Dan D'Agostino Momentum Dan D'Agostino  Momentum  PreamplifierOFFERS ENCOURAGED...Excellent condition with one scratch on the top plate......the scratch is not very noticeable so I have not replaced the top plate with the new one that I ordered directly from ...19500.00

Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier [Expired]

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OFFERS ENCOURAGED...Excellent condition with one scratch on the top plate......the scratch is not very noticeable so I have not replaced the top plate with the new one that I ordered directly from D'Agostino for $600...it is easy to replace but I would rather ship the unit with the scratched plate and ship the new top plate separately because when shipping D'Agostino products there is always a risk of top plate scratches ....most people will probably want to keep the scratched plate on and replace the top plate later on once it has more scratches (the finish on D'Agostino top plates WILL scratch over time, just wiping off a fingerprint can cause a scratch) .. I could try to photograph this unit more than I have but those of you who have seen D'Agostino products know they are impossible to photograph properly because of the jewelry like finish...this unit is in perfect working order and will come with everything listed in the owner's manual: one Momentum preamplifier enclosed in static cling vinyl (please note that the preamp and power supply are separate units connected by an umbilical and will be wrapped separately), one remote control, one IR remote module and cable, one AC power cord, one power supply umbilical cord, one owner's manual, one pair of white lifting gloves, one microfiber cleaning cloth....the unit will be packed in its original Pelican flight case and shipped FREE Fedex Ground Insured...the new top plate will be shipped separately by FREE Fedex Ground Insured as well....if you want more info on the unit then read the reviews and go to the D'Agostino website...anyone who is reading this is resourceful enough to learn all of this anyway and will see the best photos available on the D'Agostino website, but even those photos don't do justice to the incredible beauty of this product...so why am I selling?? If you look at the photos you will see that I am using the preamp between the Bricasti Limited Gold DAC and the D'Agostino Momentum Stereo Amplifier...I used to have FM and Phono in this system so I needed this preamp...now my only source in this system is the Bricasti DAC which has a great preamp output stage and can drive the D'Agostino amp directly, although the soundstage is considerably larger with the Momentum Preamp between them...as far as payment goes I will accept PayPal, but a check is fine, although you will have to wait for the funds to clear before I ship...please don't hesitate to ask questions...DO NOT BUY A NEW UNIT FOR 35K INSTEAD OF THIS ONE! WITH ME YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY GETTING A NEW UNIT EXCEPT FOR THE TOP PLATE, WHICH YOU ARE GETTING A NEW ONE OF AS WELL!! I will only ship this unit and the top plate with Free Fedex Ground within the Continental US...Canadian buyers will have to pay the actual shipping costs...NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL US AND CANADA, PERIOD...PLEASE DON'T EVEN ASK...thank you for looking! I have no Audiogon rating because I have never sold on Audiogon...you can check my eBay feedback which is 100% with many sales (neff981)...eBay won't allow a typical seller to sell an item for greater than 5k... FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS...THANKS....tneff@advancedendodontics.us....LOCAL PICKUP IN SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE IS FINE! ONE HOUR NORTH OF BOSTON...YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME INSPECT THE UNIT BEFORE PURCHASE AS WELL, NO PROBLEM...THANKS****people have been asking about the top plate scratch...if i could photograph it i would..the top plate is so highly polished that I can't get a good picture of it...trust me when i say that this scratch is MINOR...you really have to look for it...PLUS I HAVE LOWERED MY LISTING PRICE BY 2K AND AM ENCOURAGING OFFERS ON THIS UNIT!! THANKS...6/26/2016 another 2K PRICE DECREASE!

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