McLaren Audio602/702McLaren Audio 602/702Up for your consideration today are a pair of RARE Audio Classics. This is for BOTH units. NO CHERRY PICKING of one and not the other. Consider them siblings that need adoption together into a lov...1095.00

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Up for your consideration today are a pair of  RARE Audio Classics. This is for BOTH units. NO CHERRY PICKING of one and not the other. Consider them siblings that need adoption together into a loving family. Below is the description from the service manuals. 

MCLAREN 602 Control Preamplifier

The McLaren 602 component series represents a unique synthesis of art, science and technology — the realization of a design philosophy dedicated simply to the accurate reproduction of music.

Form, function and performance specifications all express and testify to this basic ideal. But most important is the innate ability of the range to recreate a true musical experience.

The McLaren 602 is a high gain, high resolution “straight line" preamplifier, fully compatible with a wide range of signal sources from low output moving coil cartridges to high output CD players. Phono gain can be switched for either moving or fixed coil cartridges. Provision is made for optimum cartridge loading. An input buffer precedes the two-stage passive/active RIAA equalization where particular care and attention has been given to achieving both amplitude and phase accuracy, not only in absolute terms, but to ensure precise matching between channels.

Power supply design also makes a major contribution to performance. Individual stages of each channel have their own locally regulated supplies fed from a central regulated supply incorporating a heavy duty shielded toroidal transformer. A shielded AC power cord reduces unwanted interference from external sources.

As a result the 602 possesses superlative dynamic and imaging qualities ~ clearly focused detail revealing the most subtle instrumental and vocal timbres, with a true perception of image depth

and height. The high undistorted output voltage capability of the line stage with an unusually low output impedance, ensures that the 602 will fully drive any power amplifier even via extreme lengths of shielded cable.

Construction is to the highest engineering standards. The case is entirely non-ferrous — face plate and side blocks are out and machined from proprietary extruded sections, top and bottom

covers coated with an attractive and durable textured finish. Front fixing screws, nameplate and all input and output sockets on the rear panel are 24-karat gold plated. Control knobs are turned from solid aluminum, satin anodized to harmonize with the front panel. Internal construction features gain selected semiconductors and highest quality passive components, mounted on a double-sided military

grade glass epoxy board. The precision film Potentiometers and sealed switches with self-wiping contacts have been chosen not only for their sonic excellence, but also for their smooth precise action and tactile qualities.


  • Phono gain adjustable for MC or MM.

  • User selectable Phono loading.

  • Two-stage RIAA equalization—

           passive high frequency followed by

           active low frequency equalization.

  • Output muting relay to avoid on/off

switching transients.

  • Heavy duty toroidal power transformer. Individual regulated power supply for each stage

  • Highest quality components,


      — gain selected semiconductors

      — polypropylene/polystyrene capacitors

      — metal film resistors

      — conductive film Potentiometers

      __ gold plated signal connectors

  • Star grounding system.


Input Sensitivities

(for rated output, 1kHz)

Phono MC: 100p V

MM: 1.0 mV

High Level/Tape Play: 100 mV

Gain Structure (at 1kHz)

Phono Section MC: 60dB

MM: 40dB

Line Section: 20dB

Input impedance:

Phono: 47k ohm (user selectable to

any lower value)

High Level/Tape Play: 50k ohm

Signal/Noise Ratios (A-WTD/UNWTD)

Phono MC (ref. 0.5mV):76dB/68dB

MM (ref. 5mV): 82dB/74dB

High Level/Tape Play (ref. 500mV):


Input Overload Levels (at 1kHz)


MC: 15mV

MM: 150mV

High Level/Tape Play: infinite

Output Levels:

Rated: 1.0V

Maximum: 16V

Output impedance:

Phono Section (Tape Rec.): 100 ohm

Main Out: 100 ohm

Frequency Response:

Phono (RIAA Equ,):

0.2dB 20Hz—20kHz

High Level/Tape Play:

+/-0, 1dB 5Hz—l00kHz

Balance Control

+/-3dB each channel


Less than 0.015% THD 20Hz—20kHz at

rated output, any input/output


Phono through main out: Non-inverting

High Level/Tape Play through main

out: inverting

Phono through Tape Rec: inverting

Power Requirements

110-120/220-240\/AC, 50—60Hz, 8VA

Dimensions (inches/mm)

16.5/420(w), 4.1/105(H), 11.2/285(D)

Shipping Weight (lb/kg)


The McLaren 602 is a "straight line" preamplifier, with facilities for accepting moving coil or moving magnet cartridges, as well as five high level inputs, including two tape inputs and a dedicated CD input.

The Phono input provides 60 (MM) or 80dB (MC) of gain (from input to output of the preamplifier) at 1kHz. The stage is split into two active gain blocks, the first has a flat Frequency response and switchable gain. The second incorporates the RIAA equalization as well as some further gain.

An extra set of Phono sockets is provided at the input to allow the Phono cartridge being used to be loaded appropriately.

The high level inputs provide 20dB of gain (max) with a flat

frequency response. Volume and balance controls are also provided

in this stage,

Two tape record outputs are also provided. Record signal is

selected by means of a second selector switch completely

independent of the input selector. This switching is done at high

level and no amplification is provided between the tuner, CD, Aux or

tape inputs and the record output.

MCLAREN 702 Dual Channel Power Amplifier

The McLaren 702 Dual Channel

Power Amplifier represents a significant advance in the application of Power MOSFETs.

Over 200 Watts (320 into 4 ohms) of Pure Power in an Elegant, Conveniently Sized Package. Designed and engineered for the most critical applications, it raises solid state amplifier technology to a new performance level. Increasing recognition is now being given to the superiority of Power MOSFETs over bipolar power transistors. Briefly, they offer the following advantages:

  • Extreme reliability and stability

under all operating conditions.

  • Vastly superior high frequency

           performance — faster and more

           accurate transient response and

           wider bandwidth at all power


  • Inherent self-protection avoiding

          the need for thermal sensors,

          relays or limiting circuitry.

  • Lower distortion, particularly the

          unpleasant odd-order harmonics,

          as the onset of clipping is


  • Simplification of amplifier circuit

           topology with fewer active

           devices in the signal path and

           lower negative feedback.

The successful application of Power MOSFETs in the McLaren 702 however, has been achieved not

merely through careful attention to circuit design and layout, but from a critical analysis of the dynamic and interactive operating conditions within the output, driver and pre-driver stages. The result is a power amplifier possessing quite special qualities--natural, effortless reproduction of dynamics with an unusually accurate resolution of fine detail, harmonic structure and ambient information.

Construction and inter-wiring employ the highest quality materials, components and craftsmanship. The case is entirely non-ferrous. Face plate and side blocks are cut and machined from proprietary extruded sections, then hand finished and anodized. A single alloy casting forms the mounting bracket for the output devices and the external finned heatsink heat flow is not impeded by poor metal to metal surface contact or mechanical fastenings.

Top and bottom covers are coated with an attractive and durable textured finish. Front fixing screws,

nameplate and input connectors are all 24-karat gold plated.


  • Power MOSFET output stages

          optimized and critically damped for

          fast and accurate transient


  • Unconditionally stable even into

           highly reactive loads.

  • Output devices inherently self-

           protecting, requiring no special

           protection circuitry which can cause

           premature power limiting and


  • Single alloy casting heatsink/output

          stage module for superior thermal

          efficiency and structural integrity.

  • Massive power supply incorporates

           heavy duty transformer and bridge

           rectifier, heavy gauge wiring and

           22,000uF computer grade capacitors.

  • Input and driver stages have

           individual, locally regulated power

           supplies fed from a separate

           rectified and smoothed supply.

  • Highest quality components and

          materials including

     — gain selected semiconductors

     — polypropylene/polystyrene

     — capacitors

     — metal film resistors

     — gold plated input sockets

     — LC-OFC cable for input and output wiring.


Continuous Power Output

(both channels driven):

100 watts RMS per channel

into 8 ohms

160 watts HMS per channel

into 4 ohms

Dynamic Power (IHF)

(both channels driven):

120 watts per channel into 8 ohms

200 watts per channel into 4 ohms

Power Bandwidth: 10Hz-50kHz

Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.05%

up to rated output, 20Hz-20kHz

Frequency Response:

+/-0, -1dB 5Hz—60kHz, -3dB at 120kHZ

Rise Time at Rated Power: 2.5 uS

Channel Separation:

Greater than 70dB 20Hz-20kHz

Input Sensitivity:

1.0V RMS for rated output

Input Impedance: 50k ohms

Output Impedance: 0.05 ohms

Noise: 110dB (A) below rated output

Phase: Non-inverting

Power Requirements:

110-120/220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz,

500 VA max.

Dimensions (inches/mm):

16.5/420(W), 4.1/105(H), 11.6/295(D)

Shipping Weight (lb/kg): 28.6/13.0

The McLaren 702 is a l00 watt dual channel power amplifier. The only

control is the mains power switch. The amplifier also has only one input

option and a set of output terminals for each channel.

0.9Vac from 10Hz to 100khz +/-01 —3dB, The 702 has been designed to drive

complex loads without an appreciable loss in performance.

Operating Instruction;

1. Connect the power amplifier input socket to the preamplifier output

using a high quality interconnecting cable, left channel to the top socket

and the right channel to the bottom socket.

2. Connect the speaker wiring to the color coded binding posts, being

careful to get the phasing correct.

RED should be connected to the positive speaker lead.

BLACK should be connected to the negative speaker lead.

As for the inputs, left is at the top and right at the bottom.

3. Plug the unit into the mains and switch on, the LED should light.

Select the required source and volume setting on the preamplifier.


Shipping will be via FedEx with full insurance and Signature Required. Double boxed to ensure safe arrival.  Shipping will only be to the Pay Pal verified address and will be done on the first Wednesday or Thursday after receiving Payment. Thank You for looking!! 

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