SME V-12, latest 12" versionA1 Flawless condition, OBM and all tools included, This lightly used SME V-12 is SME's latest and most expensive tonearm, and one of the hottest tonearms in the world today. It is a fresh trade less than 6 months old from our most meticulous custo...4000.00

SME V-12, latest 12" version A1 Flawless condition, OBM and all tools included, from dealer with warranty BLOWOUT PRICE! [Expired]

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This lightly used SME V-12 is SME's latest and most expensive tonearm, and one of the hottest tonearms in the world today. It is a fresh trade less than 6 months old from our most meticulous customer. Condition is A1 flawless, absolutely pristine, there is not the slightest mark or scratch anywhere. We have the original box, manual, and all supplied tools as you can see in the picture. The V-12 has US retail price of $7,500, and here's a rare opportunity to own one at nearly 50% off the retail price. These don't come up often so if this is the tonearm you're looking for, here's your best chance to own one that is practially brand new and being sold with a 1 year warranty from one of the top analog dealers in the USA. Please make sure that your turntable has the ability to accept the 12" arm before purchasing; we cannot refund the purchase if the tonearm is purchased in error. We are putting a one year shop warranty on this tonearm. From The Absolute Sound 2012 buyer's guide on the 9" version SME 5 which sells for $5,300 retail (the 12" version is much better performing and has a retail price of $7,500): "Robust and dynamic sounding, the now and forever iconic SME V will transform anyone's expectations about what analog playback is about. Beyond its stunning and aggressive aerospace profile, it's rich with features that include a cast-magnesium one-piece arm tube, van den Hul mono-crystal internal wire and 501 tonearm cable, ABEC 7 bearings, dynamic tracking force, and fluid controlled lateral damping." "The Series V projects a ripe, soothing character, with unsurpassed bass resolution, excellent inner detail, and great tracking ability. Cherished LP's - and the cartridge that tracks them - suddenly reveal inner detail and and micro-dynamic information that would only have been hinted at with other tonearms. With the Series V in the equation,, suddenly your system is quieter, more relaxed, stable - even LP's seem flatter, their surfaces growing more silent as forgotten low-level details begin emergins as if from a long sleep." "Some may quibble - usually fans of unipivots or straight trackers - that the V is too Old School, but they likely have not heard the Series V on one of SME's own stunningly neutral turntables. Also available in a 12-inch variant, the V-12. Either way, a work of art. The V-12 rarely if ever comes up on the second hand market, at least we've never spotted one. If you've got a turntable that can handle the V-12's lenght, or if you would like to also purchase our pre-owned SME 20/12, here's your chance to own a SME's latest and most sophisticated models for the lowest online price you'll ever see! Check our feedback and buy with confidence form longstanding trusted audiogon source. Any questions or to arrange purchase, call or email: JONATHAN ROBBINS - OWNER PERFECT NOTE AUDIO (508) 366-2023 (studio) (508) 308-1260 (cell) All checks accepted, shipping after clearing. PayPal add 3.2%, Int'l PayPal add 4.2 %. Credit cards add 3% to cover processing fees. Sorry no COD's or international credit cards. Reasonable offers considered, lowballers will be politely ignored. If you have questions, we'd prefer that you email them to us directly at the email address above, as Audiogon website has become much more difficult to communicate between members since the overhaul of the site earlier this year. Shipping via FedEx ground or USPS Priority Mail, whichever is preferred. International shipping via FedEx International Economy service. Email full address with postal code for ship quote. Remember, we also have a pre-owned SME 20/12 in mint condition OBM for a great price if interested, as well as offering a full range of cartridges from Lyra, Shelter, Air Tight, Einstein, and Jan Allaerts. Thanks for looking.
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