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It's easy for a manufacturer (us included) to shout the virtues of its creations, while telling you how much better "ours" is than "theirs". But, if what you're looking for is that warm and fuzzy feeling before you plunk down your hard earned cash, check our competition's feedback (some good, some extremely troubling) and then take a look at ours. We believe that the glowing comments from the folks who have purchased our products will make their true reactions quite apparent. We would also encourage you to take notice of just how much more of that positive feedback we've been receiving.
Please feel free to call or email 7 days a week. Seriously, 7 days.
Our mission is to produce the very best Reference Quality Equipment Racks and Amp Stands possible. The goal has never been to meet the expectations of the audiophile community, it has always been to exceed them. We don't offer different quality levels and grades of equipment racks and amp stands, as some of our competition does. Our research has always led us to one single, best construction technique and to a small select combination of materials with which to accomplish our goal. That's the only way we'd ever consider building them.
We have tested and evaluated countless materials and build techniques in an effort to determine which was the best to manufacture our products. The results consistantly brought us back to one type of aluminum, one type of shelf and one vibration isolation mechanism to use in the manufacture of every one of our Reference Quality Equipment Racks and Amp Stands.
We believe that we've come up with truly superior products. But, don't just take our word for it. Take a few moments to read what a well respected professional had to say. It's a review that was conducted by Howard Kneller and appeared in "Home Theater & Sound".
We maintain strict controls over every aspect of production. We feel it is one of the most important ingredients in producing the best racks possible. We use only the finest CNC precision machined aircraft aluminum for our shelf support systems. You will never find resonance generating substances like granite, glass, acrylic, etc. in any of our racks or amp stands. Our shelves are made using only solid thick Northeastern maple.
The sample rack shown in this ad has shelves that are 20" wide by 18" deep, we will produce shelves to the exact dimensions you require.
The following heights are offered for your convenience and should act as a starting point to estimate your overall rack height needs: 2 shelf racks are 21" tall, 3 shelf racks are 31" tall, 4 shelf racks are 41" and 5 shelf racks are 53" tall. Please keep in mind that we can produce virtually any width, depth, height or number of shelves you require.
The base price of the 4 shelf Equipment Rack shown in this listing is $1500, the overall dimensions of that rack are 23" wide by 21" deep by 41" high (maple shelves on this particular rack are 20"W by 18"D). Our racks can be built with 2, 3, 4 or 5 shelves (all fully adjustable) and with virtually any W x D x H dimensions you require.
Our base price includes silver anodized aluminum for the support structure, 4 heavy adjustable spikes and your choice of our 8 stains to finish the maple shelves. For the size equipment rack shown, pricing of available options are as follows...spectacular satin black lacquer finish for each maple shelf $75, black anodizing option for the aluminum $265 and the maple trim insert option $245. Please check out our website by clicking below on the "link to more info" or, even better, give me (Steve) a call at (917) 361-4701. I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.
We manufacture:
AMP STANDS in all sizes
EQUIPMENT RACKS in all sizes
EXTRA-WIDE EQUIPMENT RACKS (in the 40" wide range)
SUPER-WIDE EQUIPMENT RACKS (in the 60" wide range)
Any one can be made to your exact width, depth and height requirements and can be built with 2, 3, 4 or 5 shelves.
Please check our other Ads on Audiogon by typing Steve Blinn into any search box or by clicking on (other items) which you'll find located a few lines above the photos in this ad.
We are always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call Steve at (917) 361-4701...(7 days a week) or email us at
Click on the "Link to more info" below to go to our website.
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