Transparent PowerLink MM22M power cords w/ MM2 technologyWe just received a fresh trade on 4 top of the line power cords from Transparent, the Music Link MM2. All are 2M in length, and all are in near perfect condition with hardly the slightest mark or s...1100.00

Transparent PowerLink MM2 2M power cords w/ MM2 technology mint from dealer, 4 avaiilable, 50% discount. [Expired]

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We just received a fresh trade on 4 top of the line power cords from Transparent, the Music Link MM2. All are 2M in length, and all are in near perfect condition with hardly the slightest mark or scratch on the network boxes, and the jacketing and all connectors absolutely pristine. The cords were purchased brand new and factory sealed from an authorized Transparent dealer 1.5 years ago, and haven't been used at all for the past 4 months. Transparent Power Link MM2 w/ MM2 technology is Transparent's top model of power cord, and is one of the best sounding power cords we've ever heard at any price. These cords work great with all gear, they will work equally well with both tube and solid state. These cords will bring a massive performance upgrade to any component (or line conditioner) you have plugged into them. US retail is $2,100, and at the $1,150 price we have them advertised for, they're a flat out bargain. Since we have 4 of them, we will offer an incentive to by more than one at at a time to make the sale and shipping easiest for us, though if you're only interested in a single Music Link MM2, that's fine too. Here's our offer: for every additional cord you buy, we will deduct $50 from each cord. So if you buy two cords, the price drops to $1,100 per cord. If you buy 3 cords, the price drops to $1,050 per cord If you buy all 4 cords, the price drops to $1,000 per cord. But even if you need only one cord, this is still very attractive pricing, since as you probably know, Transparent dealers typically offer little or no discount on top line Transparent cable, so this is a rare opportunity to own the best for very short money. Here is a complete description of these outstanding power cords from the Transparent website: "PowerLink MM2, Transparent's finest power cord, enables your components to achieve all the dynamic ease, punch, clarity, and neutrality of which they are capable. PowerLink MM2 enhances the performance of all ultimate components, including high-current amplifiers. Heavy, solid OFHC copper conductors, sturdy construction, termination integrity, noise blocking filter technology, and our proprietary high voltage insulation material place PowerLink MM2 in the class of true components." "The Transparent design team developed PowerLink MM2 over many months of research, carefully evaluating its performance in combination with the finest components from across the audio and video industry, including Transparent's OPUS MM2 audio cables and PowerIsolator MM2 power conditioner." Check our feedback and buy with confidence from longstanding trusted Audiogon source. Any questions or to arrange purchase, it's better to email or call us directly since the "New" Audiogon is not reliably forwarded messages. We can be reached 9:00am-10pm eastern time at the following phone numbers: JONATHAN ROBBINS - OWNER PERFECT NOTE AUDIO (508) 366-2023 (studio) (508) 308-1260 (cell) All checks accepted, shipment after clearing. PayPal and credit cards add 3% to cover processing fees. International PayPal add 4%. Sorry no international credit cards or COD's accepted. Shipping via FedEx ground to the lower 48 states, and either FedEx International Economy service or USPS Priority Mail to overseas buyers. Our pricing is fair and firm, but we may be able to help out with shipping or split of a PayPal fee etc. Lowballers will be politely ignored. Good luck and thanks for looking!
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