YBA Genesis A6 *** NEW ***YBA Genesis A6  *** NEW *** 150w Stereo AmplifierYBA...an iconic legend returns to US! “State of the Art...Designed in France by Yves-Bernard André” ****************************...4500.00

YBA Genesis A6 *** NEW *** 150w Stereo Amplifier [Expired]

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                                     YBA...an iconic legend returns to US!

                      “State of the Art...Designed in France by Yves-Bernard André”


*** Quality dealers encouraged to inquire to represent this iconic, world class brand ***


YBA “Genesis A6” Stereo Amplifier

• Based on the award winning YBA “Passion A650” amplifier and the iconic “Classic” series

• Alpha® “α-Class A”: an exclusive YBA design preserving all the musical advantages of Class-A without its disadvantages.

• 40 Mhz internal circuit
• Short signal paths

• No passive components in signal path

• High Current (to drive difficult loads)

 9mm Aluminum bottom plate for Mechanical Ground Path

• Ultra-Linear power supply with ultra-high performance Ul-core transformer 500 VA

• C-core grain oriented - varnish pumped under high vacuum for 48 hours at 100° for zero musical resonance


Anti-Vibration techniques including
• Genesis series (like Passion) has thick, 9mm solid bottom plate to function as a vibrational Mechanical Grounding Path

• 3-feet with 1 foot providing a mechanical ground path to evacuate vibrational distortions

• Wood blocks glued to DAC chips to mitigate vibration distortion (on select models)





VIDEO Introductionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD3j0kC3POs


Rave review of Genesis A6 Amplifier + Genesis Pre5 Preamp/DAC

Full excerpts: http://www.tmhaudio.com/REVIEW%20-%20Genesis%20A6%20Pre5%20REVIEW%20-%20PDF.pdf


With the combination of genesis Pre5 preamplifier/converter and power block GENESIS A6,  YBA us again enjoy a very high level of musicianship, and very close to the mythical references YBA Classic Alpha and Delta series.

Among the many qualities that characterize this set:

• The finesse and elegance

• The correctness of the tonality stamps

• The crystal clear transparency and the open soundstage

• The legendary fluidity

• The dynamics

• The sense of emotion

The midrange and treble registers offer us enough clarity similar to that of the iconic YBA Classic design range. The high octaves without appearing acid, emaciated, or aggressive. It is both smooth, precise, crystal clear. Personally, I enjoyed this kind of "drive" on the strings and brass as well as the acoustic musical instruments plucked.

This option is quickly detected to focus on the minute details that make the richness of a good sound recording. This characteristic is identifiable through all musical excerpts used in this test series. Always there is a singular musical purity, complemented by the fleshly texture violins and cellos, giving that touch of very special elegance. 

The music emerges from the speaker by lifting the veil on all, and I mean all the nuances, subtleties and details that make the wealth of a quality recording.

Each musical excerpt highlights a substance and a realistic material musical instruments 

Absolutely stunning are some excerpts that illustrate the album "Dance Intro Internity" by Omar Faruk Tekbilek. The crystal clear sound and inimitable flute that seems at times sobbing by its intensity and multiple colors that gives it its interpreter in his playing. 

The sound of the oud (Arabic plucked instrument) and some notes chime multifaceted then give that sense of melody that combines the purity of tone/stamps, wealth, and crystal clear transparency. 

Moreover, the "silence" of operation of these electronics helps to reinforce this impression of transparency.


The New YBA!

Yves-Bernard André continues as Chief Designer of all YBA products from his studio in France

Yves-Bernard André directs & manages all YBA manufacturing & assembly in certified “ISO 9001” facility to ensure the highest level of world class construction

Yves-Bernard André sources critical components (incl custom transformers) from France to YBA specs

Yves-Bernard André personally tests all Signature series production and, if required, adjusts to his design specs

• Three year warranty - any required servicing is done by tmh audio’s US-based Authorized Technician

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