AesthetixAtlas SignatureAesthetix Atlas Signature Stereo Power AmplifierI am the original owner of this Aesthetix Atlas Signature stereo amplifier. The amp is in like new condition. I have the original packing, manual and power cord. Also included is an upgraded HIF...4635.00

Aesthetix Atlas Signature Stereo Power Amplifier [Expired]

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I am the original owner of this Aesthetix Atlas Signature stereo amplifier.  The amp is in like new condition. I have the original packing, manual and power cord.
Also included is an upgraded HIFI Tuning Supreme mains fuse.  Buyer to pay shipping costs. I will ship double boxed with the original boxed packaging put in an external double walled box.
Note: My other ad for an Aesthetix Rhea Signature Phono Preamplifier   Send me an AGON message if you would like to talk in person regarding the Atlas Signature or Rhea Signature  
My 2 Cents
  This is a great amp whether you have an Aesthetix preamp or not.  Super high 470K input impedance (single ended or balanced) makes a for great match for even those high output impedance tube preamps.  And for those guys with an Aesthetix Calypso and have always been wondering which amp to get...this is the one.  You do not see these come up that often especially the Stereo Signature Series and at this price. If you have any questions please call me 847-791-4208.  

From the Aesthetix Website Describing the Atlas and the Signature Series Upgrade   


Atlas Stereo Signature uses the same circuits as the standard Atlas Stereo, but those circuits are implemented with only the highest quality parts available. The Mono Signature version dedicates the entire power supply to one channel, increasing space, drive and dimensionality. The standard versions of Atlas use very high quality Rel-Caps as inter-stage coupling capacitors, while the Signature upgrades these with Peter Moncrief's Stealth capacitors, costing over 10 times as much. These provide more detail and information, while maintaining the same award-winning tonal balance. High current output stage power supply capacitance is doubled, increasing bass drive and solidity. Binding post wiring is upgraded to specialized audiophile 14 AWG, which further increases resolution. Another critical refinement is the replacement of all emitter resistors with a specialized metal foil low-inductance type.


ATLAS amplifiers are capable of driving virtually any high quality speaker. An innovative hybrid design incorporates a bipolar output stage, bipolar driver stage, and vacuum tube input gain stage. They stand alone as the only hybrid amplifiers with zero feedback, essential for maintaining harmonic integrity, air, space and coherence. The Atlas provides your choice of full range or high-pass inputs. This unique built-in filter is ideal for speakers featuring powered woofers, such as Vandersteen, or for audio and home cinema systems using outboard powered sub-woofers. Saturn Series design themes are evidenced in the specialized all-aluminum chassis construction and elaborate power supply design.

From WHAT HIFI Magazine Regarding the Signature Series Aesthetix Components

We’re reviewing the Signature version of each product. These retrofittable upgrades add £3300 to the standard Janus preamp’s price and attract a £2000 premium for the Atlas stereo power amplifier. That additional money buys a host of improved internal components and result in a notably more transparent and detailed sound.

The standard pre and power are great, but if you can stretch to them, the Signatures versions are well worth the extra in the right system. 

The Atlas Signature is one of the finest power amplifiers we’ve heard 

From HIFI+ and Absolute Sound Magazine Review

Big, bold, solid and surprisingly agile, these amps are good enough and communicative enough to put you really close to the performers and their performance. With unforced power and a real sense of presence, they project music with an uncannily natural sense of pace, flow and colour. Having run the Atlas in a few systems now, it has become a real go-to amp.

From the Stereophile Review of the Standard Version of the Atlas

Naming an amplifier after the Titan who supported the firmament—or the world itself—is a gutsy thing to do. However, Jim White's Aesthetix Atlas makes a strong case for a power amp being the structural support of a hi-fi system. Certainly, the construction and quality of the Atlas are in keeping with its namesake.

But for all its strength and grunt, the Aesthetix Atlas revealed itself to be quite graceful in its portrayal of music and music's physical, insubstantial substance. No one could call the Atlas a "bargain" at $8000, but neither could they gainsay its worth. It's one of the really great amplifiers I've had in my system recently, and I hope I'll be listening to it even more in the months to come.

From 10 Audio review of Calypso and Atlas  
When I stopped dissecting the individual performances of the Atlas power amplifier and Calypso Signature preamplifier and connected the two together, the overall sound transcended “reference quality” and entered the realm of “music quality”.
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