717 amp and TU 717 tuner. Both are in great condition operationally and in very good shape cosmetically. The AU 717 amp is in a 7/10 condition with minor scuff marks and small scratches mainly on the cover. The face would be in excellent condition save for a couple of scratches on each LOWER FRONT corners but UNDER the face only viewable when the amp is upside down and a little from the sides. Again I am making this look worse than it is. Please check out the photos to see what I mean. I touched these up with a black marker and they are very hard to see by the casual viewer. There are also some faint scratches on the top of the front face but nothing serious. You have to look at the unit from the top to see them. They are very faint and with a little touch up could be real hard to spot. The knobs and buttons are in excellent condition save for a tiny nick on one of the Switch Levers. I am talking about a pin head nick here easily concealed with a marker. The back of the unit is in great condition and everything is as it should. The amp sounds great with my Klipsch Heritage 2s, has power and detail and a slightly warm sound than is not fatiguing to the ear. One thing I should mention about the amp is that it must have come from a smoker's home. There was a faint smell of cigarettes when I bought it but since it works fine I decided to proceed with the deal. I have cleaned the interior of the amp as best I could without taking the unit apart and the smell has become very faint now and at last I cannot feel it anymore unless my nose is stuck against the unit. I am making this look more serious than it is because I want to be as straight and honest with everyone. I am sure that with some more serious cleaning the unit will feel mint. The amp came to me in its original box but the box got lost in one of my moves somehow. The tuner was purchased locally and the buyer did not have the original box. By the way, the tuner seems to have come from a non smoker's home since I never detected any smell on it. The two units were purchased from different buyers in the past. The tuner is in even greater shape than the amp a 8/10.. The face is in great shape and the rest of the unit is in extremely good shape too. The glass has no cracks, scratches or nicks I can see. The lights all work fine and it pulls in stations that my Revox 760 tuner can not! No kidding. The sound is full, warm and easy to the ear. I prefer to sell these together to a vintage equipment lover or collector. All the inputs, outputs switches and knobs have been cleaned with De-oxit and thee is no operational issue I can detect with either unit. I have cleaned the units inside out to the best of my ability, I have cleaned all switches and inputs/outputs with De-oxit and the units are in excellent operating condition. All the indicator lights and dial lights work and the units look really good together. Unless sold earlier than that I plan to make a little movie with the units working for protective buyers to see that everything is fine. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS OR FOR MORE PHOTOS WHEN IN DOUBT BEFORE BUYING OR MAKING AN OFFER. A telephone conversation can go a LONG way in discussing the units and their operation so do not hesitate to ask for my phone number or to let me have yours. I have a lot more photos of the units inside and out for anyone interested and I encourage you to ask me for some. If I have to separate the prices are: AU 717 amp: 330.00 TU 717 tuner: 230.00 I would consider any reasonable offers but please NO tire kickers and ridiculous offers. I know what these go for. Feel free to ask me any question about the units and I will gladly answer them. I WILL request your phone number and a chance to have a telephone conversation before selling. No exceptions. !!!!!!NOTE!!!!!!! I reserve the right to cancel a transaction with any buyer "shy" in communicating or avoiding a telephone conversation with me. I am sick of people hiding behind the internet anonymity causing problem to good people. Another point: I have been receiving various messages from people with ZERO feedback and obviously no intention to buy anything asking me to contact them in various ways outside Audiogon. I am getting tired of this guys and girls (you know who you are). If you have no intention to buy anything please respect my time and yours. Since this has become an epidemic from now on I will ONLY respond to emails including a usable phone number. PERIOD. To all tire kickers and ridiculously low bidders: Please note that if the equipment do not sell here I will list them again or maybe try ebay and one way or another they will finally sell. I am not hurting for money and I will not deal with people with funny intentions. To ALL GREAT PEOPLE out there: Please forgive my tone in the paragraphs above but I have been abused by stupid offers and people with devious intentions. I have received quote a few requests from people with ZERO feedback to contact them outside A'gon and other weird offers. When I sent them my phone number or request theirs to talk before finalizing a deal they go Missing! This has happened a number of times and I got tired. Once I get contacted by a serious member that wants to talk and deal in an honest manner I am the coolest guy you will know :) Try me! Back to the ad, please be assured I know how to pack for safe shipment. The units will be packed properly and double boxed so that they arrive to their destination intact. I will ONLY ship in a way that the units can be insured by the courier. If you are willing to spend the asking price for a pair of great units plus the shipping cost the insurance is only a small investment for peace of mind. Paypal fees by the buyer although we can discuss this if seriously interested. I will share shipping costs with the buyer in the 48 states ONLY just to help with shipping costs. Please check my perfect feedback in both A'gon and ebay and buy with confidence. Thanks for looking at my ad.
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