Wadia Intuition 01Wadia  Intuition 01 WADIA INTUITION 01Just as rare a gem like the Devialets and under-rated Rare on used market. Like new around 200 hours. Product Details Wadia has advanced its tradition of progressive technology and industri...3999.00

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Just as rare a gem like the Devialets and under-rated Rare on used market. Like new around 200 hours. Product Details Wadia has advanced its tradition of progressive technology and industrial design, to deliver a product with the utmost in performance and aesthetics while also being environmentally conscious. Intuition focuses on the digital inputs, with 192kHz/24-bit resolution for Coax, optical and AES-EBU and 384kHz/32-bit via USB. There are also two analog inputs. At the heart of the digital decoding is a high resolution, 32-bit AD/DA digital preamp with a 1.5MHz sampling frequency. The 350 watt, high efficiency power amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeaker. Its design is proudly made in Italy. The Intuition 01 utilizes an innovative implementation of Wadia’s celebrated Digimaster algorithm, the Delta-SigMaster (the original Digimaster was a groundbreaking design created over two decades ago). Delta-SigMaster is a 1.536MHz upsampling algorithm (almost 1200 taps) far superior to standard industry practices, as well as the previous Wadia Delta-Sigma implementation. The ESS 9018 SabreDAC provides the decoding horsepower delivering effortless musical performance. Technology, musicality and stunning design combined in a component destined to become an instant classic: Intuition by Wadia. Features 700W total power 350W x 2 @ 4 ohms for rich, powerful sound. Delta-SigMaster 32-bit upsampling algorithm With a 1.5MHz sampling frequency, plus an ESS 9018 SabreDAC, provides ample decoding power for lush, high-quality music playback. 32-bit AD/DA digital preamplifier With Digital Volume Control, as well as 192kHz/24-bit resolution via the coaxial, optical and AES-EBU inputs and 384kHz/32-bit resolution via the USB input, helps ensure clear, optimized acoustic delivery. IR remote Makes it easy to control the amplifier from across the room. Silver finish Provides a stylish appearance. Inputs Include 1 USB, 1 TOSLINK optical, 2 Wadialink (I2S), 1 AES/EBU, 2 RCA coaxial S/PDIF and 2 RCA analog inputs for flexible connectivity options. High-performance, banana-style binding posts Enable simple connection to select loudspeakers. Specifications Product Brand Wadia Box Contents Wadia Intuition 01 700W 2-Ch. Digital Integrated Amplifier, IR remote, Owner's manual Product Color Silver Energy Star Certified No Model Number INTUITION01 Product Depth 15" Product Height 2-3/8" Product Weight 12.3 lbs. Product Width 15" One of the reviews: My existing system is MacMini, Weiss DAC 202, Oyade Firewire, Nordost Valhalla interconnects, Audio Research Ref 5, Krell Evo 403, Nordost Valhalla speaker cable, Wilson Watt Puppy 8, Quantum QX4 power, Valhalla power cables. The existing system for me is a great sounding system. It had beautiful staging, 3D and very accurate. The combination of the Audio Research and the Krell 403 worked beautifully and provided the finesse of tubes with the punch of solid state. Very hard to fault. The shock was that the Wadia Intuition did ALL of this plus it delivered an even more convincing sound stage and smooth as silk volcals. 95% of the time the existing combination was perfect, but with some vocalists it was a bit harsh. For example Bjork's "I've seen it all" from Selmasongs is a hauntingly beautiful song, but could be a bit harsh and unpleasant. The Wadia renders even challenging songs like this beautifully. For me the biggest challenge was to overcome my own mental challenge of saying that a $8000 unit cannot possibly replace a $50,000 combination. Over many years I have tried multiple all in one units that were hyped up but couldn't match or even come close to the existing system. I won't mention the names of the existing flavour de jour, but I have listened to most of them. I eventually resigned myself to the fact that high-end HiFi weighs a ton, runs hot, has lots of ugly cables and is finicky. Not so anymore, the Intuition is truly high end and should be treated as such. I am a convert, I am really thinking of getting rid of all the old stuff, not because it is bad, it is actually pretty amazing, but I now have a small box that does sound superbly. My suggestion is to get a home audition as soon as you can, then you can decide. Once I started listening, I couldn't stop.
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