Musical FidelityNu-Vista 800Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 Integrated AmplifierStereophile Class A (Reviewer: Michael Fremer) hybrid amplifier that uses tubes for the input stage and solid-state for the output stage. The idea is to maximize the benefits of tubes and transist...7900.00

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

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Stereophile Class A (Reviewer: Michael Fremer) hybrid amplifier that uses tubes for the input stage and solid-state for the output stage.  The idea is to maximize the benefits of tubes and transistors in one package.  Other manufacturers are also pursuing this approach, e.g., PS Audio's recent BHK amplifier series, which has received similar accolades.  One important distinction between the other manufacturers and Musical Fidelity is the latter's use of the NuVistor tubes which were originally designed to maximize the benefits of tubes while minimizing their weaknesses.  For more on that, see the excerpt below from Musical Fidelity's website.
In addition to Stereophile, several other very positive reviews.  I have conservatively rated it and "8"but it is flawless.  No scratches or discoloration.

From Musical Fidelity's website:   

Nuvistor tubes were invented in the 1950s to solve the many shortcomings of conventional tubes. Unlike them, Nuvistor tubes offer very high reliability, low microphony, low noise, consistency from batch to batch, small size, relatively low power consumption and great technical performance.

Unfortunately just as uses for Nuvistor tubes were being explored, the transistor was invented and it was ‘game over’ for Nuvistors.

There the matter rested until about fifteen years ago, when Musical Fidelity created the first of its ground-breaking Nu-Vista series. These legendary, limited-edition products sold out in a matter of months. Today, fifteen years later, they command very high second-hand prices because of their beautiful sound, build quality, and longevity

Nuvistor tubes plus SMD technology = innovation

Never before in the history of hi-fi have Nuvistor tubes been coupled with state-of-the-art SMD technology and sophisticated modern design techniques. The Nu-Vista 800’s technical performance is astonishing.

  • More than 300 watts per channel with unconditional stability margins and incredible load driving ability
  • Incredibly low distortion over a colossal bandwidth
  • Extremely low noise
  • Extremely flat frequency response


The Nu-Vista 800 measures like a dream but, more importantly, it sounds incredible. It is silky smooth with enormous transients and an effortless feel that is at once relaxing and involving. Of special note how the Nu-Vista 800 projects images between the loudspeakers so that you can almost touch them.

The new Nu-Vista 800 was a labour of love for Musical Fidelity. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about Nuvistor tubes. Everyone at Musical Fidelity hopes that you derive as much pleasure listening to the Nu-Vista 800 as we had creating it.

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