LinnMajik-1Linn Majik-1 Very nice condition; detailed, refined soundThe Majik-I integrated amplifier is a 33-watts into 8 ohms in a fairly compact, clean footprint. Amp is in very nice condition and sounds detailed and refined. Comes with remote control, power cor...250.00

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The Majik-I integrated amplifier is a 33-watts into 8 ohms in a fairly compact, clean footprint. Amp is in very nice condition and sounds detailed and refined. Comes with remote control, power cord and a copy of the owner's manual. Paypal, credit cards, personal and cashier's checks accepted (must clear before shipping). Local audition and pickup is available (Phoenix, Arizona). Buyer to pay for shipping and insurance costs. Note, the shipping fees that Audiogon quotes do not include insurance. Linn was founded more than 30 years ago on the belief that music is fundamental to human well-being and that music reproduced to the highest standards can bring lasting pleasure. The desire to reproduce music to the highest quality remains the driving force behind the company today, and that commitment is manifested in the Majik-I integrated amplifier. This advanced product utilizes the very latest technology to take you closer to the music you love. FEATURES Chakra amplifier technology. The Chakra amplifier design uses an array of large transistors as ‘boosters’ around a single chip integrated circuit. When output current is less than a few amps all the power output comes from the single chip circuitry, maximizing the speed and linear properties of this design. At higher output currents the transistors provide the majority of the output current, leaving the integrated circuit to operate well within its capability and able to correct any error instantaneously. The design is very compact, reducing the circuit area and length of the signal path and is also highly efficient, producing much less heat than traditional designs. Switch mode power supply (SMPS). SMPS is an electronic power supply which converts and regulates the incoming mains voltage, and also provides the internal audio circuitry with excellent electrical isolation from the outside world. The SMPS replaces the bulky, heavy and noisy transformer found in most amplifiers, as well as a number of other sizeable components. The major benefits of SMPS over conventional power supplies include: small size, high efficiency, fast response, high mains input tolerance and, with its much reduced material use, environmental friendliness. Also, SMPS does not emit distortion into the local mains supply, as conventional large power supplies tend to do. And if you upgrade from an amplifier with a conventional power supply to the Majik-I amplifier, aside from the benefits of the improved amplification, the sound of your entire system will almost certainly improve as a result of the cleaner mains supply. Over-current protection. If the output current goes above the power amplifier’s designated safe operating level, it shuts down instantly for a few seconds in order to protect itself and the loudspeaker drive units to which it is connected. Over-temperature protection. Similarly, if the amplifier’s temperature rises above its safe operating limit, the amplifier will cease operation until the temperature drops to a safe level and will then automatically resume. From Soundstage: "What the Majik may lack in physical size it makes up for with its sound quality. It is one of the finest integrated amps I’ve heard, and that it costs less than $1200 is only icing on the cake. Its sound is eminently pleasant and involving, although some listeners may prefer a more brutish and lush brew. I find that the Majik walks the line between these two camps, and a good many others, admirably, and it has some characteristics -- like its unaggressive clarity -- that you can pay a lot more money for. The ideal buyer for a Linn Majik is someone who values the middle of the road more than either of the shoulders and enjoys music far more than equipment. It’s a no-fuss package -- except for those darn BFA connectors -- that’s easy to use and listen to. The Majik is an impressive package, small as it is, and one you should definitely hear if its in your price range." From ClassicHiFi: "Nonetheless, our use of the Linn Majik-I was an unalloyed pleasure. The smoothness and silence with which its controls operated were striking (every change of control function occurred smoothly and silently over a period of a second or two). The Majik-I comes with a small system remote control compatible with other Linn products. It worked with all the amplifier's front-panel functions, controlling volume, balance source selection, and so forth. We could not resist opening up the Majik-I. Its interior can only be described as gem-like: All the amplifier circuitry was on a single circuit board, and the only visible wires were those to the power supply and its switch and to the front-panel display. A large toroidal power transformer occupied a good part of the amplifier's interior. Most of the circuit elements were surface-mount devices, adding to the elegant appearance. It was also interesting to find the name of the person who built the amplifier inscribed on its bottom plate. At a time when a growing number of audio amplifiers can deliver 100 to 200 watts per channel and when operating controls are becoming increasingly difficult to understand and use, it is refreshing to see that a really good amplifier of modest power can easily hold its own (and then some) with any of them for listening enjoyment. The Linn Majik-I is most aptly named!
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