AudionetMAP-1Audionet MAP-1 multichannel A/V preamp for brilliant home cinema. NIB!New, 10/10 Multi Channel Pre Amp - Decoder for high quality music and home cinema. This unit was taken from the box for inspection once. Comes with original Audionet box and manual. The MAP1 is a...1450.00

Audionet MAP-1 multichannel A/V preamp for brilliant home cinema. NIB! [Expired]

no longer for sale

New, 10/10  Multi Channel Pre Amp - Decoder for high quality music and home cinema. 

This unit was taken from the box for inspection once. Comes with original Audionet box and manual.  The MAP1 is an amazingly versatile high performance preamplifier with excellent value.

Color: Silver brushed aluminum with blue/black display. 120V/60Hz.

The MAP I can maximize the home theater sound in your home, accepting all digital home theater and surround formats, including SACD and DVD audio, up to 7.1 channels. It offers room management with loudspeaker, equalization, delay management with super precise adjustments. 

Special Features

  • Pure analog volume control for all 8 channels

  • Discrete and extremely stable output stage

  • Intelligent sampling technology for the front channels (Front L/R) with switchable digital filters and asynchronous upsampling to 192kHz/24bit

  • Precise clock generator for the elimination of clock flank deviations (Jitter)

  • Sampling frequencies and resolution of the digital inputs: 32 kHz to 96kHz/24bit

  • Audionet HighBit-Interface with 192 kHz / 24 Bit

  • 2-channel A/D-converter for 48kHz/24bit with subsequent intelligent sampling

  • Fully automatic 7.1-decoder (DolbyDigital, DTS)

  • Double-precision bassmanager with 48bit-resolution

  • Bassmanager with free adjustable crossover frequencies and filter qualities

  • Subwoofer phase switchable

  • High-performance digital parametric equalizer

  • Lip-sync adjustable from 0 to 100ms in 0.5ms-steps

  • DVI input and output

  • Y/C-separator with digital comb filter for conversion from FBAS video to S-video

  • USB connectors

  • Mains phase detection

  • A/D-conversion enables multichannel sound from two-channel sources

  • 4 line display 


Video Germany: 
“The Audionet MAP I causes a sensation: Such an excellent sounding A/V preamplifier for that price hasn’t been around yet – even HiFi-addicts will be highly pleased with it.” 

Area DVD 
“[…] the combination of such a sound and the perfect methods for adapting to the available space and loudspeaker used is not to be found amongst any other product either present or planned […] The MAP I is truly a masterpiece; the greatest acoustic sensation since records began. […] providing the best-sounding surround sound stage 
available for under 5.000 Euros. This is truly the best value for money amongst all the high end devices on offer.” 

“[…] the MAP I is a HIGH-END decoder of the best type available at a sensational price. […] Our congratulations!” 


“The Audionet MAP I makes the sensation perfect: there has never been such a good sounding AV preamplifier available at this price – even the most difficult-to satisfy hi-fi fans are more than happy.” 

Inputs and Outputs

  • Analogue audio inputs: 2 Pair RCA, gold plated

                                               8-Channel input, 25pol SubD

  • Analogue audio outputs: 1 pair RCA Front L/R, gold plated

                                               1 RCA Center, gold plated

                                               1 RCA Subwoofer, gold plated

                                               1 pair RCA Surround L/R, gold plated

                                               1 pair RCA Back L/R, gold plated

  • Digital audio inputs: 3 SPDIF, RCA, gold plated

                                              3 SPDIF, optical, TosLink

                                             1 Audionet HighBit interface

  • Digital audio outputs: 1 SPDIF, RCA, gold plated, with record select function

  • Video inputs: 2 RCA Composite Video (FBAS)

                              2 Hoside S-Video (interlaced)

                              1 DVI digital, with Progressive Scan option analog interlaced input 

                              (YUV, RGB+C, RGB+HV or RGB with Sync. on green)

  • Video outputs: 1 RCA Composite Video (FBAS)

                               1 Hoside S-Video

                               1 DVI digital, with progressive scan option analog progressive output 

                               (YUV, RGB+C, RGB+HV or RGB with sync. on green)

  • Additional in- and outputs: 7-pin input for Audionet EPS (external power supply)                          
                               1 Audionet Link

                               screw for earth connection, gold plated

                               2 x USB (1 x USB audio, 1 x USB date)

AUDIONET units are class leading products, hand made in Germany, top notch built quality. They measure and sound among the very best worldwide, enjoy a very very long shelf life, superbly built with highest grade handmade brushed aluminum. AUDIONET displays are extremely functional and informative. More input / output connections and options than one could ask for.  See 5 star reviews everywhere, including reviewers naming AUDIONET their favorite brand, regardless of price.    

This listing is part of our remaining AUDIONET clearance, our units consist of inventory and trade ins from clients. Check our other AUDIONET auctions on Audiogon. Blink High End is not an authorized AUDIONET dealer at this time (as of 2015, Audionet 2 year warranty not included but all units in meticulous perfect condition).  

All gear ships 100% tested, inspected, in double box and insured. Wire is the preferred 
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