TorusBX5 Power ConditionerTorus BX5 Power Conditioner Absolutely Mint Demo!The Torus Power Conditioning line is one of the very best power conditioners available in our industry. While not one of the more high profile conditioners advertised, it is one of the truly effect...865.00

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The Torus Power Conditioning line is one of the very best power conditioners available in our industry. While not one of the more high profile conditioners advertised, it is one of the truly effective and sonically beautiful products available for it's price. Further, you're paying for genuine performance and outstanding build quality. Torus conditioners are remarkably simple in design, relying on sound electrical principals rather than "smoke and mirrors", excessive wave shaping circuitry or proprietary inert filters that do little more than "choke" your components. This is a mint, Model BX5 with Silver Face Plate. In fact the unit has less than 20 hours of usage. The BX5 is Torus' five (5) amp, six outlet, compact chassis design. It is perfect for a smaller secondary system, simple two channel A/V system, or any application limited to source and video pieces. Build quality is extraordinary and the heft of this unit will surprise you. This piece will provide a lifetime of service without deterioration or failure while providing reference level performance.. Skeptical of Power Conditioning? Give us a call to discuss the benefits. We'll warn you now. We're die hard advocates of Power Conditioning when done right. In fact, we've spent the last fifteen years testing nearly every product line available and have our very deliberate opinions of what works and what doesn't. That said, ultimately, power conditioners and their respective applications differ in effectiveness and purpose from client to client. Give us a call to discuss your needs and various options. We've helped numerous system owners sort out this misunderstood subject and are happy to help. Give us a call to discuss the merits of Torus conditioners or any of our other industry leading products. We're pleased to offer power conditioner products from: Burmester Reimyo Running Springs and Torus Thanks for looking! Auravis Systems LLC (801) 558-1625 __________________________________________________________________________________ "Torus Power Audio/ Video Power Conditioners enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio and video equipment by eliminating noise and interference from untreated AC power. Torus Power products completely protect your equipment from lightning, surges and voltage spikes. All Torus Power products feature proprietary technology utilizing Toroidal transformers, unlike many other products in the category that utilize passive filters. No matter which Torus Power product you purchase, you will enjoy the performance improvements that has won accolades from leading publications such as Stereophile, Home and Theatre Sound, CE Pro, and others." TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage and Frequency: 120VAC Range ± 10% (57-63)Hz Input Current Limiting: 5A Circuit Breaker Rear Panel Input (inlet) connector Rear panel: 15A inlet Line Cord (included): 15 Amp Type A Input current rating: 5A Output voltage: 120V AC Output Current Limiting: N/A Output connector: Medical Grade Duplex 15A (Qty 3) 6 Outlets Surge Suppression: Meets IEEE C62.41-1991: Series mode type; built to withstand 6000 volts, 3000 amps for 1000 repeats; with clamping voltage of 2 volts above peak nominal voltage. Noise Reduction: Performs as low pass filter, attenuating noise from 2kHz to 1mHz, with attenuation of 12 db/decade to 500 kHz. Weight: 27lbs (12.3Kg) Size (w x d x h) (inch): 9.5 x 12.6 x 5.9
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