KrellFPB-200Krell FPB-200 Class-A Stereo Power AmplifierEven though this is the “baby” of the Full Power Balanced (FPB) family of stereo amps, the FPB-200 is definitely no lightweight… Krell amplifier power output spec’s have always been rat...2300.00

Krell FPB-200 Class-A Stereo Power Amplifier [Expired]

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Even though this is the “baby” of the Full Power Balanced (FPB) family of stereo amps, the FPB-200 is definitely no lightweight… 


Krell amplifier power output spec’s have always been rated very conservatively, and with both channels driven, and always operating in full class-A, this guy is capable of 200W into 8 ohms, 400W into 4 ohms, 800W into 2 ohms, and is stable driving even a 1 ohm load.  This is possible because the power supply is built around a 2 KVa transformer!  For those unfamiliar with the entire FPB series evolution, Krell eventually tweaked the biasing scheme on all the models in the line (200, 300, & 600) and squeezed another 100W continuous output from exactly the same power supply & output devices to create the 300cx, 400cx, and 700cx. 


The FPB-200 is fully balanced, input to output, and also features fully regulated output devices, meaning each output transistor has its own high-speed active regulator to ensure that fluctuations in rail voltage cause no sonic degradation.  These amps changed the way the industry thought about power amplifier performance, and the big brother of the family, the FPB-600 was proclaimed the best amp ever built after being reviewed by Martin Colloms for Stereophile magazine. (


I’ve owned this particular FPB-200 since 2003, and it’s served flawlessly for that entire period driving a pair of Martinlogan Ascent’s.  I always drove it via the balanced inputs, but I still have the shorting pins (required when using the single-ended inputs), and they will be included, along with the manual, original power cable (that I never used), and a Pangea Audio 15A-20A IEC adaptor.  This adaptor allows for the use of a power cable with a 15 Amp IEC connector, and plugs into the 20 Amp IEC socket on the back of the amp.


I don’t have the original box for the amp (the guy I bought it from was local, and didn’t have the box), so I would prefer a local sale in the Puget Sound area.  I am willing to ship the amp, and the full cost of insured shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.  The amp itself weighs 90 lbs, and shipping weight will be somewhere around 110 lbs.  Payment must be via Paypal, and the buyer is also responsible for Paypal fees (2.9% of selling price + shipping + insurance).  Shipping to U.S. locations only.

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