REL AcousticsG1 Ref SubwooferREL Acoustics G1 Ref Subwoofer Top Ref Sub !REL - G1 Reference Subwoofer: Pre owned REL-G-1 available in 7/10 or better condition HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE BEST SOUND IMAGINABLE. A true reference sub woofer and wonderful opp...2295.00

REL Acoustics G1 Ref Subwoofer Top Ref Sub ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

REL - G1 Reference Subwoofer: Pre owned REL-G-1  available in 7/10 or better condition HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE BEST SOUND IMAGINABLE.

              A true reference sub woofer and wonderful opportunity with one year factory warranty.

                               Great sound and superior performance.

                    ONLY US Sales and it is BEST to support your local dealer.

                                                Serial # G101E65115

                      Comes with one of the nicest remotes ever made.

                         See [email protected]

The REL Gibraltar G1 redefines low-frequency power, depth and articulation. REL created a massive amplifier for the G1, 700W of Class A/B power on tap, mated to a brand new high-excursion carbon fiber woofer. This combination of enormous power and lightweight drive-train rigidity gives the G1 an unparalleled level of control and integration. 

The most sophisticated woofer REL has ever made, the REL G1 features an IR remote control for setting crossover, level and phase right from the comfort of the listening position. A large LED display beneath the sub allows settings to be seen from afar and can be switched off if necessary.

The G1 cabinet is the first of its kind in a REL woofer, a front-loaded, low-slung, sealed cabinet with rounded sides and a "ready to pounce" aesthetic. The cabinet is heavily braced to withstand the enormous pressures the combination of woofer and amp can generate and although physically close in size to a B1, the G1 manages to somehow look smaller and more menacing at the same time.

Multiple G1 subs can be daisy-chained together for outrageous performance as shown by Sumiko at various audio shows. At some shows, Sumiko has literally placed three G1s one on top of the other, then tuned each one to the main system. The effect of stacking G1s, each one with their own unique settings is staggering, in terms of speed, depth and power.

The G1 delivers earth-moving performance previously the realm of freight trains and safes dropped from buildings, yet, possesses an incredible ability to recreate subtle detail that will astonish even the most avid REL devotee. With feathery lightness and brutal power, the G1 is the perfect complement to the world's best systems and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

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