Esoteric C-03Xs Stereo Linestage Pre-AmplifierFully-Balanced Configuration Provide Excellent S/NEsoteric C-03Xs Stereo Linestage Pre-Amplifier Fully-Balanced Configuration Provide Excellent S/N enriches the musical experience of your systemUsed for weekend, as MINT as mint getsserious audiophiles/buyers w/questions - please shoot emailPriced for Quick Cash & Carry sale, PayPal add 3%Independent Dual Mono Design ...7995.00

Esoteric C-03Xs Stereo Linestage Pre-Amplifier Fully-Balanced Configuration Provide Excellent S/N enriches the musical experience of your system

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Esoteric C-03Xs Stereo Linestage Pre-Amplifier
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Independent Dual Mono Design

 The C-03Xs' DC
power supply features a fully independent dual mono design that
completely eliminates inter-channel interference. Its dedicated array of
power transformers for each channel also blocks noise from the power
line, enabling a pure, naturally amplified sound. Grandioso technology
reveals itself in such detailed new design refinements as its
independent left and right channel power rectifier circuits and its
carefully laid out power supply circuit boards, which further contribute
to the C-03Xs' superb sound quality.

Fully-Balanced Configuration Provides Excellent S/N Ratio

preamplifier's source signal is first received by dedicated buffer
amplifiers integrated with each input, from which the circuit
configuration is balanced at each stage. Through the elimination of
common-mode noise and reductions in circuit impedance, a pure,
noise-free signal is fed to the gain amplifiers via the shortest path
possible, for an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio.


is a volume control system, which takes full advantage of unit's pure
signal paths. By turning the volume knob, the gain variable volume of
all the four circuits – right and left channels, positive and negative
powers – are activated. In this way, this system keeps audio signals
independent (from right to left and from positive to negative), so that
sounds are reproduced clearly with good channel separation and accurate
phase characteristics. Furthermore, the deletion of cabling from the
audio board to the volume device radically shortens the audio signal
path and minimizes sound deterioration. As a result, the C-03X can now
reproduce sounds that are perfectly suitable for a high-end preamplifier.
*: QVCS: Quad Volume Control System

Ultra-Low-Noise Logic Control

 Built into the
front panel, the logic control section is totally isolated, both
physically and electronically, from the preamplifier module by way of an
optocoupler. To assure low-noise operation, it also shuts completely
down when not in actual operation, thus eliminating all possible
influence on the C-03Xs' audio circuitry.

Highly Responsive Low-Noise, Low-Impedance Power Circuit

 Three independent
high-capacity power transformers, coupled with large banks of reservoir
capacitors, provide power supply circuits that have exceptionally low
output impedances and very clean and stable outputs. High-speed
rectifier circuits further enhance resolution and the signal-to-noise
ratio for significant improvements in sound quality.

ESOTERIC’s Own Output Buffer Circuit with Fortified Current Transmission Enhances the Driving Performance of the Power Amplifier

 As a line driver,
the preamplifier must be able to fully drive the power amplifiers and
faithfully convey the music signal's wide dynamic range. The key to
achieving this is a circuit that provides both high current drive
capability and high speed. The C-03Xs' output buffer circuitry delivers
an exceptionally high current drive coupled with a high slew rate of
2,000V/µs for sharp response. Independent buffer circuits for each
output and symmetrical circuitry for both the hot and cold phases of the
XLR outputs maximize instantaneous output current capability. Located
closest to the output buffer circuitry, the EDLC* Super Capacitor array,
originally developed for the Grandioso C1, was adapted as a highly
stable power source. Its compact physical size belies the extraordinary
100,000µF (0.1F) capacity it provides each channel, for high levels of
instantaneous output power and strong, steady bass reproduction.
Integrating these two technologies, the C-03Xs preserves musical
dynamics that would otherwise be lost if smaller current transmission
levels were employed between the pre and power amplifiers, allowing it
to reproduce a breathtaking level of audio reality.
*HCLD: High Current-capacity Line Driver

High-Precision Ball Bearing Controls

 The C-03Xs'
elegant volume and input selector knobs are machined from solid blocks
of aluminum. Like the Grandioso C1 and the C-02X, their control shafts
use a VRDS drive mechanism bearing system for precise rotation with no
mechanical play. Rotational torque has also been fine-tuned to provide a
luxurious analog control feel in keeping with this high-end

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