SONY STR-DA5700ESSONY  STR-DA5700ES New flagship model lowest price!Flagship model Sold Fcatory Sealed-Brand New w/5year warranty Limited number available distributor drop shipped - We provide delivery ,even installation is some areas we can supply all the acces...1399.00

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Flagship model Sold Fcatory Sealed-Brand New w/5year warranty Limited number available distributor drop shipped - We provide delivery ,even installation is some areas we can supply all the accessories for the Theater room of your dreams! Features: Powerful, clean sound - 130 Watts x 7 (8 Ohm 20-20kHz 0.09%THD) Stream video and audio from the Internet - Give yourself more options with a wide variety of streaming video and music, including Netflix®, YouTube™, Hulu Plus, Pandora™ and Slacker® Simple on-screen operation with an “Activity Based” menu - Easily access and manage your input devices and settings with the intuitive Activity Based on-screen menu. For example, navigate to “watch” “Blu-Ray” rather than “Input” “HDMI 1” HDMI™ GUI overlay - Quickly change or check settings without disrupting what you’re watching. The Faroudja® DCDi Cinema chipset allows for an onscreen menu to overlay 1080p content2 via an HDMI connection iPhone®/iPod touch® / Android Application - Turn your smart phone (iPhone®, Android®, etc.) into a remote control for your entertainment system by downloading the ES Remote app. Browse and operate the receiver’s functions and settings on your mobile device without displaying it on the TV Eight High Definition inputs for system flexibility - Six HDMI™ inputs (up to 1080/60p capable) let you connect a Sony PlayStation®3 entertainment system, Blu-ray Disc™ player, or any other HDMI™-capable equipment and get uncompressed digital video and multi-channel digital audio Front HDMI input for quick connectivity - Conveniently located HDMI input on the front panel quickly connects an HD camera/camcorder, game system or other HDMI equipped device Two HDMI Outputs - The receiver’s two HDMI outputs can toggle or simultaneously output 1080p2 video between two HD displays, such as two televisions or a television plus a projector USB Front Input - Allows for simple connection of portable devices including iPod®/iPhones®, and media USB drive/hard drive 4-Port Ethernet Switch - The STR-DA5700ES has an included 4 Port Ethernet Switch so you can connect your home theater or other components to your router through the AV receiver. (No need for an additional Ethernet Switch.) Quick Speaker Set Up (Digital Cinema Audio Calibration EX) - Simply place the included microphone at your listening position, start auto-calibration, and the receiver will correct for speaker distance, degree, characteristic, and phase to create an acoustically ideal environment Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Decoding via HDMI - Audio format utilized for high-resolution formats like SA-CD, transmitted via HDMI™ cable (sold separately), to minimize information loss and maintain audio signal purity Flexible speaker configuration options - The STR-DA5700ES is capable of 7.2 channel audio but can be also configured to include front high speakers, use the surround back speakers for a second zone of audio, or for bi-amp speaker capability Multi-Room HD4 Video Distribution – up to 2 rooms (Component Video) - Start your favorite HD programming in the living room and finish in the bedroom. HD 1080i quality video signals can be distributed over CAT5e for the second zone output Custom Control and Installation Connections - The STRDA5700ES is controllable over IP, RS232 and IR, and is compatible with the major control systems. It also includes triggers for flexible installation options Network Updatable - Allows for updates over the network Faroudja® DCDi Cinema Technology - The STR-DA5700ES is equipped with Faroudja® DCDi Cinema IC technology to help correct jaggedness often seen after I/P (Interlace/Progressive) conversion. This produces a smooth, high-definition-quality picture DTS Neo:X - Neo:X is the world’s first 11.1 surround system providing a semi-spherical sound field using an 11.1 speaker configuration adding height/wide speakers to create a natural, immersive, spacious and lifelike 3D audio soundscape Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz - The STR-DA5700ES supports Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz, featuring Front-High Speakers, for a more spacious, three dimensional surround sound experience Berliner Philharmonic Soundfield - Simulate the sound field of one of the world’s premiere orchestras—Berliner Philharmonic. This acoustic effect choice is automatically chosen when streaming audio from the included Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall service SIRIUS Satellite Radio® Ready - Connect the accessory antenna (sold separately), sign up for the SIRIUS Satellite Radio® service5 (fees apply), and enjoy the variety of digital radio with the superior sound quality of an A/V receiver Enhanced Color Range (Deep Color & x.v.Color™ technology) - Take HDTV color expression to new levels with x.v.Color and Deep Color technology.6 When the STR-DA5700ES is connected to x.v.Color capable video sources, the display shows nearly twice (1.8x) as many viewable colors as the existing RGB color standard HDMI™ Pass-through - Even though you connect your TV and cable or satellite box via the STR-DA5700ES, you can turn off the receiver when you watch your cable or satellite and the audio will pass through the receiver to the TV speakers 3D Pass-through - When you connect 3D capable HDTV and Blu-ray Disc™ Player with a high speed HDMI™ cable, the STR-DA5700ES can pass through a 3D signal, so you can enjoy 3D picture with high quality sound 24p True Cinema™ Pass-through - 24p True Cinema™ support provides a direct connection to 24p video sources such as a Blu-ray Disc™ player or Sony PlayStation®3 entertainment system. This avoids conversions and displays films at their intended 24 fps cinematic picture quality HD-D.C.S. - D.C.S. is a proprietary Sony® soundfield that has been precisely tuned to the Cary Grant sound stage at the Sony Pictures Entertainment studio, where hundreds of Hollywood hits have been recorded Sony® DLL Audio Scaler - The Sony® DLL Audio Scaler analyzes and upscales standard definition (compressed) audio signals (@ 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz) to 192kHz. It’s effective for network content, too DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Audio Server - Distribute your personal music library to other DLNA devices DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) - DLNA compliance allows compliant AV Receivers to access digital photos, music, and video from DLNA-enabled PCs and other devices One Touch Play (BRAVIA Sync™) - BRAVIA Sync™ utilizes the HDMI™ CEC function to power up and select the appropriate inputs for your BRAVIA® HDTV and HDMI™-connected A/V components8 and route signals to the home theater components Audio Return Channel (ARC) - Route audio from your TV, whether it is from an over the air channels or Network content from BRAVIA® Internet Link, back downstream to your STR-DA5700ES with a single ARC HDMI™ cable (sold separately) Specifications: Speaker Impedance: Supports 4Ohm and 8Ohm (8Ohms 1kHz) THD RMS: 0.7% (8Ohms 20-20kHz) THD: 130W + 130W 4 Ohm/8 Ohm Switching: Yes (In Menu) 8Ohms 1kHz RMS: 110W+110W 8Ohms 20-20kHz: 100W+100W Analog Direct: Yes Bi-AMP: Yes DSP: Falcon2.0 + Falcon2.0 Digital Legato Linear: Yes Equalizer(F/C/Sur/Sur B) Bass,Mid,Treble: B,T/B,T/B,T/B,T HD-D.C.S.: Yes (SB/FH) Headphone Out: Yes(Gold) Night Mode: Yes Number of Amp channels: 7 OP processing: Yes Portable Audio Enhancer: Yes Sound Field Link (w Lock): Yes(Yes) Sound Field Program (2ch): 2 Sound Field Program (A.F.D.): 2 Sound Field Program (Headphone): 3 Sound Field Program (Movie): 5 Sound Field Program (Music): 10 Speaker Selector: A/B/ A+B Speaker Terminal: Screw (Ni) Sub Woofer X' Over: 17 points (40-200Hz) Type: Analog Audio Output Ethernet (Switching HUB): Yes - 4 Ports Pre Out (Center): Yes Pre Out (Front (L/R)): Yes Pre Out (Subwoofer): 2 Pre Out (Surround (L/R)): Yes Pre Out (Surround Back (L/R): Yes Decoding Format(s) DTS NEO:x (Tentative): Yes 96k/24Bit PCM: Yes DTS 96/24: Yes DTS HD/DolbyTruHD/Dolby Digital+: Yes/Yes/Yes DTS NEO:6: Yes DTS-ES (MATRIX6.1/DISCRETE6.1): Yes(Yes/Yes) Dolby Digital EX: Yes Dolby Digital/DTS: Yes/Yes Dolby Dual Mono: Yes Dolby Prologic: Yes Dolby Prologic II: Yes Dolby Prologic IIx: Yes Dolby Prologic IIz: Yes LPCM (2CH/5.1CH/7.1CH) thru HDMI: Yes/Yes/Yes CIS & Control 12V Trigger: 3 2nd A: Speaker&Line (Variable&Variable) 2nd V: Composite, Component & Cat5 2nd/3rd Zone ON/OFF Switch: Yes 3rd A: Line(Fix) Certification (AMX/Crestron/Control 4): Yes IR Repeat (In/Out): Yes(1 in /2 out) RS-232C for control: Yes Video Up Scaler & Converter (1080i): Yes DCAC Automatic Phase Matching: Yes Band: 31 DCAC: GOLD Mic: Stereo General AC Outlet (Switched): 2 Auto Standby: Yes DCS/HD-D.C.S. LED: HD-D.C.S. Detachable AC: Yes Display: Single dot GUI: Yes GUI Language: English Multi Channel Decoding Blue LED: Yes Panel: Alumi/ES Basic Pin Jack: Nickel Power Consumption: 480W Power Requirement: 120V 60Hz Power Stand By: 0.5W Quick Click: No Remote Commander: Programmable, Learning, Macro RM-AAL040 Sleep Timer: Yes iPod Browsing with System: VIDEO/MUSIC Home Share Tuner Preset Channel Navigation (Sirius/XM/FM/AM): 30 Sirius/30 FM/30 AM Inputs and Outputs A/V In/Out (S-Video I/O): Including Front AV: 5 in/1 out (0/0) Analog Audio In (Inc TV CEC)/Out (excl. tuner)/TV(CEC): 4 in/1 out/ Plus ARC Coaxial: 3 in/0 out Component Video In/Out (Pass through): 2 in/1 out Digital Input Assign: Yes Ethernet (Switching HUB): 1 in/ 3 out Front Input: AV(Gold)+Opt HDMI In/Out: (Front input): 6 in / 2 out Monitor Out (S-Video Out): 1(0) Multi-ch In: 1(7.1) Opt. In/Out/TV (CEC): incl Front input & TV (CEC): 4/1/yes Phono (MM): Yes Pre Out: Yes Network CIS IP Control: Yes Configuration Manager: Yes - Easy Setup Wizard Description Language: English Direct Ethernet Update: Yes Language for "Configuration Manager": English/French/German/Spanish Music Decoding Format for Network Client: WAV ( LPCM ), MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC Network Client: Yes (Music/Photo/Video) Network Renderer: Yes Photo Decoding Format for Network Client: JPEG Pre-selected Internet Radio station: Slacker, Pandora and Music Unlimited Video Format: MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-1 PS, MPEG-4, AVCHD, Xvid, WMV (Resolution: up to 720x480) iPhone Application: Yes Tuner Auto Tuning: Yes Direct Tuning: Yes(RM) Preset Channel: TTL90 (30 Sirius/30FM/30AM) Sirius Ready: Yes Station Name: Yes Video 3D: Yes A/V SYNC: Yes(Variable) A/V Sync Auto Mode: Yes A/V Sync Sampling Frequency: 192kHz A/V Sync Time (msec): 1200msec Assignable Component Video IN: Yes Assignable HDMI Video IN: Yes Audio Return Channel: Yes BRAVIA® SYNC™ (CEC Control): Yes DSD: Yes HATS for HDMI: Yes HDMI Active Intelligence: Yes HDMI Pass Through: Yes HDMI™ Video Output Capability: 1080p HDMI™ Video Output Capability: 1080/24p HDMI™ Video Output Capability: Deep Color HDMI™ Video Output Capability: x.v.Color (xvYCC) Theater Mode Selector: Yes Video Down Converter (Analog): Yes Video Upscaler & Converter (Analog to Component/HDMI): Yes(1080i)/Yes(1080p) Approximate Dimensions: Height: 7-3/8" Width: 17" Depth: 16-1/2"
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