SHELTER 901MK2, < THAN 1 YR.OLD, NOMINAL USE, WARRANTY!SHELTER 901MK2, < THAN 1 YR. OLD, NOMINAL  USE, WARRANTY!Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. The Shelter 901 MK2 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge - Captures not only the fidelity of the sound, but the feel of the...1595.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

The Shelter 901 MK2 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge - Captures not only the fidelity of the sound, but the feel of the music!
Customer trade, Less than 1 year old with nominal hours. How can we tell? After about 100 hours of use the tip of diamond gets darker as seen with microscope. This diamond looks brand new, zero coloration, zero visible wear after very careful microscope inspection. Cantilever and suspension perfect as well.
3 month warranty, save $1000!  $1595 ($2595 retail).

Audio Revelation is an authorized, full line Shelter dealer.


"Carries much of the vibrancy of the original 901, while at the same time exhibiting the heightened transparency, transient speed, and dynamic snap of the "thousand series" shelters - a highly appealing combination of virtues... Overall, the 901 Mk II's presentation is full of rich tonal colors and dynamic delicacy and power, while retaining that elusive element of graciousness that enables it to compliment most types of music"
 - Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, Sept. 2010 

 - The following testimonials are on the former well regarded Mark I version of the Shelter 901. The Mark II version is substantially improved over the original. 

"This is one of the finest cartridges in the world at present. It combines the best sonic features of the Lyra Helikon; speed, purity and precision, while also possessing the strengths of the finest single-ended triode amplifiers; neutrality, harmonic completeness, a sense of continuousness, low-level detail, etc." -

Analog Component of the Year runner-up, Stereophile 2005

Best of 2004 Award for the Shelter 901 - (the second year running!) from Image-HiFi, a top German audio publication - and keep in mind analog in Germany is a much more competitive market with many more enthusiasts than here in the USA.


The Shelter 901 Mk II combines the old style body of the original 901 (which is smaller and lighter than the massive, anodized aluminum bodies of Shelter's later models), with a motor assembly containing all the updates found in the "thousand series" Shelters. These updates include new front yoke assemblies, redesigned bobbins, and improved internal wiring along with boron cantilevers fitted with "nude" elliptical styli. 

Designer Yasuo Ozawa, previously renowned for his Fidelity Research classic designs, has raised the bar on phono cartridge performance yet again.

When it comes to finding a cartridge that offers a real listening experience, the Shelter 901 MK II doesn't disappoint! Listening to the Shelter 901 MK II is like being at the performance - it's that thrilling! The 901 delivers a tasteful, dynamic sound that's harmonically rich and doesn't get in the way of the music. Bass is natural, high frequencies come in crisp and clean, and phrasing and voices are real and distinct.


  • Output Voltage: 0.55mV at 1kHz 5cm/sec
  • Channel balance: within 0.8 db at 1kHz
  • Internal Resistance: 9 ohms
  • Body: Compact aluminum
  • Cantilver: Boron
  • Stylus Profile: Elliptical nude diamond, 0.3 x 0.7 mil
  • Tracking Force: 1.4-2g
  • Weight: 9.1 g
  • Recommended Load Impedance:
    • Transformer - 20 ohm
    • Head Amp - 100 ohm

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