Lyngdorf AudioTDA-2200Lyngdorf Audio TDA-2200Reluctantly selling my Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 including Room Perfect and state of the art analog input modules (1 set of balanced, 3 sets unbalanced inputs) plus 5 digital inputs (3 coaxial s/pdif, 1 A...2470.00

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Lyngdorf Audio TDA-2200 [Expired]

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Reluctantly selling my Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 including Room Perfect and state of the art analog input modules (1 set of balanced, 3 sets unbalanced inputs) plus 5 digital inputs (3 coaxial s/pdif, 1 AES EBU, 1 toslink optical), a single digital output, and a single pair of analog outputs (external amp, external subwoofer, etc.). 

In excellent condition with minimal use. Serviced in May 2015 with a new analog input module, firmware update, and tune-up to verify all functions working properly (receipt included).  Never had an issue in the 4+ years I've owned it except needing to replace the faulty analog module as noted. Includes the original box, manual, remote, and RoomPerfect calibrated microphone. No dents, dings, or scratches that I can find.  
MSRP: $7,200

As reviews state from around the world, the TDAI 2200 is an exceptional full digital amplifier on its own, and with the room perfect module allows incredible flexibility, including room correction and even programmable electronic cross-overs for sophisticated users, all in an easy to understand, self contained, and intuitive layout. The effect of the RoomPerfect software is startling/eye-opening at least in my room as it applied >40% room correction and with the ability to switch it on/off with the remote, it was very easy to discern the difference.

Below are reviews, a discussion of the differences between Lyngdorf's fully digital amplifier technology and other digital amps, and then full specs. More info can be found at Lyngdorf DOT com.

REVIEWS (RP 1 refers to the Room Perfect Module included in this Amplifier)

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award Winner 
The Room Perfect amplifier/room correction unit, correcting as well as driving my Harbeth M40s, produced some of the most nearly neutrally balanced and spatially convincing sound that I have heard in my own listening rooms, and in fact that I have ever heard from any audio system at any price. 

First off, the amplifier itself, with the room-correction bypassed, is superb. I shall go out on a limb here. The question to my mind and ears is not whether this is as good as amplification gets, but rather whether you could find an analog amplifier as good as this in dealing with digital material. (No D-to-A conversion is required for CD standard and 96/24 inputs; they are accepted and processed digitally inside the unit.) Grain-free, utterly black in background, absolutely linear in dynamics, completely smooth tonally, completely free of digital artifacts, the RoomPerfect amplifier simply leaves nothing to object to. Of course, there are analog amplifiers that for all practical purposes also transmit their signal without damage, but to my ears none does so better than this. 

The experience can be almost overwhelming. The solo winds on the Lyngdorf Audio TDAI 2200 RoomPerfect Digital Amplifier and Room-Correction System Something very close to what I call “Row 9 sound” Reiner/Chicago CD reissue of Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra [RCA/BMG] were suspended in a space totally different from the listening room—an almost ghostly presence had they not sounded so convincingly real.  

Robert Greene, Absolute Sound Full Review: staging.theabsolutesound DOT com/articles/lyngdorf-audio-tdai-2200-roomperfect-digital-amplifier-and-room-correction-system/ 

Enjoy the Music – Best Of Year, Annual Blue Note Equipment Awards 
"The Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 delivers a level of ergonomic control and sonic subtlety that makes it unique among digital or analog integrated amplifiers. 

The TDAI 2200 reveals inner detail with as much grace and verisimilitude as anything I've heard. It renders musical detail so you don't have to expend excess mental energy to listen into a mix, but the information isn't presented in a sterile or excessively matter-of-fact way. After only a couple of hours with the Lyngdorf TDAI 2200, you, too, will discover the joys of Room Perfect are hard to deny and difficult to live without."

Steven Stone 
Full review: enjoythemusic DOT com/magazine/viewpoint/0807/nearfield17

About Stereos 
"The Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 Integrated Amp and CD-1 CD Player are remarkable components with exquisite audio performance, a term I’ve never used to describe an audio component. I have listened to many fine amplifiers and players in my system and these are among the finest I’ve heard. I’m certain there are many fine audio components that would compete with the Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 and CD-1, but I haven’t heard them yet."

Horerlebnis, Germany 
“Never before has a single component even been close to giving such a substantial improvement to the sound of my audio system as the RP-1.”

Dagogo, USA 
“I thought that my system did a pretty good job of it until I heard it with the RP-1 engaged. For the first time, everything fell into place. I heard notes I had not heard before.”
 “When you consider that I have over $5,000 worth of room treatments and that I could have avoided buying them, and can now actually consider removing them, the $3,800 cost of the RP-1 is a bargain. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the Lyngdorf RP-1 is the most cost-effective piece of audio hardware that I’ve personally tried.”

“Revolutionary in the way it works, the Lyngdorf RP-1 is the best of today’s acoustical room correction. ...A magnificent product which you can only with great difficulty send back after testing."

HIGHfidelity, Denmark 
"Those details, typically in the low-frequency range, which would otherwise be masked by room resonances, suddenly become highly detailed and well defined, and you simply hear what is happening. The latter is probably the most accurate description - everything is made available and presented in a previously unheard way. This fact makes RoomPerfect - and room correction in general - worth every penny. 

STEREOPLAY of Germany had an almost complete Lyngdorf system: DPA-1, SDA-2175 and CD-1 for review, issued in October 2007. In the test team's own words the result was nothing less than “sensational”.

With RoomPerfect calibration it was like the sun went up (compared to not using RoomPerfect). It was as if the whole sound stage had settled perfectly: It turned fabulously three-dimensional, the subwoofers suddenly integrated seamlessly into the whole, and the combined system had a dynamic capability and effortlessness that was really convincing and at times even astonishing.” 
"I’ve said many times that, as an audio journalist, you have to be careful using superlatives and exaggerated adjectives, but the musical quality of this particular set can only be described as belonging to an exceptional and indeed singular class. "

Eins Null, Germany (Christian Rechenbach) 
"With my hand on my heart: the Lyngdorf (TDAI2200) amplifier is brutally good. I'm tended to make a special compliment: One doesn't hear it. As a matter of fact, it plays absolutely neutral, controlled and clean, revealing details beautifully whilst perfectly pairing neutral reproduction to high musicality."

"This is one unbelievably flexible amplifier, that offers a convincing base for demanding listeners and leaves all doors open for handymen and those eager to experiment.”

Stereo Germany 
"We have tested ‘RoomPerfect’ in all available demo rooms in our publishing building – four to be exact – and we were amazed by the results we achieved."

General Information on Lyngdorf's Full Digital Amplifiers vs. Others

In its simplest form, the TDAI-2200 is a digital integrated amplifier with 200-watts x 2 into an 8-ohm speaker load and 375-watts into a 4-ohm load. Before you wince about the word digital in the same sentence as amplifier you should know that the TDAI-2200 is a true digital amplifier. In fact, TDA in the model number stands for True Digital Amplifier (the ‘I’ stands for Integrated).

Simply stated, most digital amplifier designs are actually analog-digital hybrids. In the hybrid scheme, the PCM (pulse code modulation) incoming PCM signal of a CD player is converted to an analog signal then converted once again to a PWM (pulse width modulation) digital signal in the output stage of the amplifier. This design is widely used because of its lower cost; however, it can result in increased harmonic distortion particularly at very high frequencies, as high as 80-100kHz. Some may argue that the human ear cannot hear frequencies higher than 15kHz to 20kHz so distortion at 80kHz is no big deal. I would make the point that 80kHz is the 3rd harmonic of 10kHz and that the accurate reproduction of harmonic frequencies are critical to true high fidelity reproduction.

The TDA design converts the PCM signal directly to a PWM signal (digital-to-digital), eliminating the digital-to-analog-to-digital conversion process and resulting in an unbroken digital signal path. It’s dubbed Equibit, and is the foundation of the Lyngdorf design.

From Lyngdorf 
The TDAI 2200 true digital integrated amplifier is the most versatile amplifier in our range and in the world. The standard version of the compact 2 x 200W digital control centre can be expanded with analog input module and the outstanding RoomPerfect room correction system. 

The TDAI 2200 is a fully digital amplifier from Lyngdorf based on the experience gained during the design of the new Millennium platform. The TDAI 2200 is much more than an amplifier, it is a complete digital signal processing control centre for designing advanced audio systems based around active loudspeakers. Active meaning use of active cross-overs instead of ordinary passive filters. 

And don't let the actual size of the product deceive you. The compact design of the TDAI 2200 features a powerful amplifier capable of driving difficult loudspeaker loads effortlessly. Also integrated within is a DSP section with equalization and correction possibilities for speaker position and delay, combined with extreme versatility with regard to processing, making this amplifier an obvious choice for the critical audiophile. 

This product replaces simultaneously a D/A converter, a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier, requiring only a CD transport as a source. The TDAI 2200 is full of remarkable features like the adjustable power supply voltage which actually works as the volume control. This ensures you full dynamic range - even when playing at very low volume levels. 

Power Supply and Volume Control  
The Lyngdorf true digital amplifiers are based on non-feedback construction, which means there are no differences in the THD performance at any frequency when it comes to the output stage. In other words, the distortion is very low and linear. However, another major influential factor to the THD performance of a fully digital amplifier is the quality of the power supply. With the Lyngdorf power suppliers we have obtained completely identical and very low impedance which gives a completely flat THD at all frequencies. This is simply a necessity for a high performance implementation of a true digital amplifier. 

The power supply uses a toroidal transformer and the advantage of this over a conventional C or El core transformer is significantly less magnetic radiation, something which can potentially induce noise (50/60Hz) which would be very audible. The supplies for the output stage and the microprocessors are kept completely separate since they use separate windings on the transformer. 

The result of this truly unique way of controlling the volume level is that a Lyngdorf true digital amplifier gives full dynamic range from maximum volume and down to the 62dB reading in the volume control (which corresponds to as little as 1V RMS on the speaker terminals). This is due to the fact that when the supply voltage to the output stage is reduced, then you lower both the output signal AND the noise floor - and thus the full dynamic range is maintained - also at low volume levels. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why reviewers often mention that Lyngdorf amplifiers play equally well whether you're playing at high or low volume levels. 

Output power, 4 Ohms 2 x 375 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N  
Output power, 8 ohms 2 x 200 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N  
Nominal load impedance 4 - 8 ohms It is safe to operate the amplifier with no load 
 Frequency response 0.3Hz-33KHz -3dB points, 8ohms load.  
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz -0dB/+0.2dB 8ohms load  
Output impedance 0.025 ohms 20Hz-1KHz  
Output impedance 0.4 20KHz  
THD+N 0.015% @1W/8 ohms A-wgt.  
THD+N 0.02% @1 W/4 ohms A-wgt.  
THD+N 0.008% @100 W/8 ohms A-wgt.  
THD+N 0.07% @375 W/4 ohms A-wgt.  
S/N ratio 107dB A-wgt. Ref. 200 /8 ohms  
Dynamic range 133dB A-wgt. Ref. 200 W/8 ohms  
Channel separation 90 dB 1 KHz, 200 W/8 ohms  
Peak output current +/-40A  
Mains voltage range  
115 version 100-120V AC, 50-60 Hz  
Mains voltage range  
230 version 200-240V AC, 50-60 Hz  
Power consumption  
Standby mode 1.5W  
Power consumption  
On mode, no output 40W  
Power consumption  
2 x 37.5 W / 4 Ohms 116W  
Power consumption  
2 x 300 W / 4 Ohms 820W  
Width 450 mm / 17.72in  
Depth 440 mm / 17.32in 
Height 100 mm / 3.94in  
Net weight 14.5 Kg / 32lb  
Shipping weight 22.0 Kg / 48.5lb 
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