Octave ResearchOR-1Octave Research OR-1 Octave Research Stereo AmplifierSolid state stereo power amplifier. This company never submitted their amps for review, Stereophile had to buy The OR-1 to do their review. Also in the review they said this company did not give ...1125.00

Octave Research OR-1 Octave Research Stereo Amplifier [Expired]

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Solid state stereo power amplifier. This company never submitted their amps for review, Stereophile had to buy The OR-1 to do their review.   Also in the review they said this company did not give any meaningful info on this amp, they had to talk to them for any.   Specs I have  are from a Stereophile review, Jan 1986.   85 watts into 8 ohms, 170W into 4 ohms. input impedance: 100k ohms.  Its pure class A and no feedback.  I bought this amp a few years ago from a tech, it has the most highly polished aluminum chassis and  machining I have ever seen.  There are a few scratches but they are hard to see.  I first seen this amp in my Audio Critic bulletin as their reference amp.  They never reviewed it as yet, then the very next bulletin was their last.   I seen an Stereophile review in my 1988 January issue on it by JGH.  JGH said he thought it was one of the best stereo amps, he was comparing it to the Audio Research M 300 Monos which is 3 times the price and was his reference.  The OR-1 has better bass and soundstage width.  ( Frankly I find this OR-1 one of the most transparent amps I have heard, as good as anything from Audio Research I have listen to.)    He had the older styled internally amp and describes it having five separate transformers to run the amp.  2 transformers for the two output stages, 2 transformers for the voltage amplifiers and one for accessories includes onboard microprocessor that checks load, stability, and the presence of DC offsets at the input.  Its power supply is huge and can run anything down to 1 ohm impedance.    Thats like the big Krells do.    I don't have the owners manual if their was one.   It has a fat removable power cord. This amp I have has the same 5 transformers.  It has the automatic warm-up when you plug it in upgrade.      When you first plug it in to an AC source keep the front panel on/off switch OFF, this powers the warm up which stays in this mode all the time, then when the amp is put in the ON position one Led (green) will appear, the right one, the other left Led does not go on,  this use to be the old warm up mode they eliminated this in the  newer amp.  (I'm not really sure what, if any changes they made except what I see on this amp compared to Stereophiles amp, on the front they changed the power ON/OFF switch)     It has 2 fans pulling air from bottom to top with 2 fans on top of each transistor towers which have cooling fins. The fans are quiet, but you can hear them if you listen when no music is playing.  It uses bipolar transistors.  It has copper binding posts, the best, and high quality inputs jacks.  This amp is one of the most open and transparent amplifiers I have heard so its hard for me to sell.     You will not be disappointed.  I use this amp to with my older pair of Dahlquist DQ-10 which are modified along with a pair of Sequerra ribbon tweeter speakers and has no problem driving this combo.   It weights 66lbs net.  76 lbs boxed.  I have the box from when I bought it and packing.  Its big boxed: L25", W24", H13"  Looking at FedEx to ship.  Send me your ZIP for shipping cost estimate. 
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