AUDIONETMAP V2AUDIONET MAP V2 Multi-channel A/V preamplifier SUPER VALUE!!!!BEST VALUEDemo in used but good condition, enormously versatile - and great sounding! Silver-blue. Make an offer! The Audionet MAP V2 is a multi-channel A/V preamplifier that process all home-cine...801.00

AUDIONET MAP V2 Multi-channel A/V preamplifier SUPER VALUE!!!! [Expired]

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Demo in used but good condition, enormously versatile - and great sounding! Silver-blue. Make an offer!

The Audionet MAP V2 is a multi-channel A/V preamplifier that process all home-cinema and surround-sound formats and delivers prime acoustic quality.  It also meets the highest standards of classical stereo playback. The optimum playback of up to 7.1 
channels is therefore possible. The MAP V2 can be ideally configured for every loudspeaker ensemble.

Thanks to a powerful parametric equalizer, disturbing room influences can be balanced comfortably and precisely.  


      + Internal or external multichannel decoder (Dolby 
Digital, DTS). 

       + On screen display. 

       + Y/C -separator with digital comb filter for conversion from FBAS video to S-video. 

       + Switchable digital oversampling filter for audio. 

       +Sampling frequencies and resolution of digital inputs: 32KHz to 192KHz /24 bit. 

      + Multichannel AD/DA converter with 96KHz/24Bit 

       + Pure analog multichannel-/ multiroom-volume 

       + Internal jitterkiller for D/A conversion 

       + Digital monitor, independent of selected digital input. 

AUDIONET units are class leading products, hand made in Germany, top notch built quality. They measure and sound among the very best worldwide, enjoy a very very long shelf life, superbly built with highest grade handmade brushed aluminum. Audionet displays are extremely functional and informative. More input / output connections and options than one could ask for. For specs, please visit Audionet dot de for more info.  
See 5 star reviews everywhere, including reviewers naming AUDIONET their favorite brand, regardless of price.    
This listing is part of our remaining AUDIONET clearance, our units consist of inventory and trade ins from clients, please visit our website for specials and email us through ebay or directly at info att blinkhighend dot com. Blink High End is not an authorized Audionet dealer at this time (as of 2015, Audionet 2 year warranty not included but all units in meticulous perfect condition).  
All gear ships 100% tested, inspected, certified and fully insured.  Wire is the preferred payment form.

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