SpectronDigital OneSpectron Digital One Upgraded Stereo AmplifierMAKE YOUR SPEAKERS COME TO LIFE WITH AWESOME BASS AND CLARITY! Please read reviews of Spectron amplfiers. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/frr.pl?ramps&1165946095&&&/Spectron-Musi...1125.00

Spectron Digital One Upgraded Stereo Amplifier [Expired]

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MAKE YOUR SPEAKERS COME TO LIFE WITH AWESOME BASS AND CLARITY! Please read reviews of Spectron amplfiers. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/frr.pl?ramps&1165946095&&&/Spectron-Musician-III-Signature-Edition- http://www.higherfi.com/audio_amps/5 http://www.higherfi.com/audio_amps/6 Note also that owner Chris Moon of Higher Fi lists Spectron Amplifiers with his collection of the best amplifiers in the world costing as much as $250,000. This early model has a large toroidal transformer only slightly smaller than the Musician IIIs. Since the power supply is 85% or more efficient, the original power supply is at least 2x oversized compared with standard amplifiers. This early model chassis is especially compact, with its two large 22,000 uf power supply caps horizontally. It has the same 500khz carrier and fast feedback as the later models which allows you to hear details you were prviously unaware of - a main feature of these amplifiers. Although the original power supply was oversized, it, was been light on filtering capacitance, noise suppression RC filters and bypass capacitors due to chassis size constraints. Accordingly, as shown in the photos, separate enclosures were each filled with 24 1800uf 160 volt capacitors and connected to the plus and minus 125 volt lines directly feeding the amplifier modules, downstream of the 10-amp fuses. This connection provides the same advantages as a typical audiophile $100 upgrade of fuses and holders, as such noise is attenuated downstream by the added 86,400 uf capacitance. The effect of paralleling many smaller capacitors lowers the ESR "equivalent series resistance" of the circuit, which is done at the factory as part of the $1595 33,000 uf upgrade to the Musician 3's. The effect was immediately audible with greatly enhanced bass definition and slam and overall smoothness. The result you hear should be no surprise since this Krell-like approach results in a total of 130,000 uf, 4x the total in new Musician 3's which have 100 x 330 = 33,000 uf total. When I told Spectron's PHD senior engineer that I had done this, he emphatically praised my solution and explained that he became associated with Spectron after the chassis designs were finalized and that he had wished for years to have more chassis room for power supply capacitance. In other words, his own approach would have been more "Krell like" as well! Various RC networks and bypass capacitors were added for noise suppression with audible results as they were evaluated separately. The 25-amp rectifier bridge was replaced with a 35-amp version with lower forward resisitance. Here''s a link to an article as a reference: http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/ssps1_e.html The amplfier has been running glitch free for the last 4 months after completing these modifications. The model still does not have the all the refinements of the Musician 3 mark 2's, but has more bass slam due to more than 4x energy instantaneouly available in the capacitors. I have now similarly modified four Spectrons, all with significant improvement, and have remained "powered on" as recommended by Spectron, as they consume very little power when idling and run cool even at high volume. The low operating temperature greatly extends component life, which, according to chemical theory, doubles with every 10 deg C or 19 deg F drop in temperature. It was somewhat time consuming, but as a semi-retired engineer, I am considering offering to do these modifications as a sideline business. If you are serious about audio, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Please contact me if you have any questions.
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