NuForce STA-100NuForce  STA-100 High performance class-D ampNice little amp. Sounds similar to the 9 monoblocks. Mates well with SS or tube preamplifiers. Dual voltage option switch. The same physical size as the NuForce HAP-100 (which I also have), DAC80...450.00

NuForce STA-100 High performance class-D amp [Expired]

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Nice little amp. Sounds similar to the 9 monoblocks. Mates well with SS or tube preamplifiers. Dual voltage option switch. The same physical size as the NuForce HAP-100 (which I also have), DAC80 and WDC200. A'goners who asked for reviews... here ya' go. "The NuForce STA-100 is a power-packed little bundle of goodness. If we separate any potential bias that comes with the Class D topology, what remains is simply an excellent amplifier that sounds as great as it looks and fits most anywhere you might want to place it. It is in fact desktop friendly, being one of the very few quality amplifier options that won't take up too much room. In a living room setup, STA-100 is a very formidable choice, especially when mated with sufficiently revealing upstream gear." - "By way of comparison, I happened to get my hands on a Musical Fidelity M1 PWR. It sounded comparably thinner and less fleshed out, with vocals in particular sounding somewhat buried in the mix. Imaging was less accurate, and the overall presentation seemed a touch constricted in comparison. The M1 PWR is a decent amp but I'd choose the STA-100 even if the pricing was identical." - "I've used a few different Class D amps over the years and always heard some things I liked but also some negatives here and there. I noted a complete lack of downside with the STA-100, and would have no reservations recommending it even for someone who has been holding out on these newfangled "digital" amps until they mature. I'd say that time has definitely come, with the NuForce models being among several that really showcase this fact." - "The STA-100 is not like any other power amplifier you will be familiar with. It is not big, it doesn’t produce much at all in the way of heat - in fact it barely gets warm. It most certainly doesn’t hum or hiss. But having had one at home for over two weeks at the time of writing this, I am absolutely taken with it. It is the perfect example of what NuForce can do - this is a radical design that will confound the pundits but thrill the music lover - a small (tiny even) cool running power amplifier with an astonishing rating and low price that sounds so much better than we’d ever hoped. NuForce developed the STA-100 amplifier for the audio enthusiast as an audiophile-grade stereo power amp. Offering quality parts throughout and advanced, high-efficiency switching amplifier operation, the STA-100 delivers a remarkable amount of power -effectively twice that of the highly regarded DDA-100 integrated model. Sharing technology with NuForce's award-winning V3 amplifiers, mere power alone doesn't tell the whole story. Despite being resolutely solid state it actually has a warm, tube-like midrange - balanced by exceptional detail and sound-staging. And bass that is completely out of proportion with the physical size of the amplifier - cliche it may be but the STA100 sounds much bigger than it looks." - "The power of the small NuForce amps [STA-100] is enough for every need. The dynamics and the low range sounds do not represent a problem for this system." - "And the [STA-100] power amplifier is easy to love, too" - Hi-Fi+ "To be sure, the STA-100 is destined to find its place as the driving force in a great many music and A/V systems. When it comes to mating with decor and today's home audio components, the STA-100s power, transparency, modest size and sophisticated appearance defy competition at its modest price point. Where sound and style matter, nothing less will do." - "Small and affordable as it is, if you want to get the measure of the STA-100 don't restrict your speaker choice. While it will certainly make the most of any of our easily affordable and compact models from Monitor Audio, you can run any floor standers and as we've proved to ourselves at home it sounds spectacular with Sonus fabers." - SPECIFICATIONS: Inputs: RCA Outputs: Five-way Binding Posts Power output: 2 x 80 Watts (8 ohm) or 2 x 160 Watts (4 ohm) Peak Output Power : 2 x 162 Watts (8 ohm) or 2 x 324 Watts (4 ohm) Gain: 28.6dB Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50kHz +/- 0.1dB Input Impedence: 20k ohm Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.01% Signal to Noise Ratio (THD): > 91dB Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 50 x 216 x 229 Paypal, add 3%. Now accepting Buyer pays shipping. North America preferred. I only ship FedEx EXCEPT USPS for small packages. Certified/Personal check possible (shipment upon cleared funds ONLY). No Trades.
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