EsotericI-03Esoteric I-03 Integrated AmplifierSmooth, clean , effortless power of 200w. per side into 8 ohms. This integrated by Esoteric of Japan, provides high efficiency, a low noise floor, and neutral voicing. Quality is driven by componen...3450.00

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Smooth, clean , effortless power of 200w. per side into 8 ohms. This integrated by Esoteric of Japan, provides high efficiency, a low noise floor, and neutral voicing. Quality is driven by components, design, and build quality all of which are exemplary in this amp. At this price, this is tremendous value for money for an audiophile integrated. It's like new and is being replaced by mono blocks on another level.
I am a private seller and will subsidize secure insured shipping. Also for sale on Canuckaudiomart. Perfect buyer/seller feedback on both CAM and Audiogon.

From the Esoteric USA website:

Esoteric MSW* Pure Class D mono block power amplifier
The power amplifier is the core of our integrated amplifier I-03. Esoteric has introduced know-how collected through designing professional studio-use power amplifiers to the power amplifier sections of I-03. The power amplifier of the I-03 continuously balances outstanding drive power and natural tones, and conveys the essence of a master sound recording regardless of the size and efficiency of speaker combinations.

Using Esoteric MSW Pure Class D power amplifier with dual mono architecture
The I-03 is equipped with a MSW Pure Class D power amplifier that is mounted with high-efficiency and uses the latest high-speed MOS-FET devices in a 3-parallel push-pull configu-ration to achieve superior speaker drive performance. This power amplifier uses power amplifier blocks mounted in a dual mono architecture separately for each channel to obtain a high practical-use maximum output of 320W+320W (6Ω).

Analog power circuit support for robust drive performance
A solid power supply unit makes the music pulse. The I-03 adopts powerful analog power circuits configured using large-size capacitors and high-capacity custom transformers (each transformer weighing approximately 10 kg (22 lbs.)). The MSW Pure Class D power amplifier produces an optimal and distinc-tive tone that is both robust and smooth.

Bi-amplifier and multi-amplifier drive support
The I-03 responds flexibly to system upgrades of the future. The I-03 is equipped with a RCA output terminal that can be switched between PRE OUT and REC OUT. Any level offset can be set for signals sent to the power amplifier during the PRE-OUT output stage. The I-03 also offers a bi-amplifier architecture that allows connecting various types of external power amplifiers with different input gains.
High-grade dual mono preamplifier with C-03 technologies.
The I-03 preamplifier inherits stereo preamplifier C-03 technolo-gies that are highly reputed worldwide and have received a number of awards. This type of preamplifier uses a dual mono architecture with a completely independent board for each channel. The chassis compartment dedicated for the preampli-fier is partitioned using a 2mm thick steel plate to install two preamplifier boards for the left and right channels.

Volume controls based on dual-mono concept Esoteric DVC System*
Esoteric's DVC System uses a rotating control to transmit signals to two preamplifiers located on both sides of the I-03 and simultaneously drives both volume control amplifiers, (which are installed separately on left and right preamplifier boards). Volume controls are provided independently for left and right channels to maintain the left and right audio signals separately, and to achieve a clear sound quality with exceptional channel separation. Furthermore, there is no audio signal wiring from the audio board to the volume control, which significantly reduces the signal path to prevent deterioration of sound quality.
*DVC=Dual-mono Volume Control

Delicate and dynamic sound with low-noise operation
The Esoteric DVC System control board, used for central control of the left and right channels, is installed in a compartment separate from preamplifier boards and has a separate power supply. This design assures low noise operation with a complete shutdown of the control microcomputer except at the time of receiving an operation request.

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