AccuphaseE-211Accuphase E-211 Integrated Amp with AD-9 Phono BoardUp for sale I am offering this awesome Accuphase E-211 integrated amplifier, in excellent clean condition, 90watt per channel at 8 ohms with AD-9 phono board, the amp is factory set to 120volts not...1600.00

Accuphase E-211 Integrated Amp with AD-9 Phono Board [Expired]

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Up for sale I am offering this awesome Accuphase E-211 integrated amplifier, in excellent clean condition, 90watt per channel at 8 ohms with AD-9 phono board, the amp is factory set to 120volts not a grey market unit. Recently serviced by authorized Accuphase technicians ACCUTECH and a new genuine Accuphase Power Amp assembly was replaced, so it is like brand new. This amp was my introduction to Accuphase integrated amps, at the time I owned a 200watt McIntosh MA6600, I played both the Accuphase and McIntosh side by side and the Accuphase E-211 was by far the best of the two, it was a no brainer and the McIntosh was out of the door, the Accuphase to my surprise was superior in every way, craftsmanship, built and most important better sounding, in comparison to the McIntosh that is 200watt and the Accuphase only 90watt of power didn't have any problem to handle my Dali's Helicon 800's and never played the volume pass level 4, about sound the accuphase compared with the McIntosh was better balanced across mids, bass and treble, wider and deeper soundstage and the bass is just superb.  I recently upgraded to an Accuphase E-460 which is double the power of the E-211 (180watt) which handles very well my large speakers.  Don't have the original remote but I am including a Chinese aftermarket fully working remote made to the exact same layout and functionality of the original Accuphase remote .  Unit will be shipped in its original box and packaging material and double boxed to ensure safe arrival.  I don't charge extra for Paypal fees, the price shown is the final price.

Will only ship to the low 48 US Cont. No shipping, to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico,  Please ask any and all questions prior to clicking the buy it now option, as all sales are final.   Low ball offers will be ignored.   Thanks.

Integrated amplifier to which the polish was further applied based on E-210 and which was developed as more highly complete amplifier.

The power transistor for the Oide power audios excellent in many characteristics, such as a current gain linearity and switching, is adopted as a power amplifier. This element is constituted from a parallel push pull, it attaches on a large-sized heat sink, and efficient heat dissipation processing is carried out.
Moreover, operation to heat adopts the power MOS FET of the negative characteristic as a drive stage, the power transistor and heat inclination of the right characteristic are offset, and stable operation is guaranteed to it.

In E-211, the current feedback type magnification circuit which returns an output signal in the form of current is adopted.
The principle of this circuit lowers the impedance of the input terminal which is a return side first, detects current, carries out I-V (current-voltage) conversion of that current with a transformer impedance amplifier, and makes an output signal. Therefore, since the impedance of a return input portion is low, it is hard to generate phase rotation, and there is almost no necessity for a phase guarantee.
Thereby, since many characteristics are sharply improvable by a little NFB, it excelled in dynamic characteristics, such as a standup, and the natural energy response has been obtained.

Since a straight signal course is constituted at the shortest, the logic relay control system which controls a relay electronically has been adopted.
Adopting the sealed type relay for communication industry as the relay used for this, the contact is the crossbar twin system plated with gold, and is using the thing of low contact resistance and quantity durability.

Tone control of the added type active filter system used for a graphic equalizer is carried in tone control.
From this system, it passes straight, and if needed, an original flat signal is another, and makes the characteristic, and it has a structure more advantageous to sound quality than the conventional tone control according to making it adjust from a flat signal by it.

The power transformer of the large power capacity of about 400 VA is used for a power-source part.
Moreover, two 22,000-micro F things are carried in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor which changes into a direct current the pulsating current which passed the commutator.

The logarithm compression type output peak power meter is carried.

The balance input is carried.

The speaker terminal which can respond also to a thick speaker cable is carried.
It is used, changing two lines or bi-wiring connection is possible.

Volume and the remote commander in whom an input change is possible are attached.

The slot for option boards is carried and it can extend on the board corresponding to an AAB standard (Accuphase Analog Bus).

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