High Fidelity CablesCT-1 Level 2 Speaker JumpersHigh Fidelity Cables CT-1 Level 2 Speaker Jumpers | Spade ends 24in totalDOES NOT COME ORIGINAL SHIPPING CASE. Transform your speaker in one upgrade, these are not just Jumpers these are magnetic conduction the technology that is changing the cable industry forever. ...899.00

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Level 2 Speaker Jumpers | Spade ends 24in total

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DOES NOT COME ORIGINAL SHIPPING CASE.  Transform your speaker in one upgrade, these are not just Jumpers these are magnetic conduction the technology that is changing the cable industry forever.  Not juts better than jumpers these will improve the performance of you speaker almost like you own our noise reduction speakers cables. No matter what speaker cable you own these will make a bigger difference "as jumpers" then your speaker cable did we guarantee it or money back and we never have to use it! The differences are largely audible even to non-audiophiles. Read our rave reviews?  How? 
Recent review from one of our customers on these jumpers:

Esoteric CO3x pre amp
Esoteric KO3x SACD/CD player
Mark Levinson 335 amp (dedicated 20 amp line) All
interconnects Transparent Ref. xl (mm2) 
balanced XLRs Transparent Ref. (mm2) Speaker cables B@W Matrixs 800
speakers High Fidelity MC6-Hemisphere (Feeding Pre amp, Disc player, tv, sat.
box) not dedicated line

16 High Fidelity MC-O5s (7 on amp plug  line   
7 on  MC6 Hemisphere plug
line  2 plugged into open sockets of the
MC6 Hemisphere)

Power cables (mixed bag) PSaudio ac 12,  Older Transparent Super, Shunyata Alpha


The B@W Matrixs speakers require 3 sets of jumpers per
speaker. Starting at the bottom cabinet binding post one set of jumpers run all
the way to the top woofer cabinet. From the same bottom binding post one set of
jumpers goes to the middle cabinet for the mid range. From the mid range
binding post it then jumps to the tweeter. Its at this jump is where the High
Fidelity CT-1level 2 jumper  was inserted
(at 19 inches in length to short for any of the other jumper positions)


The stock jumpers that came with the speakers are Monster
cable custom for the speakers. I have tried the full gamet Transparent custom
jumpers made for the 800 Matrix speakers. The Transparent jumpers where of the
Ref XL line but before the mm technology. The stock jumpers sounded as good if
not better than  the Transparent jumpers
so i stayed with the stock jumpers. A few years later i picked up a set of
Transparent Ref. XL  in MM2 jumpers. All
of the other stock jumpers stayed.  They
replaced the stock jumper (solid wire U shaped, 
mid range to tweeter). They sounded 
better than stock solid U shaped jumper, much smoother sound with a very
slight increase in clarity in the tweeter.


A long comes High Fidelity CT-1 Level 2 jumper. It
crushed the Transparent Ref. XL MM2 jumper across the board. Right out of the
gate the HF CT-1 sounded so much fuller, richer sounding. Voices where  very clear with out sounding harsh in any way
or shape. Background voices came forward a little more and did not sound out of
place at all. I do not know why or how but even the base sounded improved. May
because the space between the sounds or notes was dead black or quite, The
realism just jumped up to another level. Detail is just better with out being
harsh or lean. Much tighter sounding across the board with out any bloat or
roughness I really like them.


I can not find any fault with the CT-1 Level 2 jumpers.
They have a good solid build quality. They are heavier than the normal jumpers
i have experienced, but that is a easy trade off for the sound improvement. The
CT-1 Level 2 are in my system to stay.

Thanks High Fidelity Cables and Rick for a great product.

- Pete Smith

Sold in a set of four
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